How Do I Cancel My Club Fitness Membership

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How Do I Cancel My Club Fitness Membership

How Do I Cancel My Club Fitness Membership

If you are a member of an LA Fitness gym, you will be billed monthly for the membership. If you no longer need to use the fitness equipment or services, you can delete your account. To cancel your membership, you must complete a cancellation form, then mail, fax it to the gym or take it to the gym in person. Unfortunately, LA Fitness does not have the option to cancel your membership online.

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This article was written by staff. Our trained team of editors and researchers verify articles for accuracy and scope. The content management team carefully monitors the work of our editorial staff to ensure that each article is supported by reliable research and meets our high quality standards. This article has been viewed 1,059,772 times.

To cancel an LA Fitness membership, first log into your account on the LA Fitness website. Then click “cancel form” on the right, and print the form. Alternatively, you can request a cancellation form in person at an LA Fitness gym. Once you have completed the form, mail or fax it to LA Fitness, or schedule an appointment with the performance manager to submit the form in person. Finally, call the customer service number after 48 hours to confirm that your membership has been cancelled. To learn how to cancel your membership, scroll down!Indicated monthly rate + tax for minimum indicated monthly payments based on automatic payments by check, savings, credit or debit card. When you have completed the minimum payment (ie, on your thirteenth payment), your monthly rate will increase by $1.00 and your membership will renew each month. Additionally, when you have completed your minimum payment and as stated below, your annual membership fee will be waived. The EFT authorization will remain in effect until your termination notice is received and effective. To complete the agreement, see the terms and conditions within this agreement. Bonds whether paid annually or monthly are subject to state and local sales tax, which you agree to pay in addition to your monthly payment. You agree to pay any new, additional or additional taxes set forth in this Agreement.

The annual membership fee of the specified rate + tax, which is in addition to the above monthly fees, will be charged on the specified date and on the same date each year thereafter for this membership plan. You authorize this amount to be withdrawn annually from the same account as my monthly payments. Any new or updated payment information paid to a checking, savings, credit or debit card account will automatically be authorized after the new or updated information to charge this fee.

Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement, if your active status has a minimum number of payments, and you wish to terminate the Agreement before the minimum payment period is reached, you must pay an immediate payment of to stop. All fees and charges must be current and the 30-day notice provisions of this Agreement remain in effect.

Health Club Or Gym Membership Agreement

CURRENT PAYMENT: If you breach any payment obligation required by this Agreement, the Company shall have the right to claim and pay all outstanding amounts and you agree to pay interest as permitted, and all collection costs, including but not limited to collection agency fees, court fees and attorneys’ fees. Payment occurs if any payment under this Agreement is overdue by more than ten days. REFUNDS ARE AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY BY CHECK, RAFT, CREDIT CARD, OR REFUND FOR NON-ADVANTAGE MONEY OR ANY REASON. IF A MONTHLY PAYMENT IS LATE FOR MORE THAN TEN DAYS, YOU WILL RECEIVE THE NEXT SET OF PAYMENTS. If a member pays monthly dues by electronic funds transfer (EFT), the group’s accounting firm, ABC Fitness Solutions, LLC, has the right to EFT all funds owed to the member, including fees. all updates and service charges. Subject to applicable state and federal law. Club Fitness partners with a third-party billing company, ABC Fitness Solutions, LLC, to automate and process payments electronically. ABC Fitness Solutions, LLC. and Club Fitness reserves the right to collect (via EFT) all monies owed to the Member, including all late fees, service fees and returned goods fees, in accordance with any applicable state law and /or federal law.

You must complete the following form for all EFT, automatic clearing house or credit card payments or accounts:

I/We request the right to make payments to ABC Fitness Solutions, LLC (“The Company”), Sherwood, AR 72124, and to authorize the Company to debit certain items (checks, electronic funds transfer, debit cards) in favor of you pay the specified payments, including late fees or service charges, to the account listed above.

How Do I Cancel My Club Fitness Membership

For all Club Fitness training, you must also complete an additional “ACH Agreement – Training Agreement” form, a copy of which is available upon request.

Freeze Or Unfreeze Your Account

MEMBER RESPONSIBILITIES BEFORE USING THE CLUB: You (and any guests you bring to Club Fitness) should consult your doctor before using our services and equipment. You understand and agree that Club Fitness personnel are not qualified to diagnose, diagnose or treat any medical condition. You agree that you will not use the Site with any medical condition, including open wounds, cuts, sores, infections, diseases or inability to maintain personal hygiene, if such condition poses a threat to yourself or others immediately. You also agree that you will use the Fitness Club in compliance with all applicable public health requirements. The gym reserves the right to make final decisions regarding your use of the equipment.

DISCLAIMER AND DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY: You hereby waive all claims or actions against Club Fitness, its subsidiaries, affiliates, successors, and assigns, shareholders, employees, volunteers and owners arising out of cause any personal, physical or mental injury, loss or damage to you. , or your guests, caused or caused by the negligence or fault of Club Fitness and further agree to the terms set forth in the Disclaimer and Release of Liability attached to this Agreement as Exhibit C.

RESERVATION OF RIGHTS: We may close any of our facilities or change our hours of operation at any time. We may also change the fees, change, add, modify and/or terminate any offer, policy, program, group or service at our sole discretion. We reserve the right to withdraw your membership at any time for any reason. Classes and facilities are available on an as-needed basis and may fill up at peak times or may be suspended or rescheduled as demand changes.

INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS: From time to time we may provide members and their guests with the services of independent contractors. We do not endorse or guarantee the quality of these services and we do not guarantee that these services will always be available to members or their visitors at any time.

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LOST MEMBERSHIP CARD: A fee will be charged for a lost or stolen card. You understand that access to the gym will be denied without a current and valid membership card.

MEMBER RIGHTS TO CANCELLATION: You may cancel this Agreement in writing by certified mail, return receipt requested to 7055 Mexico Road. Suite 1210, St. Any notice of expiration delivered in person will not be effective unless you receive an electronic or written receipt and confirmation of expiration. A thirty (30) day notice period is required for termination of the Agreement. You must pay the annual membership fee as set forth in Exhibit A upon entering this thirty day notice period. You will also be responsible for any remaining monthly payments and any past due amounts. Your membership must be active to perform the cancellation.

TERMINATION FOR DEATH OR DISABILITY: You, or your estate, have the right to terminate this Agreement if a Member dies or becomes permanently disabled and is unable to use a substantial part of the Services for sixty days. or more consecutive. To terminate under this paragraph, send written proof of death or disability to the above address. Your termination will begin on the date of the member’s death or disability. You agree that we may seek verification of the Member’s disability from the Member’s physician or by having the Member examined by a physician acceptable to the Member and us.

How Do I Cancel My Club Fitness Membership

Temporary disability: If the member has a temporary disability, please

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