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Build A Street Racing Car – The phrase “just do it and say sorry later” is how Jeff Lyman described the design of Jeff Gordon’s street legal NASCAR car… and it worked! So what does that mean? Rick Hendrick and Jeff Gordon, upon learning of the finished car, had to legally agree to the finished car and meet certain conditions for Lyman… of course. The problem comes from potential copyright issues and other legal headaches when creating an exact copy. Anyway, the story goes, when the car was finished and on display at the Syracuse Nationals about 10 years ago, the NASCAR series’ Glenn Watkins and Rick Hendrick and Jeff Gordon found out about it. Lyman explains that “[at Nationals] there were a bunch of pictures and they got in the papers and they found out.” And with that – it started – lawyers and so on, and after some back and forth, the deal was finally done.

Planning for the build began nearly 15 years ago when Jeff Lyman bought a stock NASCAR car from the Busch Series. The Busch Series (now known as the NASCAR Xfinity Series) is a NASCAR “minor league” series that is often used as a proving ground for up-and-coming drivers. The cars are very similar to the super series known as the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. The thing is, this car started out as a real 650 horsepower race car.

Build A Street Racing Car

Build A Street Racing Car

When Jeff bought the car, it was missing brakes and transmission and had been in several accidents. Work then began to restore the car to bring it closer to original NASCAR specs, but ultimately it had to be road legal. Construction took 1-1/2 years. There were a lot of challenges and a lot of engineering that went into making the car, and there were several other companies that helped with the build. Some of the challenges include making the doors open like a traditional tram. You can’t jump out of the window like a racing driver. There’s also an air suspension system that can raise and lower the front end as needed.

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The graphic set is an original copy from the same company that did it for Jeff Gordon in 2006. After a while, the company stopped selling them to anyone but race teams, so Lyman was lucky to get one.

The engine is from a Hooters Pro-Cup Series car that puts out about 500 horsepower. It has a carburetor like the NASCAR cars of the era. The transmission is still the original 4-speed manual transmission.

Jeff Lyman created a separate business, Jeffery’s Custom Conversions, to produce these street legal cars and a few custom cars. I have to say I have been a long time fan of Jeff Gordon and I was intrigued and yes it crossed my mind until Jeff ruined any possible idea when he said these cars were overpriced. Well, how much can they cost? …well north of six figures! We can design and manufacture roll cages to all customer standards/requirements including FIA and MSUK compliant designs. We can manufacture mild steel cages, 4130 Chrome Moly, T45 and Docol cages, we also manufacture stainless steel rings for the marine industry.

We have over 35 years of experience designing and building space frame chassis for a wide variety of applications, from Pro Modified Drag Racing to Historic Circuit Racing.

Turbo Ls Nissan Hardbody

Each Robinson Race Cars chassis is built by skilled craftsmen and TIG welded on one of our machines to achieve the highest level of accuracy, precision and quality.

We have the ability to manufacture pipe, metal and composite products. We have a huge library of brackets for general use and can design elements for specific applications.

Robinson Race Cars specializes in all aspects of motorsports plumbing from brake lines to fuel, oil, water and even air lines. We can supply special hose and lightweight fittings to your request from our technical partners Brown and Miller Racing Solutions. We also have cutting and cutting equipment on site, so we can fabricate your hoses while you wait, or we can bring in the project and complete it from start to finish.

Build A Street Racing Car

We can build knitting machines to the high standards and practices required in motorsport. We can handle anything from a stripped down Pro Mod to a historic sedan.

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We can adjust and adjust the suspension alignment, including dynamic changes (like damping). We can also provide weight and angle adjustment.

In addition to manufacturing custom parts, we supply products from a wide range of manufacturers. We ship monthly from the US, consolidate shipments and handle all customs and excise payments and paperwork. We also work with major parts warehouses in the United States, which allows us to provide a wide range of parts.

Two built Pro Mod cars with a 20 year gap between build dates! @rooferstoydragracing 1957 Chevy still looks great! Thanks to @kirstamabob from @eurodragster for the great photos! # # karate

Another historic roll cage, this time a Triumph TR6. It’s a pretty small car on the inside, so it’s important to maximize space by placing the cage as close to the body as possible. This is made possible by our custom service, CNC pipe welding, pipe rolling and TIG welding. #

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Here’s a specific 8.50 cage we made for the Ford Fiesta ST for the @europeanfwdshop Front Wheel series. Rolled tubes hold the cage in front nice and tight for maximum interior space. Typically this cage is machined from 4130, CNC bent, custom fit and fully TIG welded. # # karate

Congratulations to Mark Sheridan of his for entering the 200 mph club this weekend in his RRC Hemi ‘Cuda! Great progress guys! # #rsquared Photo by @pudgeyspictures

Isn’t it beautiful! David Vegter and @vegterpromodracing showed off a new car at Doorslammers this week. This winter we had the car overhauled, including a chassis overhaul, new headers, new titanium fenders, new 2-piece fenders, re-installation of several components and a titanium/carbon fuel tank mount and guard tube. Check it out at @santapodraceway this weekend, it’s the main event and the first round of the @fia.official Drag Racing Championship. # # karate

Build A Street Racing Car

Big congrats to Alex Leizerach and @secondcomingsinglecab for not only winning the 4 cylinder class at the Doorslammers this weekend, but setting a new PB of 9.01! Absolutely amazing performance! If you haven’t seen this car yet, check out @secondcomingsinglecab , it’s a 4130 @ chassis with double suspension front and rear, Pauter turbo engine with @fueltech ECU and @precisionturbo turbo, tuned by RJ Volks 😎 # # rsquared

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We recently cut this 1969 Chevy Camaro in half. This work involved replacing the entire pipe from the firewall forward as it had been damaged in the accident. The main rails needed to be replaced so we machined the inner bushings which have steps to provide 3 inches on each side of the joint and give us adequate area to prepare the weld. This weld check is complete on both sides of the joint and also supplies an inner mat. We also drilled the tubes for the 4 wire welds, opposite each other and perpendicular to each side of the joint. The @racestrange struts are long GT struts with our ball bearing adjustable top mounts. We also have the @flamingriverusa Executive spacer installed. If you need one of these products, contact us and we’ll hook you up! # #card

Busy times here @ we recently had this gorgeous Corvette for a full turn, custom pedal box and steering column, stainless steel headers including side pipes and more! # #rsquared Any car can be turned into a monster with enough time and money, but for most of us, choosing the right car to start with can make all the difference. You want a lightweight car with a bulletproof engine; you want to lose as much weight as possible, so it’s best to start low, while getting an engine that probably won’t blow up will help you in the long run.

Good examples are the Fox-bodied Mustang if you’re in America, or the Honda CRX or Civic if you don’t mind front-wheel drive, as they both are.

Since you’re probably wasting a lot of energy with the old engine, it’s worth putting it back together and making sure everything is in order. While you’re taking it apart, replace parts like piston rings, engine bearings, and oil seals to keep pesky leaks from ruining your fun.

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As for upgrading your engine, you’ll need to go aftermarket to increase the power. You can install aftermarket cams, cylinder heads and high-compression pistons for increased power and reliability. You

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