Do Motorcycles Have Air Conditioning

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Do Motorcycles Have Air Conditioning – The exhaust pipe is long enough to allow you to move around in your seat and get up when needed.

A specially designed cooling vest worn under your regular jacket allows air to circulate around your torso.

Do Motorcycles Have Air Conditioning

Do Motorcycles Have Air Conditioning

There are different sizes of vests and they are designed in such a way that they can be adapted to most body shapes.

Hyper Toys Hpr 350 Dirt Bike 24 Volt Electric Motorcycle In Blue

The controller uses red and blue lights to indicate heating and cooling. as well as three different fan settings.

Insulated air ducts connecting the vest to the refrigeration unit. Air spreading rubber manifold

The Entrosys system can keep cool air flowing as long as you stay in the saddle.

Like someone who would rather wrap their skin around themselves than smear it on the highway. I cringe every time I see motorcyclists riding by without the proper protective gear, there is a reason (albeit flawed) behind it. Even leather jackets, boots, gloves and abrasion-resistant pants can be hot, heavy and uncomfortable, all of which put motorcyclists in an unfortunate situation. because when the weather is better The propensity to wear protective equipment is lower. The EntroSys BikeAir motorcycle air conditioning system is a product designed to allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds with portable cooling. (and heat) for the rider. Sounds good in theory. But does it work? Let’s head out into the blazing Australian sun to answer that question.

Review: Entrosys Bikeair Motorcycle A/c System

We first met Entrosys in 2010 when the product was still in development. Now on sale in the US and launching in Europe, Japan and Australia later this year, the BikeAir consists of a compact air conditioner and a specially designed cooling vest that you can wear under your regular motorcycle jacket. It’s powered by the bike’s battery and three heating and cooling modes and three fan speeds are controlled wirelessly via a matchbox-sized unit that can be mounted on the handlebars.

This system occupies a small space, is light (for air conditioning) only 4.56 kg (10 lbs) and uses a patented solid state thermoelectric system instead of technology. Because the only moving part is the fan. This approach also makes the unit durable enough for use on motorcycles and other outdoor vehicles. This means that the unit does not use gases that deplete ozone. The current system is designed for single riders. But there are also plans for two systems for the tourist community.

In addition to the remote controls, vest and air conditioning unit, The system also has a power cable to connect to the battery of your bike. Insulated air ducts connecting the vest to the cooling pack. A rubber manifold that distributes the air and mounting kit located on the pillion seat or the rear rack.

Do Motorcycles Have Air Conditioning

It should be noted at this point that the system is not designed to mount on 125cc dirt bikes, for “heavy motorcycles” that have enough power to run and enough space to mount comfortably. The bike we used for the test was our trusty Suzuki 650 DL V-Strom, which is not the heaviest of heavyweights. But it’s proven to be enough for the job at hand.

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Installing the system is quite simple. Attach the integrated textile mounting kit firmly to the rear of the bike. Connect the wires to the battery terminals, put on a vest, and connect the insulating tube. There you go.

With this basic setting It is important to remember to turn off the power or disconnect the power before turning off the bike. (A dead battery is no fun.) But there’s also the option to plug in a power cord so it shuts off automatically. When turning off the engine of your motorcycle, Entrosys recommends that this installation be done by a dealer.

With the temperature hovering around 95º F (35º C), I wore a cooling vest under my leather jacket. Insert the antenna, start the Suzuki and set off for the first road test. A few minutes after driving I hit the power switch on the controller and went straight to the max fan setting and…. ahh I’m instantly sold on this jigger. The first blast of cold air under my jacket provides great relief from the heat. and goes a long way to eliminate that stuffy feeling. wearing leather in the summer The key to this effect is the combination of a cooling jacket and intelligently designed rubber Manifold that allows good air flow. The manifold curves around your body and distributes the air in the vest through the holes at the top. The vest has a lightweight mesh lining that creates room for air to move. And overall it is quite comfortable to wear.

This does not mean that the air flow will be smooth. I find myself twisting it a bit to get the most out of it. And of course I noticed more air currents when I looked at the lights. To be fair, Entrosys recommends wearing a breathable t-shirt for best results. which are not so strange Sweat stains The problems I found could have been avoided. Your hands and feet are always warm in its casing. But it feels more comfortable to let yourself sweat a lot.

Anatomy Of A Motorcycle

While riding, I found the system surprisingly unobtrusive. The weight of the air conditioner is a bit small for a large bike. And the vents are long enough to allow you to move around in the seat and get up when needed. A potential mistake to avoid – make sure you insert the power cable properly and lock it in place. Otherwise it can float.

Another benefit is that BikeAir not only allows you to carry all your protective gear. but it also allows you to wear it well. Correct measurement is critical to achieve the best results. This means you won’t feel the urge to unbutton your jacket. Please note that the dresses are available in different sizes and are designed in such a way that they fit most body shapes. It is important to make the vest slightly loose to allow the air to circulate and tighten the elastic at the waist. (Also, make sure the jacket is wrapped around the waist) to prevent air from escaping.

In terms of adjusting the system on the fly The wireless control switches are proven to be intuitive and easy to use. The buttons are gloved and easy to see. Red and blue lights flash to indicate heating and cooling. Includes three different fan settings As long as you use the included velcro strap to attach to the handlebar it works great. I also found that attaching a strap to my keychain saved me the hassle of leaving it on my bike when I hit my local coffee shop. The control unit also has a protective rubber coating to withstand the elements.

Do Motorcycles Have Air Conditioning

When you park your bike and go on an adventure Another aspect of the good thinking through this design is that The main unit can be disassembled from its mount and hung on the shoulder with a strap under the cover so as not to fall from passers-by. Unplugging the endotracheal tube can take some time, especially when wearing gloves. But after practicing for a while We got to know this mechanism, it is also worth noting that the tubes are designed to be unplugged in the event of an accident. So, you don’t need to connect to the bike if it slips on the road.

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Those who face harsh northern winters will be happy to learn that the system also acts as a heater. We tried it on a cooler night and found it was just as effective. together in the fight against the cold – maybe even more. Without sticky sweat stains, air circulates more freely and evenly. There’s also a weatherproof cover in the side pocket that can be quickly thrown over the unit if the skies open up. This is almost the best solution for riding in cold weather. Missing being home from the hot fire.

Cyclists can be a bit sensitive about their looks. And I have to admit that I expected to be laughed at as I wore a kit that suggested I was just organizing a donkey tail game. to test this theory I visited some friends who tend to clean a little in the motorcycle fashion scene. (Not a big question) but my bias.

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