Group Size 58 Car Battery

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Group Size 58 Car Battery – Guyz batteries are high quality and manufactured with 100% recycled yellow lead acid. They are designed for reliable starting power in all seasons and climates (hot and cold) – guaranteed!

Guyz batteries are designed to meet the manufacturer’s power requirements (600 CCA) for your vehicle, ensuring you always get the power you need for a quick start! You can also upgrade to the Gold Standard Performance Battery today for more power.

Group Size 58 Car Battery

Group Size 58 Car Battery

Don’t know how or don’t want to bother installing the new battery? Stop by your nearest Battery Guyz franchise for installation help and advice on a wide range of products, including batteries. Don’t forget – we also offer free local pickup and free nationwide shipping to all 50 US states.

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What is it? Base deposits help reduce global warming by recycling refurbished batteries. The “base fee” is like a deposit you might pay for a starter or generator. The part you buy is 98% recyclable. Once the used part from your vehicle is returned to us, your deposit will be refunded!

Note: You must return the old part to your nearest Battery Guyz location or in the box containing the new part. To return the “Core”, simply bring it with you when you pick up the battery from the store. If you purchased the product online, please submit a support ticket (link to Contact Us Form) and we will send you further instructions. As the customer, you are responsible for the cost of shipping “Core” or old to Battery Guyz.

What is it? In accordance with the standards of transporters and environmental agencies, we are required to transport lead acid batteries safely on the road.

What does this include? Packaging includes liner bag, tie, foam and vermiculite. A hazard fee is charged for the supply of materials and the proper shipping, handling and packaging of the refurbished battery.

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