De Cara A En Ingles

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De Cara A En Ingles – ? This is a children’s game used to learn and practice body parts in English. If you don’t know him, the rules are very simple: one person says <<

>>, and indicate which part of the body you should touch with one finger. Anyone who gets confused loses a point (or wins the letter of the word Simon).

De Cara A En Ingles

De Cara A En Ingles

It looks simple, but there is a catch. Because if the person choosing the body part does not say Simon says before touching you…, anyone who touches the part shown will receive the same punishment as you read before.

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The words below teach you all the body parts in English. Although you already know some of them, you will definitely find a new word in between. Also, if you have kids, you can practice playing that fun game I mentioned at the beginning of this post with them.

Oh! Very important thing. All parts of the body in English are used with the possessive adjective. This is, unlike Spanish, where we use

First, of all the parts of the body in English, the head and face have the most different parts. On the other hand, they are the best. Because they allow you to describe people with a series of unique physical characteristics. In addition, they are often always visible.

In general, all the words in this vocabulary can be counted, so they add a -s when forming the plural. But there are two exceptions. A,

Nudo Central Ingles 1 Cara(451)

, many of which are rare. By the way, in the next section you will find another word that forms a plural in the same way.

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If you like to run, this part of body parts in English will be very useful for you. Above all, you do not develop this process after a certain period of time in the habit of sitting. Because you will be able to know which part of the foot or leg hurts.

De Cara A En Ingles

On the other hand, you will find several of these words in the names of similar clothes and accessories. For example, leggings, stockings

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. Remember that when learning English, one word teaches you three things. It is true that sometimes it is not easy to see them. such as material things

, where <> represents the measurement of one foot for one second of film on 35mm tape.

In the table below you have the names of all the major parts, muscles and bones of the lower anatomy. As you will see, they are displayed from top to bottom, so you can easily refer to them while reading.

Once the vocabulary of the lower limbs has been learned, it is the transition to the upper limbs. Again we followed the same sequence as in the previous section. That way you will be able to identify them better and repeat their names one by one in one of your outstretched hands.

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Means the poor Therefore, the name of this compound means <>. Our elbow is derived from the name of the joint bone: ulna. If you don’t know how to distinguish it from the radius, place your palms first and stick your arms to the sides of your body. The ulna is what affects them.

The human body represents a group of different parts: arms, head, legs and … what is the name of what connects and what is the middle? Very nice, race. No, I’m not talking to you about interviews. That’s how this part of your anatomy is known.

. However, this word is used in English to refer to a dead body. I mean, a corpse.

De Cara A En Ingles

When you want to describe a dress or a body. In the table below, you have the names of some of its parts to avoid generalizations.

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Finally, there are a few body parts in English that you luckily don’t see. More than anything else, because it would be very uncomfortable to watch. But also to prevent them from suffering. Imagine what would happen if your brain didn’t have a skull

, while we use it to refer to a member and to express a feeling, a feeling or the middle of something. Well, this last meaning is where the problem lies. Because in English it is common to use the word

At the same time, belly can also be used as a verb (to carry), figuratively. And if you remember Greek humor,

It was an organ that produces melancholy. Nowadays, this feeling has become a noun, but it means negative feelings, hatred or anger.

Actividad Interactiva De Partes De La Cara En Ingles

Solution: 1 tongue, 2 blood, 3 fingers, 4 heart, 5 ears, 6 teeth, 7 fingers, 8 nose, 9 eyes

Solution: 1 blood, 2 ears, 3 teeth, 4 lungs, 5 noses, 6 heart, 7 neck, 8 skin, 9 back, 10 intestines

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De Cara A En Ingles

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