Are You Taking The Car In French

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Are You Taking The Car In French – The Ami will be available for $23 a month, $2,900 for 48 months, or for a shorter term through Free2Move, a car-sharing service operated by Citroën parent PSA Group.

Furthermore, the Ami can be driven in Europe without a full driving licence. The Ami’s small size and low speed (28mph) mean it is not considered a car under EU regulations. According to Citroën, it’s technically a “four-wheel drive”.

Are You Taking The Car In French

Are You Taking The Car In French

That means the Ami can be driven without a license by people as young as 14 in France and 16 in other European countries, according to the automaker.

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A 5.5-kilowatt-hour battery pack gives the Ami an estimated range of 43 kilometers as measured by the European WLTP test cycle. A full charge takes three hours from a typical European outlet, Citroën said.

Ami borrows its name from a Citroën model that dates back to the 1970s. Original as it may be, the electric Ami is about as original as a four-wheel drive can get.

Inside, there’s room for two people and not much else, and instead of a constant infotainment system, drivers plug their smartphones into the dashboard.

This isn’t the first time Citroën has attached an old name to a new electric car. In 2016, it launched the e-Mehari, an open-top electric car named after the 1968 model.

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French automaker Renault has a small electric car, the Twizy, that looks like the Ami concept. But the Twizy doesn’t have a sealed case, which makes it less efficient than the Ami.

Renault leads the PSA group of electric cars, offering the affordable K-ZE in China and the Zoe hatchback in Europe. Zoe is now the backbone of a car-sharing service in Paris.

The Ami won’t be sold in the United States, but if it were, it might be described as a neighborhood electric car rather than a conventional car.

Are You Taking The Car In French

PSA Group has previously discussed bringing its Peugeot brand back to the US, but it is unclear how the latest merger with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles will affect those plans.

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I think for me it would be the Facel-Vega, the beautiful French Chrysler V8 beast I’ve seen parked on the street in West LA while driving. Who parks on the street and drives around in Facel-Vega? It is like a golden chariot drawn by winged horses as a chariot for cleaning the water tank. Too good for the real world, but there was one parked behind a beige Corolla with a mismatched door on the way to Jack In The Box.

I’m the co-founder of Autopian, the place you are now. I’m going to talk to you in the light until you cry and beg me to stop, which I won’t. Sorry. Kissing? Also David’s friend.

The previous ‘Man has been a world champion for the Nash Metropolitans for decades. Then he put all his parts in the car and gave it to me. Here’s an inside look. Rounding out the list of potential candidates for the strangest things we saw at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, we came across the Chinese Smart Fortwo knockoff. It’s called Aixam and it’s very small and cheap, made in France, not the Far East. It also does not require a full driving license to operate.

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In fact, there is a market segment for these smaller cars that don’t require the same driver’s license as their larger counterparts. Without diving into the area of ​​the car that makes the Smart Fortwo a “real” car, we found that:

(VSPs) can be driven by anyone 14 and over and are limited to 45 km/h-28 mph only. VSPs can’t be driven on expressways or freeways because the top speed is 28 mph, and you get that. Drivers only need to obtain what is known as an AM class licence, which requires a seven-hour course, of which only four hours are spent driving on the roads. Those born before 1988 do not need a license at all.

So who exactly is buying these rare cars? Especially anyone who doesn’t want to go through the expense and hassle of getting a full license and those who can’t get a full license or have had their license revoked. Aixam, owned by Polaris, appears to be chasing millennial buyers who have little interest in getting a license but want urban mobility with better weather protection than a scooter and convertible. More schedule changes than mass travel. It seems to be well known in France that a VSP is the way to go if you’ve been disqualified for, say, driving under the influence and you’re old enough not to. I need an AM class certificate. . Surprisingly, insurance isn’t required to drive one of these cars, but according to a BBC report on small cars, some dealers expect proof of insurance before offering them.

Are You Taking The Car In French

Since buyers who want to avoid a license can pick up a VSP, it’s no surprise that the cars aren’t as cheap as you might think. The cheapest Aixam model, for example, costs €10,699 fully loaded, or $12,000 at current exchange rates. That’s just for the 108.7-inch-long, 59-inch-wide four-wheel box and the lack of airbags and other safety devices. Oh, and since the 28mph top speed isn’t necessary, it only has 8bhp from the 0.5-litre twin-cylinder diesel and has a gearshift. For those who have lost their choice, freedom is guaranteed in Aixam, built between hard rock.

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More encouragingly, the car also offers four-wheel drive for youngsters who want to drive before they turn 18 (if they’re applying for a full licence) and for seniors whose degree has expired. No, it’s a break until we get stuck in traffic after one. Better yet, Aixam isn’t the only game in town when it comes to VSPs; Renault’s Twizy, of course, falls into the same category, and there are many other companies tackling the market, including models such as Microcar, Mega, and others; At the Paris Motor Show, Aixam proudly presented its brand of French-made cars, and it’s clear that the company wants to raise its products above the water level. Although each of the 10 models is essentially the same, the three different categories – Design Compact, Design Coupé and Design Break – have differences in vehicle height, body cladding and roof shape. different vibrations. For example, The Break sits high on the ground and looks like a mini-crossover. The Coupé stretches the sensible definitions of coupe, while the compact version of the City GTO design may be the most understated car to wear the GTO badge.

We drove the flagship GTO around the Aixam showroom and found that closing the doors with bright feathers could take a few tries, as the pieces weren’t heavy enough to hold their own. The interior is mostly constructed of hard, airless plastic, but at least someone tried to design the dashboard and door panels to look like something other than the depression shown. We could appreciate the polished exhaust tips, but they were fake pieces that weren’t connected to the exhaust. And we never thought we could make this statement, but the 50 mph speed limit was awesome.

Admittedly, a scooter or public transport looks attractive when lifting the Aixam, as top models cost €15,000 (about $16,750) or more to get inside. – Citroën C4 Cactus status. If it were up to us, we’d even ditch the price leader, the Aixam Design Compact City Pack, with its usual LED lights, remote keyless entry, cooler, heater and full radio hub with CD player, input and Bluetooth. For Renault Twizy. It’s not an all-weather crazy Renault, but it’s also smaller and more motorcycle-like (and therefore more maneuverable) and costs $8,800. As we find ourselves comparing the Renault Twizy’s merits against similar cars, we’ll end with a tip against drunk driving and a determination to never look at a Mitsubishi Mirage the same way again.

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