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Es Demasiado Caro In English – Is chicken too expensive now? A chicken at a wet market in Sekinchan, Selangor, Malaysia on Wednesday, May 25, 2022. (Bloomberg/Samsul Syed)

What do you get when three plagues coincide with a drought? The most expensive chicken seen in recent years.

Es Demasiado Caro In English

Es Demasiado Caro In English

The price of meat, which is the most consumed meat in the world, has risen in recent months. A whole chicken sold for $1.79 a kilo in the United States in April, the highest price in 15 years and 19 percent above the 10-year average. Thailand, which ranks fourth after the US, Brazil and the European Union (EU), sold the same birds last week for 62.50 baht (US$1.82) per kilogram, up a third in six months. Wholesale frozen chicken in Brazil was selling for 10.21 reai (US$2.12) per kilo on May 19, more than double the 10-year average. Custom Muisc Glass Art,scannable Song Plaques Personalized,customized Acrylic Photo Album Cover For Room Decor,valentines Day Decor,wedding Gifts, Birthday Gifts

As a result, some shocking misunderstandings occurred. This week, Malaysia said it has sufficient domestic supply and will end meat exports by the end of this month. This has caused some concern in Singapore, which sees chicken rice as its national dish and relies on its neighbor for fresh poultry. Taiwan did the opposite last month, easing quarantine restrictions on poultry to boost imports from the US.

Cut off the bone Chicken is the most popular meat in the world 37 million tons of beef 77 million tons of pork 101 million tons of chicken

Some chicken wings in the United States are selling for twice as much as a few years ago, with British supermarket chain Co-operative Group Ltd warning that chicken could soon become as expensive as beef. Pilgrim Pride Corporation (PPC) and Tyson Foods Inc. as. (TSN) increased the share of poultry producers.

The reason for all this chaos is the order of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Three different epidemics are squeezing white meat. Bird flu, which usually infects people but can wipe out flocks, has ravaged large areas. As farmers struggle to contain the spread, the result is mass slaughter of poultry. In the United States alone, more than 38 million chickens have been slaughtered since the beginning of February. One out of every 20 birds is killed in France. Among the world leaders in poultry production, only Brazil and China are immune.

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Smell of death More than 38 million chickens have died in the US since February

In normal times, the impact is less when consumers switch to alternatives, but the second epidemic, African swine fever, continues to affect pig herds around the world, particularly in Asian countries where pork replaces chicken. As a result, when demand for animal protein begins to outpace supply, this option no longer plays its usual role as a safety valve to reduce pressure on poultry.

As if that weren’t enough, we should also think about our own epidemic. Chicken is a popular meat for fast food and restaurants, and about half of all poultry in the United States is cooked outdoors. In the two years since Covid-19, this end of the market has taken a long dip, sending US retail prices to an eight-year low in early 2020.

Es Demasiado Caro In English

However, as the world returns to normal, the revival in demand clashes with an industry accustomed to more limited consumption levels during the Covid-19 era. The chicken market can rebalance incredibly quickly – chicks can gain weight in one month, pigs in six months and cattle over a year – but it takes time to rebuild. It wasn’t the bird flu.

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Not only that, but the impact of drought must also be taken into account. Because the price of chicken is so closely tied to the grain used to feed chickens, analysts often examine the price-to-price relationship; explains the price of meat, corn, and soybeans, just as refineries have different margins. crude oil and main products.

Grains and losses Chicago corn futures close at 800 cents a barrel

Corn, the most important commodity for animal feed, hit a 10-year high in April and costs more than doubled from most of the 2010s. The La Niña climate cycle often brings dry conditions and low crop yields for maize. – The US Midwest and South America manufacturing regions are entering their third consecutive year of growth. While Brazil’s tropical crops do slightly better, American soybeans often suffer from La Niña cycles.

People in developed countries easily see this. An increase in the price of chicken does not affect income, as does the price of fuel, and if the cost of food is 10%, it is not difficult to spend a little more. In developing countries like Asia and Africa, where food accounts for a third or more, people have no choice but to do without it. Even in relatively prosperous Brazil, consumers who have switched from beef to chicken in recent years are cutting out meat altogether or using eggs or pork as the recession and inflation have slashed incomes. Mori Nu, Soft Tofu, Silken, 12 Oz

While the world should reduce meat consumption, this is no cause for celebration. Protein remains an essential part of a balanced diet, and the wealthy will have little trouble buying it this year and next year. But in poor countries with severe malnutrition, basic sources of nutrition and happiness are slowly becoming out of reach. Some people say that #selling starts after a potential customer says “no”. This means (almost) anyone can call and make a #sales call. It may pass, but when it comes to making an impact and overcoming objections, the complexity and harm increase dramatically.

Objections can vary and run the gamut from silly to #safe. Some objections can be overcome if you understand the objection correctly and present a persuasive argument.

One of the most common #price objections. Every salesperson has heard the word “too expensive” before, and many don’t know how to respond to it. To help you not be caught off guard, I have compiled some effective responses to price objections. Here it is:

Es Demasiado Caro In English

A price comparison can mean nothing in a vacuum. Ask the audience what they are comparing. This starts a conversation about competitors, #product #price or possible #price.

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People need to believe that what they are buying is worth it Use price resistance as an opportunity to evaluate what the prospect is getting for their money and pay particular attention to what is most important to them.

“Mr. García Guzman, one of our favorite customers, was worried about the price but was incredibly happy with his decision after he decided to continue because etc.

If you ask the audience how they came to their conclusions, you have a chance to hear their reasoning. Price.

It doesn’t hurt to remind your audience of the real #opportunity value and what you might miss if you don’t follow up. This of course varies by product and situation, but whatever you’re selling, it usually has. an opportunity to paint an alternative picture.

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When a prospect raises concerns about the price, ask him to put it aside for a moment so you can discuss other aspects of the deal. This gives you a chance to talk about his likes and dislikes.

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