Can You Tune A Car With A Macbook

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Can You Tune A Car With A Macbook – As with any complex machine, Apple desktop or laptop computers require care to keep them running well. These 10 tricks are exactly what you need to keep your macOS computer looking like new.

The biggest and most important tools in our lives require regular maintenance to ensure they function well. Cars go to mechanics, contractors fix houses, and whether we realize it or not, our computers require maintenance due to missing moving parts or weathering.

Can You Tune A Car With A Macbook

Can You Tune A Car With A Macbook

Old programs leave code trails, apps that infiltrate startup lists, ensure they’re always on, and take up memory, reset caches, and slow performance. Fortunately, all the problems to be solved are digital, so it’s much easier to solve them at home – no professional needed.

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Take Apple’s macOS laptops and desktops: They’re great machines when they run well, even in old age, but they require regular maintenance to keep them running. These 10 macOS maintenance tips help keep your MacOS Big Sur MacBooks, iMacs, and other computers running at peak performance, all without the need for a third-party app.

MacOS has a built-in Disk Utility first aid feature that can diagnose errors related to the formatting of macOS directories, fix software errors, and even detect when a drive has failed and needs to be replaced.

Start Disk Utility by typing its name into Spotlight (Command + Space) and clicking it. On the left side of Disk Utility, you can see the names of volumes and partitions on your Mac (Figure A). Right-click the disk partition on which you want to perform First Aid, and then click First Aid.

Follow the on-screen instructions and be prepared to wait a bit – depending on the size of your drive, it may take a while for Disk Utility to take control of your entire computer while it completes the scan.

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When finished, a window will appear in front of Disk Utility (Figure B) showing the result of the scan.

A full hard drive slows down any computer. Fortunately, macOS has a built-in Storage Manager app that takes the guesswork out of freeing up hard drive space.

Launch Manage Storage with Spotlight and you should see the screen shown in Figure C. There are four suggestions: Storage in iCloud, which lets you download rarely used files, photos, and messages to your iCloud account to free up disk space, Optimize Storage, This allows you to give macOS permission to download certain files and media, or turns off automatic trash emptying and reduces clutter.

Can You Tune A Car With A Macbook

Clicking the Reduce Clutter button takes you to the Documents tab (Figure D), where you should usually see a list of large files that can be deleted (I delete them regularly), and you can access the other tabs for unsupported files, old downloads, and the like. they show

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The next sections of the Optimizing Your Storage topic have more information about what takes up space, but the suggestions are generally enough for improvement.

Keeping your system up to date can be a breeze, and Apple makes it easy to ensure your Mac stays that way. In the System Preferences app, you can find the Software Update area where you can check for updates and change your update settings.

Click Advanced to view macOS update management options (Figure E). Here you can enable or disable options like background download, automatic update check and automatic update installation.

Apple has made changes to Big Sur’s macOS update process to allow background updates to be downloaded, making it even easier to update your Mac, which means you should definitely do it. Mac Auto Parts 157700 Spark Plug Wire Plugs Air Oil Gas Filter Pcv Fits For 98 00 Ford F150 V6 4.2l Tune Up

In the short term, computers tend to slow down between reboots as caches build up, temporary files take up space, and an increasing number of system processes consume resources.

Restarting your Mac regularly clears temporary storage and gives macOS a chance to reinitialize and start over. There’s no reason not to restart your computer every night at the end of the work day, so you can have a fresh desktop to start the day with.

I mentioned Spotlight above as a quick way to open apps: Just press Command + Space and you can instantly find any file on your computer. Email, media, browsing history, apps—it’s all there if you want Spotlight to find it.

Can You Tune A Car With A Macbook

Like other computer storage indexes, the Spotlight database sometimes needs to be restarted, but there is no automatic way to do this, so you have to do it manually.

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Open System Preferences and find Spotlight. The screen that opens displays the full list of item categories indexed by Spotlight. You can change anything you don’t want indexed here, otherwise click Privacy at the top of the window.

In the Privacy section (Figure F), you can see a list of all the places on your Mac’s hard drive that Spotlight doesn’t index. To rebuild an entire drive’s Spotlight index, click the plus sign at the bottom of the window, add the entire Macintosh HD to the list, and then click Select.

Back on the Privacy screen, click the hard drive you just added to the list, then click the minus sign next to the plus sign you added it to. This will remove the drive from Spotlight’s blacklist and force your computer to re-index it. Note: Re-indexing may take some time during which Spotlight or the machine in general may be slow.

Logging into macOS also launches some featured apps. This can slow down login times and cause your entire computer to slow down as more and more apps assume you have the right to be on the list.

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To check which apps are running and exclude apps that shouldn’t be there, go to System Preferences, click Users & Groups.

One option is the login items under Users and groups (Figure G). Click on it and you’ll see a list of everything that starts with logging into macOS. I disabled everything: I don’t want even one megabyte of my RAM to be used unnecessarily!

On a Mac, it’s hard to tell if an app is actually closed or just off-screen, and knowing the difference can make up for some of the performance issues.

Can You Tune A Car With A Macbook

Look at the dock (Figure H): Everything below the dot is actually an open app, but not all dotted items have an active window: Clicking the red X doesn’t exit the app on macOS, and those that are still running they are consumed. resources. Mac Auto Parts Tune Up Kit Ignition Coils Plugs Air Cabin Oil Filters For Honda Odyssey 05 10 Dx Ex Lx Se Only

When you’re done using the app, press Command + Q to quit, or right-click it in the dock and select Quit. If the app is docked, the dot will disappear, otherwise the app icon will disappear completely.

Computers create temporary caches for many reasons, mainly to store certain application states, remember browsing history and passwords, create temporary backups of currently running documents, etc.

These files can be huge, and macOS doesn’t have a good way to clear the cache in a central location: you either have to know how to do it in a specific application, or you have to do it this way.

In the Finder, choose Go, and then choose Go To Folder. Type ~/Library/Caches/ in the box that appears (Figure I), then select Go. A directory of caches created by applications on your behalf is displayed. You can delete older ones, those from apps you no longer use, or anything else you definitely don’t care about. You know this means you have to take matters into your own hands, and the changes you make can affect important data.

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There are two components of your Mac’s memory that can wear out with age, but a quick reset can address issues with both.

The first, NVRAM (independent random access memory) and PRAM (parametric RAM), is where macOS stores the settings it needs to access quickly. Both have the same reset steps and Apple covers them in detail.

The second area that requires a reset is the system management controller, or SMC, which handles things related to power and temperature control. Resetting is a little complicated, as is the NVRAM and PRAM process, and Apple explains it on its website.

Can You Tune A Car With A Macbook

I run a number of applications on my Macbook Air that require large local files to run. With my small system drive (only 125 GB), I started storing applications and their files on a 1 TB USB-C SSD. Keeping free space on your computer’s system drive is essential, so cloud storage (or a local external drive for large applications) can be a lifesaver.

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USB hard drives are surprisingly cheap and are constantly available at places like Best Buy, Amazon, and Walmart. If you use a Mac with a small disk or simply want to save differently

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