Does Once Upon A Child Buy Car Seats

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Does Once Upon A Child Buy Car Seats – Old is new again at Once Upon A Child, a new company that opened in Cape Coral at the end of January.

The business itself is new again, having once operated in Cape Coral before closing and moving to Fort Myers where there was more room for inventory.

Does Once Upon A Child Buy Car Seats

Does Once Upon A Child Buy Car Seats

District Manager Carly Pike, who is the daughter of owners Gary and Debbie, said the family moved from Ohio to the Cape to open the first store in 2006. It closed in 2009.

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“A lot of young families are moving to the city,” Pika said. “Our corporation decided it was open space, so we jumped again and returned to Cape Coral. It was close to home and easy enough.”

The grand opening of the new Cape store was held on Jan. 31 and was a great success, Fika said.

The Pike family now owns and operates four Once Upon A Child stores in Southwest Florida in Fort Myers, Naples and Port Charlotte.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, Once Upon A Child is the nation’s leading buyer and seller of gently used baby products.

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With more than 360 franchised stores in the United States and Canada, Once Upon A Child buys and sells used clothing, baby gear, shoes, books, toys and more. It is built on a similar model to Play It Again Sports, Plato’s Closet and Style Encore, all part of parent company Winmark.

The new Cape store is in the former Goodwill location at 1500 NE Pine Island Road, which Pike said offers plenty of room for inventory with 7,000 square feet of space.

Having already opened several stores in the area, this launch was a bit of a challenge.

Does Once Upon A Child Buy Car Seats

“Because we’re already in this business, we don’t have a process or procedures,” Pike said. “It’s just a matter of getting the word out.”

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One of the big differences between Once Upon A Child and other secondhand resale businesses is that Fike and her team pay for items in cash the same day. This is not a thrift store. The payment for used items is about 30 percent of what Once Upon A Child can get for the items.

“We buy all the time because we always need everything,” Pike said. “That’s how we stay afloat.”

The condition of the item is important and will be taken into account in the resale price. The items must also meet all government safety standards. Due to laws and regulations, you will not find car seats in Once Upon A Child. Also, all baby beds not sold after 2011 appear on the black list. Returned toys are also prohibited.

Clothing is popular, and Fike said the store offers sizes from prime to youth size 16. Shoe sizes go up to size 7. Playpens and high chairs are among the most popular items sold at the store. Children’s beds and changing tables are also offered in the sale.

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In some cases certain brands come into their own with customers, in most cases it comes down to getting the best deal.

“A lot of new moms and kids are coming in,” Pike said. “Kids love to see what’s new on the toy shelves, and moms love to walk around the store.”

About: Once Upon A Child buys and sells used clothes, baby equipment, shoes, books, toys and more. This is not a thrift store. Cash paid for gently used items.

Does Once Upon A Child Buy Car Seats

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