Can You Use Car Oil In Motorcycle

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Can You Use Car Oil In Motorcycle – We explain the difference and answer the question: Should I use one oil or three in my oil?

Some V-twin bikes such as the Modern India* and Vijay* bikes use a split crankcase, which means the engine, gearbox and main chaincase use the same lubricant. However, most Harley-Davidson* motorcycles have separate specifications for each lubricant. This gives Harley owners a choice: use the same lubricant on all three parts of the bike, or use a separate lubricant formulated and labeled for each area?

Can You Use Car Oil In Motorcycle

Can You Use Car Oil In Motorcycle

FYI, AMSOIL recommends AMSOIL 20W-50 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil in most Harley engines, transmissions and main chains (see our Motorcycle Product Guide for specific recommendations). It provides…

How Often To Change Motorcycle Oil: What You Need To Know

We make 20W-50 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil an all-purpose lubricant. It provides excellent engine protection due to its proven ability to combat wear, reduce heat, maintain cleanliness and prevent corrosion during storage.

Synthetic V-twin motorcycle oil also has a shear resistant formula. It resists viscosity loss, allowing it to provide reliable transmission protection despite high pressure and high-rpm rotating gears.

Synthetic V-Twin motorcycle oil meets JASO MA/MA2 standards and is wet clutch compatible for improved performance in the primary chain. Its friction properties are dialed in to allow the clutch plates to engage and disengage without loading or slipping for smooth shifting.

Despite these advantages, some riders question the use of a single lubricant in all three areas of the cycle. It is difficult for them to accept that engine oil can also protect the transmission and main chain case

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Basically, synthetic V-twin transmission fluid and synthetic V-twin primary fluid are designed to protect only one area of ​​your bike, not three. This specification allows AMSOIL to process each lubricant for its precise application

Synthetic V-twin transmission oil has a higher viscosity than 20W-50 synthetic V-twin motorcycle oil. A higher viscosity or “thick” lube offers some advantages in helping quiet noisy transmissions and smooth shifting.

The lubricant creates a slightly thicker film of fluid on the gears, which provides extra cushioning to reduce loud “squeal” and gear noise.

Can You Use Car Oil In Motorcycle

Also, AMSOIL Synthetic V-Twin primary fluid is “highly engineered” to protect key chain components. Its viscosity is similar to SAE 50 engine oil Formulating it as a straight weight lubricant naturally provides an advantage in shear stability over multi-viscosity lubricants. This helps the liquid stay thicker, which helps it stay as close to the compensator as possible without flying out.

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On Harleys, the compensator acts as a shock absorber that prevents engine vibrations from affecting the transmission. Compensatory wear often knocks or ticks The synthetic V-Twin primary fluid also attaches well to the chain and provides excellent wear protection. And its wet clutch compatible formula meets JASO MA/MA2 requirements

For riders who want the ease and convenience of using one lubricant in all three areas, the best choice is to stick with 20W-50 Synthetic V-Twin motorcycle oil in all three areas.

For riders who prefer a lubricant selected for each area of ​​their bike and don’t mind an extra oil bottle in the garage, use our full range of V-Twin lubricants.

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Remember the crazy urban legend about M&M’s®? No, not about the supposed aphrodisiac of green About Van Halen demanding that candy brownies be removed from the M&M’s in their dressing room.

Although this may seem like an example of rock star overkill, there was a clever reason for including this requirement in the band’s contract with the show’s promoters. In Van Halen’s case, the show’s promoter actually read the contract and therefore provided quick information about the infrastructure needed to safely operate the band’s big-stage show.

Similar to the detail and attention required by band and show promoters, engine specifications for motorcycle oil differ from those for automobile engines and require engine oil specifications to ensure the safe operation of motorcycle engines.

Can You Use Car Oil In Motorcycle

In the case of motorcycle oil, this is because motorcycle engines are so different from car engines that they require proportionally different oils. Car oil not only protects the motorcycle engine, but can also damage the clutch and cause you to crash.

