How Long Does Motorcycle Engine Last

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How Long Does Motorcycle Engine Last – Proper winter maintenance of your motorcycle will ensure that your bike will be fired up and ready to ride in the spring…

I don’t ride my bike in the winter unless I live in the south or lose the bet. Fortunately, winterizing your motorcycle is simple.

How Long Does Motorcycle Engine Last

How Long Does Motorcycle Engine Last

There is a bit of debate in online forums about whether to change the oil and filter before storing the motorcycle or after taking it out of winter storage.

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Engine operation produces combustion byproducts such as moisture and acids. These harmful byproducts can cause problems if left in the engine during storage.

Moisture can cause rust on engine parts. Rust does not stop once it appears. When you start your engine in the spring, rust particles are deposited in the oil and wash away the bearings and other components during operation, causing wear.

Similarly, petroleum acids can also cause problems. Acid corrodes metal and can lead to engine wear and eventual failure. To prevent these potential headaches, we recommend draining the used oil from the engine before storing.

A little knowledge. Engine oil does not significantly prevent rust. Instead, special additives must be added to the compound to prevent rust.

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Not all motor oils contain enough inhibitors to keep rust at bay. Therefore, it is best to use oils that are properly formulated for specific motorcycles.

By the way, AMSOIL synthetic motorcycle oils contain rust inhibitors to provide maximum protection in all weathers and during maintenance. Watch the video for more Harley-Davidson oil change tips.

Gasoline oxidizes and degrades over time. This simply means that the molecular oxygen changes the chemical composition of the gasoline (imagine a cut apple turning brown).

How Long Does Motorcycle Engine Last

Oxidized fuel forms varnish, gum, and insoluble debris that can clog small fuel passages in the carburetor and fuel system. This can result in hard starting and poor performance in the spring when the engine is started.

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A good stabilizer prevents oxidation and keeps the fuel fresh. For example, AMSOIL gasoline stabilizer keeps fuel fresh for up to 12 months. If you store your motorcycle for more than 4 months, please add gasoline stabilizer before the last ride of the season so that it is fully distributed in the fuel system.

Another option is AMSOIL Quickshot. Designed primarily to clean fuel system components and combustion chambers while addressing ethanol issues. It also contains stabilizers to keep the fuel fresh for up to 4 months during short-term storage.

You can remove it from your bike and store it in a frost-free location, such as a basement or heated garage. Be sure to keep it off the ground.

You can also leave the battery on the bike. For best results, connect the charger to the battery. Automatically maintains optimal charge for storage duration. That way your bike will start.

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Wash all dirt, dust and bugs off your bike before storing it for the season. Use a mild detergent and sponge. Brushes work well for wheel spokes, but avoid hard brushes for cleaning areas that can scratch the finish. Wash with a clean cloth or chamois and dry.

Do not allow water to enter the tube. In that case, start your bike and let it run until it warms up to evaporate any accumulated water.

Once your bike is dry, cover it with a good quality dust cover, even if it is stored indoors. You can also cover the pipe with a cloth or dryer sheet to keep rats and other pests out of the exhaust pipe. Don’t forget to remove them before starting the bike. Developed with Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India by Bangladesh Honda Private Limited. Honda has enhanced the Shine with updates with each annual revision.

How Long Does Motorcycle Engine Last

Its popularity is encouraging, but if you’re a rider in the market for a Honda Shine, you probably want to know the lifespan of your Honda Shine.

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The Honda Shine is known to last up to 85,000 km (50,000 miles) if properly maintained and serviced every 2,500 km. And with motorcycles averaging 3,000-5,000 miles per year, a well-maintained Honda Shine should last 10-15 years without problems.

The lifespan of your Honda Shine depends on how aggressively you ride your Scoot and how regularly you maintain your bike.

I met a rider who has been riding a Honda Shine for 14 years and rides it every day. It claims to have over 225,000km on the clock and the engine didn’t need an overhaul until 175,000km.

A 2016 Honda Shine owner and daily rider claimed that the engine had a bad habit of smoking after 38,000 km of driving.

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These adverse reports flagged me, so I did a little digging into what other riders were saying and found out that in 9 years I was on the odometer for 35,000km and had a Found no riders problem. Pay attention to maintenance and oil change every 1500 km.

Another rider has covered 85,000 km on a Honda Shine and reported that changing the oil every 2,000-2,500 km improves the performance of the bike.

Based on what I’ve heard from Shine riders and what I know about the bikes, I can say that any problems you have with these bikes up to 85,000 miles on the clock can be attributed to negligence and you can expect, that these bikes will last. 85,000 Save km unusual.

How Long Does Motorcycle Engine Last

A Honda Shine with 50,000 miles on the odometer is generally thought to have a lot of mileage, but as longtime riders know, that number isn’t as important as the service history.

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If the Honda Shine you’re buying for windows has a comprehensive service record, no signs of physical damage and no oil leaks, there’s no reason it can’t run healthy for a long time.

Honda outlines maintenance for each break in the Honda Shine Service Manual. Performing these maintenance checks at every interval, according to the service manual, will keep your Honda Shine running for more than 50,000 miles.

When considering whether your Honda Shine has high mileage, check your service history and cross-reference the recommended schedule found in your Honda Shine owner’s manual.

If you’re looking for a bike with over 50,000 miles on it, but the previous owner maintained the bike regularly, mileage doesn’t really matter.

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As we’ve said before, the Shine’s longevity depends on how hard you drive it, how long you sit on it, and how often it’s serviced.

The average motorcycle is ridden 3,000 to 5,000 miles per year. Based on that estimate, we can assume that a motorcycle with a minimum life expectancy of 50,000 miles should be good for 10-15 years on the road.

Again, there is also a responsibility placed on the owner to make this happen. However, TLDR should follow the maintenance schedule in the Honda Shine manual and the bike will probably last longer.

How Long Does Motorcycle Engine Last

Passenger bikes are some of the most reliable bikes on the market. Its design is simple and straightforward.

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As if that wasn’t enough to ensure the Shine’s reliability, ask any mechanic and they’ll tell you, however grudgingly, that Honda engines are the most reliable.

If the above example doesn’t make sense, let’s look at two more examples.

One rider enthused that his bike was over three years old and had no problems.

The rider said he didn’t need to touch anything to keep the bike running perfectly until it hit 13,000km, apart from a routine oil service every 3,000km. Charge the front brake pads and battery.

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He said that during the 3,000 km service he also changed the chain bolts from time to time, but now it is 65,000 km, and at the moment there is no problem with the engine, there has not been.

Another rider who has owned a Shine for about 10 years claims that the bike is very reliable and costs almost nothing to maintain except for oil, bars and brake pads.

It may vary from rider to rider, but most reports I’ve dug up claim that if a Honda Shine is properly maintained, its owner will never miss a beat and ride like the day they bought it.

How Long Does Motorcycle Engine Last

Honda Shine is India’s most reliable commuter bike and its sales compared to some of its competitors reflects its loyal commitment.

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Still, the bike, despite being BS6 compliant, is powered by a 125cc air-cooled, fuel-injected, single-cylinder engine that produces around 10.6 bhp of power coupled with peak torque to beat the competition.

The extra power means the Honda Shine engine doesn’t work as hard as other commuter engines.

According to the countless Honda Shine rider reports I’ve researched, the first part of the Honda Shine to show wear is between the rear pinion clutch.

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