Can You Ride A Motorcycle In The Snow

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Can You Ride A Motorcycle In The Snow – Winter riding is different in many ways than just feeling cold (which it certainly is). There are all kinds of considerations to keep in mind when it comes to how you approach the ride and how you equip yourself.

The physics of cold wind, snow, ice, sleet and other wintry weather conditions have a major impact on the performance of your bike and your body. It is your responsibility to know what to expect from winter conditions and to be prepared to react accordingly. Some of the problems you may encounter are:

Can You Ride A Motorcycle In The Snow

Can You Ride A Motorcycle In The Snow

Put these things together and you get the picture: the bike is harder to control in the winter and your body is less able to handle the conditions. The solution to these problems is a combination of gearing up and adapting your driving style and mindset to the conditions.

Zen Motorcyclist: What Do You Ride?

“All gear, all the time,” as they say—and if your “always” includes winter riding, “all gear” usually means taking extra steps to bundle up. When it comes to your winter gear, the word is “insulation,” and a lot of it. The more insulation you can get around your body, the better protected you are from the cold.

When trying on winter riding gear you are looking for a fit that fits well, but is not too tight. You want some breathability and room for air circulation, as well as clothing that you can layer. Speaking of layering, this is the easiest and best way to protect yourself from the cold while riding in the winter. Start with a moisture-wicking base layer, add your main insulation layer in the middle, and top with a waterproof outer layer (preferably also insulated). It’s easy to throw away your layers when you have a few in your wardrobe. If you get too hot while riding, stop and throw your top layer in your saddlebags or motorcycle backpack.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to have waterproof gear in the winter. You may not plan on driving in the snow or rain, but you could get caught in it against your will – and you really don’t want to have a cold, wet body in that situation. Look for waterproof or at least water-resistant gear whenever possible.

Full-face helmets and flip-up helmets, known for being hot in the summer, shine in the winter. If you normally wear a jet helmet in warm weather, winter is a good time to switch to a more protective model. (Side note: Full-face helmets provide much better protection any month of the year.) Make sure to keep the neck warm, as the gap between your jacket and helmet is one of the easiest places for the cold to sneak in. Little fingers in it.

What You Need To Know About Riding A Dirt Bike In The Winter

It goes without saying that function should always take precedence over looks when choosing equipment. But it’s especially important in the winter when a lot of stuff looks a bit bulky and clunky, but is absolutely necessary for real protection. If you’re going to be riding in the winter, accept that safe and good gear makes you look a bit like a hideous snowman and keep riding.

Safe winter driving means packing all the gear. Here are some other items to pack in your winter bag, ranging from handy to true lifesavers:

First of all, know that winter riding is generally not recommended for beginners. If you’ve been riding for less than a year, it’s a good idea to build up your skills before tackling the challenges of winter riding.

Can You Ride A Motorcycle In The Snow

If you’re confident you’re ready to hit the road and brave the cold, know these tricks and practice them before your first winter ride. They can save your life.

Photos To Get You Pumped For A Snow Ride

A thought on bike choice: If you have a dual-sport or adventure bike, winter is the perfect opportunity to get out and have fun. An adventure motorcycle with a good pair of tires can handle cold and snow better than any other type of motorcycle. And if you do put your bike on ice, an adventure bike can take a beating better than a sports or touring bike.

Riding in a group is always a great way to hit the road with your favorite people, and enjoying breathtaking winter scenery together is an experience you’ll never forget. But riding in a group is a great way to make winter driving safer because you have more help when you need it, more eyes on the road and more visibility to other motorists.

Remember that normal group etiquette applies. This is especially true for rule number one: ride your own. Chasing another rider who passes you or trying to keep up with riders well ahead of your skill level will only put you in situations you’re not prepared for – and the consequences are greater in the winter.

For a safe and fun winter group ride for everyone, it’s a good idea to bring some motorcycle headset communications, such as the Cardo PackTalk Bold, Cardo PackTalk Slim or Cardo Freecom 4+. Our state-of-the-art wireless communicator easily attaches to your helmet and makes it a snap to talk to your fellow riders, answer phone calls or stream music from your smartphone with simple voice commands.

Tips For A Cold Weather Motorcycle Ride

Winter can also be tough for a motorcycle, so don’t forget to take into account the maintenance of your motorcycle.

The adventure of riding never ends, and a dedicated rider can do well in the winter with a little preparation and a willingness to live a little on the edge. Cardo Systems helps you take the risks of driving in a smarter, safer and more connected way. So if your passion for riding tells you it’s not time to put the bike away just yet, bundle up, grab your friends, activate your helmet communication system and show the world you can be as cool as you can be.

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Can You Ride A Motorcycle In The Snow

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Depending on what the winter weather is like in your area, you’ll need to decide if the extra preparation is worth it. As with most motorcycle shops, it’s completely up to you. Whichever bike you choose to ride in the winter, you need to make sure you have the right gear to keep you warm and dry. Whether you drive or not, nobody likes the cold and wet.

The most important things to consider when considering winter driving are a) keeping yourself warm and dry, and b) maintaining good traction, regardless of the winter driving conditions in your area. Now “decent traction” is tricky, because if you’re good at riding in slippery conditions, your idea of ​​what “decent” is will look different than some other riders. It’s important to remember that it’s all relative!

Tips For Winter Motorcycle Riding

That said, here are our current top five bikes for winter riding. Your list may look very different – and it probably should.

Love a lightweight dirt bike with knobby tires? For 2021, Honda increased the displacement of its beloved CRF250L while shaving nearly 11 pounds off the overall weight. This makes it very easy to maintain for winter riding, as well as passing through your favorite dirt rides the rest of the time.

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