Do Motorcycles Have Catalytic Converters

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Do Motorcycles Have Catalytic Converters – Hi guys, I bought a 2009 a few weeks ago and am now in the middle of a 4000 mile trip west. I couldn’t be happier with the bike. Except for the noise. I first noticed my ears ringing when I rode my bike home from the dealership. Even after thousands of kilometers my ears are still ringing. I have hearing loss in my family so I have to take care of it.

The previous owner upgraded the stock exhaust to Remus heads and exhaust cans which included removing the catalytic converter. I prefer my bike to be quiet and less polluting.

Do Motorcycles Have Catalytic Converters

Do Motorcycles Have Catalytic Converters

Does anyone know if going back to stock headers with a catalytic converter will reduce the exhaust noise? OEM header part #18117693903

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I’m wearing wax caps, an RF-SR full face shoe helmet, and just purchased a large VStream turning windshield from National Cycle (part #Z2415A) (on the way, not yet delivered). I also recently purchased a NOJ Smooth Rider helmet rim hoping that would help.

My brother bought a used Triumph with an aftermarket exhaust that he didn’t like because of the noise. He picked up a used gas exhaust on eBay and is very happy.

Excellent, thank you. I am currently on tour and hope to exchange it. My idea is to talk to a dealer down the road who has the same year bike for sale and see if they are willing to trade the exhaust.

Do you think a bike with a full rims exhaust system would sell better or cost more than a stock exhaust? I’m trying to figure out if I should try to exchange them at no extra charge or if I have to pay for the exchange. I plan to pay for the work.

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I’ve never put wax plugs on a motorcycle so I don’t know if they are as effective as some of the better researched solutions that many of us use. Here are some really comprehensive ear protection threads if that’s what you’re looking for. Search for Sensaphonics custom-molded in-ear monitors with the search feature and you’ll find others with inexpensive foam earplugs that work great if you’re not interested in helmet audio.

This comment is not directed at tbrads – he seems willing to spend some money to protect his hearing. I don’t have people who will spend $30,000 on a motorcycle, buy the best riding gear, tires and other stuff, and spend a few hundred dollars on hearing protection. Ask anyone with hearing loss about their quality of life. It will cost K1600 to return it.

This is an old thread, you won’t get a reply and you can reopen the old thread. Please consider creating a new thread. A catalytic converter used in a vehicle helps to convert and reduce the number of pollutants and toxic gases emitted in the exhaust gases. However, you may have questions about how long a catalytic converter lasts and when it needs to be replaced. We researched catalytic converters, respected auto parts manufacturers, and what experts had to say on the subject. Read on to learn more in-depth about this essential component used in gas-powered automobiles, buses, trucks, and motorcycles.

Do Motorcycles Have Catalytic Converters

The average catalytic converter has a lifespan of about ten years. Typically, a catalytic converter in a vehicle is replaced if there is significant physical damage, obstructions, or if the 10-year mark has been reached. Most catalytic converters last between 70,000 and 100,000 miles on a vehicle and need to be replaced.

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Find helpful information such as signs of catalytic converter wear and tear to keep your vehicle and essential parts in good condition.

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The invention of the catalytic converter, or “cat” for short, is a useful component for a vehicle and its exhaust system. A catalytic converter is responsible for removing harmful exhaust pollutants such as nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide from entering the air.

Without a catalytic converter, the vehicle will experience misfiring, poor acceleration, foul odors, dark exhaust and will not be road legal. Most countries require a vehicle to pass emissions testing and have a working catalytic converter.

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Most catalytic converters last about ten years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. The biggest factor in the life of a catalytic converter is how you drive. Short trips involving many starts and stops can cause additional wear and tear on the converter.

Although many converters are advertised to extend the life of a car, sometimes it is the components in the converter that can wear out over time. Moreover, due to the precious metals used in converters, they are subject to theft and need to be replaced.

The life of the catalytic converter and your car’s engine are inextricably linked. It pays to keep your vehicle running and in good condition. Sometimes unseen or unchecked damage causes the converter to fail. Too much gas or oil circulating in the engine can block the converter. If there is a problem with fuel delivery, the engine won’t start, won’t start, or the car stalls or loses power, it’s time to check the converter.

Do Motorcycles Have Catalytic Converters

When fluids such as coolant or engine oil somehow escape, the converter can become contaminated. A cat trapped inside with carbon soot can clog quickly and become ineffective. Damaged parts of the converter can separate and cause problems, especially physical damage from overheating or traffic incidents.

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Help your catalytic converter last longer and enjoy better performance without constantly idling your car. If the car suffers any damage along the way, take the time to inspect it inside and out to see if the converter or engine is OK. Never run the engine for extended periods of time without servicing as needed. Engine problems can lead to catalytic converter failure.

Remember, misfiring, overheated engine meltdowns, overheated converters and more can cause significant car problems. Get your car serviced regularly and replace and repair parts as needed.

Invest in the life of your car and consider regularly using catalytic converter cleaner in the gas tank. You can also look into a cleaner that takes care of removing blockages, deposits and cleans the entire car exhaust system, covering the cat, engine and other parts. A converter that has less to contend with dirty internals helps improve its life and reduces the chance of quick replacement.

Chances are, if you’ve failed an emissions test recently, you may want to look into your catalytic converter. “Cat,” as it’s more commonly referred to, is needed to remove carbon monoxide and other toxins from your car’s exhaust system. However, when the catalytic converter goes bad, the vehicle can quickly become a fogging machine and suffer from other problems.

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Some common signs that a cat is deteriorating and needs to be repaired or replaced include the following points.

If you notice the signs below, it’s time to take your car to your local mechanic or certified car dealer for an inspection. A problem with the engine makes the cat very difficult to start.

If the oxygen sensor fails, the engine timing is off, the spark plug is bad, or there is a bad air/fuel mixture, a cat can overheat and fail. Any oil or antifreeze that gets into a car’s exhaust system can slowly coat the catalytic converter with heavy carbon deposits, causing problems if not removed. Road potholes, rocks and other hazards and scratches, broken and loose parts can obstruct the catalytic converter, reducing efficiency.

Do Motorcycles Have Catalytic Converters

A catalytic converter typically lasts the average life of a car in its prime, between 70,000 and 100,000 miles. If the cat doesn’t break down and runs smoothly, the driver will be able to push it to the limit, 150,000 miles, depending on the condition of the vehicle. Many converters come with a warranty of around 8 to 10 years. Some drivers have managed to accumulate 200,000 miles with the vehicle’s original cat.

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If you tap on your catalytic converter and hear a screeching noise, it may need to be replaced. When a car goes over a pothole, flying rocks and other debris on the road can damage the converter. Loose parts can affect the performance of the converter, causing car problems such as noise, unpleasant odors and failed emissions tests. The health of your car’s engine and catalytic converter are interconnected. Check your vehicle regularly to avoid problems.

Look out for excessive heat from the underside of the car, dark colored exhaust smoke and poor engine performance as signs of a catalytic converter problem. A car approaching the 100,000 mile mark

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