Shell Rotella® T6 15w 40 Full Synthetic Motor Oil

As with all motor oil services, the first thing you’ll notice is that the oil that comes out looks a lot worse than the black and golden liquid in the bottle. “That means it’s working,” said Michael Warholic, the scientist behind the Valvoline formula. “It comes from the deposits that the dispersers put in the oil,” he said.

This is a good time to take a closer look and make sure there is no visible hardness They point to a serious problem that needs to be addressed before a disaster strikes, he suggested.

As long as you drain the dirty used oil and put fresh oil in the engine, what type of oil is it? All the good things you hear in TV commercials about the latest and greatest motor oils make them sound like they should be great in every application.

First, check your bike owner’s manual for the correct recommended weight and class Warholic explains that they may recommend the actual [manufacturer brand] oil, but that’s really what you need. The owner’s manual also indicates the correct amount of oil to pour back into the engine Find out how much oil the engine consumes You don’t want to overfill or underfill

Accidentally Used Car Oil 🙁

But don’t stop there Changing the oil itself is not enough Also change the filter, although this can be a messy job on bikes that don’t use automotive rotary filters. Warholic notes that the filter takes a beating.

Perhaps the most important challenge with motor oil used in motorcycle engines is heat That’s because many Harley-Davidson, BMW and Ducati® models are still air-cooled, and the Triumph has retained air-cooling for now.

The advantages of air cooling are simplicity, light weight and a clean look, the clean lines of a motorcycle without bulky radiators and associated pipes. However, air does not remove heat from the engine as efficiently as water

Can You Use Car Oil In Motorcycle

Not only do air-cooled engines typically overheat, they also have combustion chamber and exhaust areas that overheat, breaking down the oil and degrading its lubricating properties.

Car Vs Motorcycle Engine Oil; What Are The Differences?

Therefore, motorcycle oil is designed to be more heat resistant than car oil “This hot spot can be very damaging to oil,” says Warholic. “It is very important to minimize the damage from that heat,” he said.

Another challenge for motorcycle oil is that most bikes, except for modern Harley-Davidson® Big Twin models, have combined engine and transmission housings. In the case of such an engine, the engine oil also lubricates the gearbox These gears can actually physically break long oil molecules into smaller pieces, changing their properties in the process and reducing the oil’s viscosity.

“Motorcycle oil has some unique parameters,” Warholic admits. “You tend to cut and dilute the oil. Motorcycle specific oils provide better viscosity control over the life of the oil

Synthetic oils are particularly potent for both risks, so while Valvoline 4-Stroke Motorcycle Oil is a good choice, Valvoline 4-Stroke Full Synthetic Motorcycle Oil is an insurance policy for added protection.

Guide: Selecting The Right Motorcycle Engine Oil

Also, most motorcycles use a “wet clutch” in which the clutch assembly is bathed in engine oil, rather than an automotive style “dry clutch” that has no oil. Since the clutch’s job is to use friction to transfer power from the engine to the transmission, and the oil’s job is to be slippery, it’s important that wet-clutch motorcycles use an oil that takes this into account, so that the clutch plates don’t slip. Slippery for heavy wear and tear However, the first step in choosing an oil is to consult your bike’s owner’s manual for the correct recommended weight and grade.

Warholic explained that the problem with motorcycle [car oil] is that your clutch has to work properly or you’re going to skid on takeoff. “You have to pass a certain friction test and most [car] engine oils don’t.”

Another factor with motorcycle oil is the duty cycle of a typical motorcycle, which means spending a lot of time sitting around waiting until you decide the weather is good enough to finally ride. This means the contaminants in the oil have plenty of time to turn your bike’s lube into mud. So motorcycle oils are formulated keeping this rest period in mind

Can You Use Car Oil In Motorcycle

“If it sits, it can collect moisture in there,” warns Warholic. “Basically, motorcycles are recreational, so it’s sit, you run, it’s sit, you run.” This

Valvoline 4 Stroke Motorcycle Engine Oil 10w 40 1 Quart

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