Can You Drive With Led Lights In Your Car

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Can You Drive With Led Lights In Your Car – When you were 16 and learning to drive, your parents probably told you that it was illegal to drive with your lights on. You asked, insisting on a good reason, but in the end, you probably failed. Ironically, until now, you’ve been quick to turn off the car’s interior lights while on the road – something you’ve learned and something you’ve resisted.

But why? Did our parents give us a definite reason? Some say it makes it difficult to see the road; some say it’s completely illegal. The former is true; finally, it is not common (although there are regulations depending on the state in which you drive).

Can You Drive With Led Lights In Your Car

Can You Drive With Led Lights In Your Car

Well, believe it or not, driving with interior lighting is, in fact, legal in many states. And while this is technically good news, it’s definitely not safe.

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There’s a reason parents of young drivers tell the old story: It keeps their family safe, especially at night. Driving with interior lights on at night while actively driving can be dangerous – the dome light can affect your field of vision and, worse, it can reflect on your windshield wiper, causing distraction. in your ability to see the way forward.

Usually, the person in your passenger seat changes the overhead light or dome light: They have to find their phone charger that fell between the cracks in the seat, the last few fish and fries under the bag, or help you. look at the map of a road trip (yes, it happens!). This time the situation became a problem for the driver; it doesn’t affect the rider at all, so they don’t think anything of it.

If this happens while the officer is being dispatched, he can pull over, but not because it’s illegal to drive with the interior lights on. Instead, using a flashlight to find something in your car can be considered a form of distracted driving.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, distracted driving is defined as “any distraction from driving.” This can include texting or talking on your phone, eating, talking to passengers in your car, changing the stereo or navigation system, and more. And doing any of this at night often requires — you know this — using your dome light. So while it is illegal to drive without the interior lights on, it is a distraction and can lead to a ticket or an accident.

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In some cities like LA, it’s illegal to drive with your headlights on, but if you use them to, say, put on makeup or look at something with your hands, you can be cited for what’s called which is “unsafe speeding.” .” This is another type of distracted driving: It says that, because you are doing a distracting activity on the road, you are traveling at an unsafe speed. If an officer sees your car driving and notices your dome light, he may pull you over for using your interior lights in a disruptive manner, thus citing you for unsafe driving. that speed in those conditions.

So while most states in the US do not have laws prohibiting drivers from using their interior lights while driving, there are clearly consequences to this. If you plan to use your overhead lights, remove them first. Or if your passenger insists on turning on the lights inside that last item in the bag, tell him to dig in the dark; you have more important things to take care of. Looking for an upgrade in your room? Keep it up – or maybe make a cool mood light? Maybe you want a green glow to wash your walls while you do your nightly yoga, or a bright and cheery yellow to wake you up in the morning. Perhaps you’ve recently been inspired by the flurry of lighting trends popping up on social media. Regardless of the subject, it’s clear that lighting can play an important role in creating an effective ambiance in your space!

LED lights can easily serve as additional lighting, perhaps if your kitchen area is a bit dark and you want to make sure you are careful while chopping vegetables. They are smarter and take up less space than lights, and they usually use less power and energy. They’re also easy to set up – and can sometimes be turned on and off using an app or even voice control! And, if you often find yourself in Zoom meetings for work, your office space can come alive.

Can You Drive With Led Lights In Your Car

LED lights may be one type of home lighting, but there are many different types on the market! There are smart ones that can be controlled by your phone, that can change colors, dim, or use a timer, etc. with their remote control. You can choose plain white lights, or go with your favorite color – or display multiple colors at once! There is also the option of plugging into the wall, but be sure to check your location first. If there is none nearby, consider going with a battery!

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We love the look of LED lights under your bed – they almost float. Use the included remote to control this five-foot strip of light, leaving it stationary or flexibly changing between different colors. This is another plug-in light, so you don’t have to worry about running out of batteries. If help is high on your list, this may be your choice.

Can You Drive With Led Lights In Your Car

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