Does Your Father Have A Small Car In Spanish

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Does Your Father Have A Small Car In Spanish – Q: My 86-year-old father had a minor accident due to ill health. I’m afraid he’ll hurt someone, he won’t listen to me when I give him the keys. What now?

Thousands of families face this problem every day. Driving is considered a right of every American, and the independence of an older driver depends largely on the ability to drive.

Does Your Father Have A Small Car In Spanish

Does Your Father Have A Small Car In Spanish

But not the right to drive; it’s a privilege. If your father is no longer a safe driver and is at risk of harming himself or others, your goal is to convince him to “retire” from driving as if he has quit. In fact, instead of asking him to “give me the keys” it would be helpful to use the term “retire”.

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Try having a conversation with your father again. Ask him to describe what he thinks life will be like when he retires from driving. Ask him to describe the limitations that he thinks will appear. Ask him to talk about how his friends’ lives changed when they stopped driving. You will learn what motivates him to drive and what obstacles need to be removed to stop him driving.

If your dad doesn’t respond because he can’t drive due to age-related reasons (such as poor eyesight, loss of neck flexibility, inability to multitask, etc.), contact him for financial and liability reasons. Offer him an increase in your auto insurance liability limit. Why? Because if he hurts someone, the medical bills will exceed his insurance and he risks losing all his savings and possessions. Or show him the annual cost of driving (insurance, registration fees, maintenance, gas, etc.). Even if I took a taxi, I would have saved money without limiting my mobility.

If all else fails, here are two strategies: Almost all state departments of transportation take steps to notify doctors and family members of drivers who are impaired by medical conditions. You can go to your dad’s primary care doctor and report any traffic violations, accidents, bent fenders, or unexplained potholes that need attention.

Ask the doctor to talk to your father. If he doesn’t want to stop driving, get your doctor to write you a prescription for a voluntary driver’s test. You can find a local driver rehabilitation specialist at or call 866-672-9466. You’ll have to pay for the service, but it’s a great way to give fair value without getting into a battle of right and wrong. The website lists Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, which offers driver evaluations, and can be reached at 717-531-7444.

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If your father refuses this method, ask your doctor to refer him to the state motor vehicle agency’s medical review board. If his doctor refuses to take this step, or if your father is ignoring the doctor and you believe that his father is a safety risk, you can make a referral yourself.

“If you decide that PennDOT is the only option for handling the case, write a letter detailing your observations and the driver’s health violation. The letter should include your name and contact information. This letter can be mailed to:

Older drivers may be required to pass a medical or driving test or both. Your letter will remain confidential.

Does Your Father Have A Small Car In Spanish

For older drivers. You can complete the Roadwise Review driver assessment online, learn about your state’s licensing laws, how to “customize” your car for the needs of seniors, visit a CarFit clinic, take a driver development course, and learn how to talk to your parents. . about driving. Check them out at or call your local AAA office.

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You have every right to convince your parents to stop driving. Teenagers and drivers aged 74 and older have the highest rate of car accident deaths in the country. Most of these accidents happen just a few miles from home.

My rule? Why are moms and dads driving if they won’t put their grandkids in the car with their parents behind the wheel?

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Does Your Father Have A Small Car In Spanish

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