Can Police Chase Motorcycles

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LOS ANGELES (KTLA) – A motorcyclist who authorities say was wanted for speeding, reckless driving and possible DUI was apparently taken into custody in Southern California on Monday after a wild chase that included a gas stop.

Can Police Chase Motorcycles

Can Police Chase Motorcycles

The motorcyclist, who was wearing what appeared to be a sweatshirt emblazoned with the words “I won’t stop 4 cops,” was speeding through the streets when a KTLA helicopter first captured the chase in West Covina, a suburban city in Los Angeles County. Around noon, a video from the air showed.

Police Chase Motorcyclist Through 2 Counties In California

It’s unclear when the chase began, but the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department told KTLA that the motorcyclist was wanted for reckless driving and a possible hit-and-run, while a California Highway Patrol spokesman said they were initially wanted for speeding.

At about 11:10 a.m., law enforcement stopped the pursuit of the motorcycle on the ground because the vehicle was traveling at speeds of about 80 mph, according to a spokesman for the Norwalk Sheriff’s Department.

But later video footage showed at least one patrol unit on a motorcycle, with air units watching overhead. The sheriff’s office later said they were on the ground and under surveillance.

At various points in the pursuit, the driver could be seen driving dangerously and erratically on streets and freeways, briefly driving on city sidewalks, and appearing to drive well above speed limits; the motorcyclist also threw a bag in the entrance of a residential building and repeatedly gesticulated with his hands.

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Around 12:10 p.m., the driver stopped at a gas station in Baldwin Park, grabbed the driver’s side injector and poured some gas into the tank, according to aerial footage.

By 12:30 p.m., the motorcyclist was in the Pasadena area and apparently pulled into a parking lot, where the pursuit ended. More than half a dozen patrol cars could be seen surrounding the parking garage as officers searched for the driver.

As the video showed, one person was detained after some time. The man’s clothing was similar to what the driver was wearing during the chase, with the exception of a hoodie. STAUNTON. A police chase that ended in Staunton Tuesday afternoon raised questions about safety.

Can Police Chase Motorcycles

“At first I only saw Augusta County Sheriff (deputies) and then as we got closer I saw them chasing after him,” she said. – I am surprised that he was not killed.

Chase: Motorcyclist Arrested After Pursuit In San Gabriel Valley, Bomb Squad Responds To Parking Structure

On Tuesday, the Augusta County Sheriff’s Office attempted to serve warrants on Richard Knight, 31, of Augusta Springs, when he rode his motorcycle into Buffalo Gap.

The chase continued across the county and ended when Knight crashed his motorcycle at Greenville Avenue and Statler Boulevard in Staunton.

“We had to stop twice to avoid a collision,” Colvin said. She was in the car with two other people at the time.

“On the way home from Staunton we were approaching what looked like a funeral procession when I saw a motorcycle with a man without a helmet…it was a high speed chase with about 11-12 police cars,” she wrote. “I am concerned about the lives that (were) in danger. After all, the subject and his location are known in the district. I’m just saying that it could have resulted in the injury or death of innocent people. I am grateful for the law, but it could have been decided differently.”

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“I stopped twice where only my driver’s side was on the road. The second time I realized that they were chasing someone… it is not known who,” she said. “I met five policemen, they first approached closely to remove my mirror…”

Wilhelm also said that she saw almost 12 cars. She first encountered them in a 45 mph speed zone and believed the cops were exceeding that limit.

According to Augusta County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Deputy Felicia Glick, the policy allows police discretion. She said Tuesday’s chase, which lasted just over 10 minutes, was maintained at 45 mph but reached 70 mph at times.

Can Police Chase Motorcycles

“Each situation is under constant review by the original deputy and the person on duty,” she said. “Different factors are considered to allow a deputy or supervisor to terminate a pursuit based on changing circumstances.”

I 95 High Speed Motorcycle Chase Ends In Westport

Staunton police did assist in Tuesday’s incident, but it is their policy to take no further action, said Officer Jennifer Stevens, spokeswoman for the Staunton Police Department.

“Staunton was not involved in the pursuit on Tuesday, we were just assisting as much as we could,” she said. “The county decides whether to pursue a vehicle in a particular area. They usually let us know they are coming to town. Our policy does not apply to the county, so it is up to them to decide whether or not to pursue in the city.”

According to Stevens, the deciding factor for Staunton police is that the officer tries to stop the vehicle and the vehicle eludes the officer. The policy states that an officer can follow them in a safe case if possible, she said.

“There are always extreme circumstances where a pursuit may be necessary, the shift supervisor at the time decides if a Staunton officer can pursue a suspect in those particular incidents,” she said. “There are a number of factors that go into making this decision.”

Motorcyclist Fleeing Lapd Dies In Head On Crash Broadcast Live On Tv

“Chases in the middle of the night are less likely to cause injuries because there are fewer people on the road,” he said.

Edwards said they will pursue those charged with crimes. Also, if the police know who the driver is and know the charges they will press.

“Ultimately, the patrol supervisor or someone above him is listening to what the officers are calling and can order to continue the pursuit,” Edwards said. Many motorcyclists absolutely despise the outlaw image that is projected onto the hobby, and understandably so. While Harley-Davidson has more often than not leaned into stereotypes, and many enjoy a bad image to the bone, I don’t think anyone who rides is bothered by that image. Further fueling the fire are the many social media accounts posting videos of themselves or other riders successfully outrunning police in pursuit.

Can Police Chase Motorcycles

For some, riding a motorcycle is the greatest expression of freedom. This is understandable, as traveling on the road on two wheels is definitely more exciting and makes you feel more alive than riding on four wheels with a cage around you. Perhaps this appeals in part to those who believe that owning a motorcycle allows them to obey a few laws. I don’t have a definitive answer to this question, but the feeling that you don’t have to answer to anyone just because you ride a bike has helped fuel animosity towards some riders, which fosters positive feedback in the form of rivalry.

Police Hunt For Bikers Who Led Police On Pursuit In Central Pa

One factor that makes motorcyclists believe they can outrun the cops is that you can go where cars can’t. Not only can you split lanes and jump between cages, you can easily drive on pavements, narrow lanes, through parks and all sorts of places where you can’t get into a car, even with a small car like a Fiat 500 or Smart Fortwo.

Since the police cannot really check the motorcycle or use a stop stick, some believe that this is the best way to avoid the police. That may be true, but that doesn’t mean the driver couldn’t accidentally take you out during the chase, which you’ll see in the videos I’ve included.

Add to that the fact that a kid who can’t afford an exotic sports car can more easily afford a superbike that delivers incredibly fast acceleration. With that kind of power behind you, it’s easy to pass yourself off as some kind of wind god capable of tossing anyone who dares to hold you back. This combination of raw performance and a youthful sense of invincibility adds up to absolutely idiotic behavior.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t guys riding Harleys or other cruisers on the run from the law. I have included a video from Arkansas of this very situation. Like many bikers who try to throw the cops, these guys ride hard until they run out of skills and then crash hard. The same thing happens with drivers who think their sports car or muscle car is faster than the police. They may be right, but at high speeds, all it takes is one tiny mistake to send you into a spectacular crash.

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At the end of the day, even if you feel that the police officer is insulting you and treating you unfairly, it is still better to stop and accept the punishment. Running from the law only builds up citations, possibly making money

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