Does Intake Make Exhaust Louder

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Does Intake Make Exhaust Louder – The quick answer is yes. With a cold air intake, your car will sound louder and more aggressive. Instead of volume, the sound of your car’s engine changes due to the cold air intake. You can clearly hear the sound of air entering the intake, especially when you start the car and then let off the gas pedal. It’s a very satisfying sound that makes your car sound more aggressive and faster.

Before we understand the use of cold air or the change in sound it creates, we first need to understand – what does air have to do with cars? The answer is: the power of *Drum Roll*! To send power to the wheels, the car engine ignites fuel and creates combustion. To exist, this burning sucks oxygen from the air – so firefighters need oxygen tanks to work.

Does Intake Make Exhaust Louder

Does Intake Make Exhaust Louder

A car engine gets oxygen by sucking in air from the environment –  that’s why we need an air intake in the car! To generate more energy, you need more combustion and more oxygen. Is everything going well? Now let’s talk about cold air intake.

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Using science from high school, we know that cold air is denser and can hold more oxygen. For the same reason, we put the air conditioner on top – cold air is denser, so it sinks, while warm air is less dense, so it floats. Placing an air conditioner in the upper part of the room will cool the hot air.

Now let’s go back to using cold air. The stock intake that comes with your car can easily catch a lot of hot air because it sits next to the hot engine bays. This is obviously not good because warm air contains less oxygen. And less oxygen means lower performance for your car.

This is where cold air intake saves the day! A cold air intake is aimed at how your car takes in air. Instead of drawing hot air from the engine bay, the cold air intake will draw cooler air from outside the engine bay – usually in the area near the front wheel.

A good cold air intake like the K&N has a heat shield. This prevents hot air from entering the engine. And finally, cold air intake provides more air flow. So even if the air isn’t cold enough, more air always means more oxygen!

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Pretty cool stuff, right? Now that your car has cooler air and more oxygen, a more intense burn can occur in the combustion chamber, giving more power to the wheels! Next, let’s talk about the sound changes it causes. This is the most interesting for me personally 🙂

In addition to performance, a cold air intake also improves the sound of your car. This makes your car sound louder and more aggressive. Even better, you’ll start to hear your engine’s unique new sound – the sound of cold air rushing through the engine. This is more obvious when you have gearshifts. Listen to this video from 3:59 to hear exactly what I’m talking about.

So how exactly does this sound change happen? There are several reasons for this, and here are the most prominent of them.

Does Intake Make Exhaust Louder

The cold air intake is designed to provide more air flow. This is achieved due to a larger surface area for air to enter. With more air, it doesn’t matter if the air is cold or hot. More air almost always means more oxygen. More airflow also means more noise! Have you ever swung a badminton racket with power? Do you hear that noise? That’s the sound of air flow, friend! The same goes for your cold air.

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If you open the trunk of your car and try to find a stock air intake, you probably won’t know what it is. That’s because extra reception is added! No wonder you don’t see it. This is done to reduce noise caused by use. The other side opens up the cold air intake/ this is done to provide more airflow – and as a nice side effect, it’s also louder 😉

When manufacturers build cars, there are many rules to follow: sound, emissions, safety, you name it. To make sure they meet regulations and also appeal to as many people as possible, car manufacturers often quiet down vehicle noise. This includes the intake system. With cold air intake, it doesn’t matter – it’s all about performance. This gives cold air intake manufacturers a lot of room to play. And again, as a nice side effect (whether intentional, I’m not sure) the cold air intake makes your car sound better!

So far we have learned about the beauty and benefits of cold air intake. But what are the cons? Will it damage your car’s engine? The answer is it depends. Cold air intake will not harm the engine. As long as you don’t have an accident or flood your engine will be fine. However, using cold air can make your car more vulnerable to standing water.

Some openings for cold air are located below the engine compartment – closer to the ground and the wheels. This way you can access cooler air. However, if your cold air intake is failing, draining standing water can be a nightmare. Water can enter the engine through the cold air ventilation and cause serious damage. To avoid this, I recommend you buy a waterproof shield for cold wind use. You can get one on Amazon or at a mechanic shop for $25. Not too expensive for the security it provides.

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Some people fear that water may enter the cold air intake on a rainy day. I wouldn’t worry too much about that. The cold air intake also has an air filter to prevent dust or particles from entering. The small water droplets will be filtered by the air filter. Although, if you are still worried, get yourself a hydro shield which I recommend.

A cold air intake is cheap and easy to install. It is a popular choice for beginner enthusiasts as a first performance boost. It varies from 50 to 300 dollars – depending on the brand. After purchase, the installation takes between 45 minutes and 1 hour – depending on your skills 🙂 I recommend you to continue with the installation and experience the sound changes. It’s awesome!

Depending on what sound enhancements you want, there are many other alternatives you can look at. In my personal opinion, cold air intake is the best sound improver. They are cheap, easy to install and I just love the sound they make with increased airflow. But I’m not you, so here are other ways to improve the sound of your car.

Does Intake Make Exhaust Louder

Removing the muffler means removing the muffler from the exhaust system. A muffler, as the name suggests, is used to muffle the sound of your car. This greatly suppresses your car’s noise, making it suitable for the mass market as well as complying with government regulations. If you want maximum sound, removing the muffler is the way to go. But! The sound of your car can be very loud and even deafening. Not to mention it may be illegal in your states to remove the muffler. Please research and check local laws before doing this!

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Removing the muffler is simply removing the muffler from the exhaust. Straight pipes eliminate both the muffler and the catalytic converter. This is done primarily to improve performance – without a catalytic converter and muffler in the way, exhaust gases can quickly exit the combustion chamber. Allows more fresh air to enter the combustion chamber and create a more powerful burn. Direct piping is strictly prohibited in all states. But if you just want to drive around the race track on Sundays, I have an article on straight pipes.

The output end of the resonator is a hollow chamber that causes the sound waves to vibrate in a certain way to produce more sound. Easy to install – just screw them into the exhaust pipe and you’re done!. Resonator exhaust tips are legal in most states.

Drilling holes works surprisingly well and is very easy to do – all you need is a drill and a ⅜ bit. You need to make sure that the holes are drilled directly in front of the muffler. This works because the sound vibrations created during combustion can escape into the atmosphere before being silenced by the muffler. Thus, the sound of the car is improved. I cover this topic in this article if you are interested.

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