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Do You Tip Car Shippers Reddit – Did your driver deserve a tip or not? that is the question. When it comes to car transportation, knowing who to tip and how much is a tricky question.

As in most service industries, tipping is related to service and quality of service is often what we want. While tipping your movers is optional, we recommend it if they’ve done a good job. It’s good to let the driver know you’ve done a good job.

Do You Tip Car Shippers Reddit

Do You Tip Car Shippers Reddit

To help you decide, here are some auto transport frequently asked questions to help you tip auto transport drivers or decide whether or not your driver deserves a tip.

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Communication is important! As this experience is subject to a set of circumstances, your driver will want to make sure you are available when he arrives.

The way the driver made you feel after the conversation is a good sign of courtesy. Did he answer your questions correctly and with respect? So that’s a good driver.

Professional drivers know that their customers care deeply about their vehicles and are honest about how they treat their vehicles.

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Drivers must keep an eye on their cargo at all times. However, good drivers will do their best to get as close to the drop off location as possible and make sure you are ok with it.

If most of the answers to these questions are yes, then tipping the driver is a good idea. Now the question arises of how much to tip car transport drivers.

It’s up to you, of course, but if you’re looking for numbers, give 10-20% of your total bill for long distance moves and 5-10% for short distance moves.

Do You Tip Car Shippers Reddit

A Do you have to tip your shuttle drivers? Short answer: No, tipping your movers is optional. But if you’re getting 5-star service from your couriers, we recommend tipping them to say thank you.

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A How should you tip your movers? Some car transport companies have a tip line on the transport bill that you can pay by credit card. However, we require that you always tip in real money to ensure everyone on the moving team gets their fair share.

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More and more buyers are looking into the used car market. But for those who can afford it, customers are buying bigger and more expensive new vehicles. Ben Hasty/MediaNews Group

In January 2020, Eddie Lee was about to sell his 2013 Dodge Charger, but he wasn’t impressed with the amount CarMax was offering: $9,500. “It wasn’t a great offer and I wasn’t in a hurry to sell it,” Lee said.

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In September, Lee, who lives in Howard County, Maryland, sold the same car on CarMax for $11,000, up $1,500 from the offer he received in January.

“When I heard that used car prices were reaching levels not seen in several years, I took it to CarMax and it was a done deal,” Lee said.

According to the Consumer Price Index, used car prices have increased by 21% since last April, including a 10% increase in April 2021 alone. While new car sales are up compared to January 2020, the auto industry is not in a steady stream of new vehicles in inventory. This can be partially attributed to another pillar of pandemic consumption: a supply chain disruption.

Do You Tip Car Shippers Reddit

Cars have never matched the coronavirus unavailability of toilet paper β€” if you wanted to buy one, you almost certainly could. However, the used car market is very different than it was before the virus. Your new car may not be the model you wanted, and it certainly won’t be a bargain. As counterintuitive as it sounds, low sales help drive prices up.

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The used car market is significantly larger than the new car market: around 40 million used cars were sold in 2019, compared to around 17 million new cars. But, as one auto industry expert described it to me, they work together.

“The used car market relies on inventory elsewhere,” Jessica Caldwell, executive director of insights at automotive research site Edmunds, said in October. Caldwell explains that inventory in the used market comes from customers who trade in old cars for new ones or trade in leased vehicles, as well as other sources, such as rental companies, who outsource their tired fleet for new models.

But as the pandemic has intensified, elements of that makeshift supply chain have been disrupted by more traditional disruptions to the new auto supply chain: factory lockdowns and emergency responders. Currently, a global shortage of semiconductor computer chips has brought the manufacturing process to a standstill. Automakers are grappling with losses of tens of billions of dollars, according to NPR, and workers face temporary layoffs or cut hours.

β€œWhile the new car market has seen a big drop in sales, it has affected the supply of the used car market as people are not trading in their cars or ending their leases as regularly as before,” Caldwell said.

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After the 2008 financial crisis, the federal government tried to stimulate the auto industry by passing legislation to encourage car purchases. Under the car subsidy rebate system, also known as the “Cash for Clunkers” program, old-model dealers can qualify for a $3,500 or $4,500 rebate when purchasing a newer, more fuel-efficient vehicle.

A Minnesota dealership is offering appointment-only car sales after closing its showroom during the coronavirus pandemic. Michael Siluk/Education Pictures

There has been no similar program after the recent recession as the auto industry recovers from shutdowns and recovers to meet current demand. The industry is currently enjoying a V-shaped recovery, Caldwell said, even without specific auto initiatives.

Do You Tip Car Shippers Reddit

Certain types of cars and certain types of customers keep the new vehicle market afloat: Aaron Bragman of says these buyers are looking for big SUVs and pickup trucks. This popularity caused the prices of SUVs to “increase significantly” by a few thousand dollars. “Nobody wants a family sedan anymore, and to be honest, SUVs are just more expensive,” he said.

How Gamestop And An Army Of Reddit Traders Exposed The Riskiest Market In Decades

For some, this is not a problem. “People who buy [new] cars are not hurting financially because we can see transaction prices going up,” Caldwell said. And those buyers are lucky: interest rates are extraordinarily low, which somewhat mitigates the high price shock. Caldwell explained a trajectory not unlike the much-discussed K-shaped economic recovery, in which wealthier people are able and motivated to buy new cars: β€œThey buy more expensive or larger vehicles and are driven because interest rates are low. ”.

But new and used car dealerships typically have different types of inventory, as well as different buyer demographics.

Expensive SUVs may dominate ownership, but the lack of smaller, cheaper cars is forcing younger, lower-income buyers out of the new car market. Buyers who can’t afford a new Toyota Highlander are looking for something used that’s affordable and can be launched into a market where sedans are still an option. On Reddit, first-time buyers, especially young adults and teens, seek advice from experienced buyers and dealers on the r/UsedCars subreddit to determine which models require the least maintenance, are reliable, and fit their budget.

Demand for used cars has increased so much that dealers are running ads and calling car owners, according to The New York Times. They attribute this increase to economic difficulties that may inspire customers to look for a cheaper alternative, but that’s not all. There are also shoppers who want to avoid public transport and ride-sharing in the face of the coronavirus.

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Interestingly, it certainly seems like there’s been a surge in first-time car buyers – with trending articles about New Yorkers buying cars surfacing from the New York Times to the Wall Street Journal – but industry insiders aren’t just giving these credence. consumers with increased demand. Car leases are ending all the time, and many renters are considering extending leases or buying them.

“People still buy cars anyway, and the factors at play in that decision could be low interest rates coupled with utility,” Bragman said. “If you’re looking for something

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