Are Rotating Car Seats Safe

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Are Rotating Car Seats Safe – As a CPST, we are often asked if there are seats that are easier to load and hold children. What we mean is the height of the seat sides and the degree of the seat. However, things are changing. Adding the Cibek Sirona S to the market is an additional feature for loading and unloading – a car seat that turns!

Reversing car seats are not new to North America, but they are rare. Currently, the Sirona S is the only one in the “revolve” category, but it has a new partner – the Evenflo Revolve360 multimode car seat. The features of this seat are very unique and we are happy to share our experience with it.

Are Rotating Car Seats Safe

Are Rotating Car Seats Safe

Now that there are so many different car seats out there, we’ve created a handy chart to help you find some of the primary differences between them.

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17 – 40 inches, until the child’s head is 1 inch from the top of the head or the back, whichever is greater

28 – 49 inches tall with the top of the child’s ears below the top of the head

It is needed in forward mode, it does not get in the way and can get stuck because the seat does not change in forward mode.

Mandatory for forward-facing in Canada, optional for forward-facing in the US, must be attached whenever the seat is changed to forward-facing.

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The most unique thing about the Revolve360 is that there is only one installation time for the dressing mode (back and front) because there is only one strap. Also, the top strap anchor attaches to the base, not the seat frame. Since the lower anchors weigh very little (35 pounds for the rear, 40 pounds for the front), installing this car seat with a seat belt is the best way to go. Owners of this seat can only enter once. Again.

We mention this early because it’s so unique – the chair detaches from the base. It’s still hard so we can’t think of a reason for this.

NOTE: Never use a seat frame without a base or a base without a seat frame. One, standing alone, will properly protect your child in a crash.

Are Rotating Car Seats Safe

No, your child cannot ride in the Revolve360 while in the rotating position. The seat must be locked backwards or forwards while driving, even if there is a child in the seat.

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The manual is very clear about this: the Revolve360 S must be locked for proper use while the vehicle is in motion.

Although the seat does not lock in this position, we found it to be quite stable when placing our babies in the seat. I can’t tell you the magic that makes this possible, but I can tell you it’s true.

On each side of the seat, at the top of the frame, there is a white handle that allows the seat to be turned. There is only one thing that needs to be done to change the seat.

The Revolve360 includes a belt tensioning device called the LockStrong arm. It’s not a direct lock — the seat belt must be fastened after installation.

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To open the LockStrong arm, squeeze the white back until the belt lock icon turns red, then lift the arm up. To close the LockStrong arm, press down until the belt lock icon turns green. We will explain more about using this phone later in the review.

Revolve360 has the smallest anchors. It is clearly marked “UP” to indicate which way to go to connect to the boat anchor rods. To remove the vehicle anchor bolts from the storage area, pull the red loop attached to the lower anchors.

A top tether anchor is required for both the front and back. This is very unique to car seats sold in America today. Because the base of the Revolve360 is only installed one way, this printer is used the same way both ways. Unlike the other swivel chair we know, the Cibek Sirona S, where the harness is on the frame and connected every time the seat is turned forward, the harness stays on the Revolve360 always out of the box.

Are Rotating Car Seats Safe

However, limiting the boost mode is prohibited. Bottom anchors can be used in reinforcement mode.

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The baby insert for the Revolve360 can be folded down to make it perfect for older children. This is a new way of using an insert – we’ve never seen a manufacturer admit to this before – and it works amazingly well, although getting an image of the insert is a real challenge!

It is located on the back of the seat frame. Click and slide the seat into the recline position to set the seat level indicator to the appropriate range for your child’s weight.

The seat angle indicator is located on both sides of the seat frame. The clean section is for children from 4 to 20 pounds. The black section is for children from 20 to 40 pounds. Evenflo advises that children over 20 pounds MUST use the black seat unit.

Revolve360 has 3 swivel positions to make it more comfortable for children of all sizes. There are no weight restrictions on lap positions. The correct position is one that places the belt close to the child, but not under it.

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The cup holders are removed by turning them 90 degrees and pulling them over the seat. According to Evenflow, cup holders are not required, however, we found the mouth of the cup to be very sharp and could injure a child.

The straps are still attached to the belt. It should never be taken. The belt cover is attached to the straps with a buckle on the buckle. Attach one side of the harness cover to the binding board and fold it over the front of the binding board. Comfortable covers are machine washable.

There is a seat locking feature on each side of the base. When the indicator is red, the seat is not ready for travel. When the indicator turns green, it means the seat is locked in the approved travel position.

Are Rotating Car Seats Safe

Upholstered furniture (except seating) can be machine washed in cold water on a gentle cycle. It can be placed in the dryer on low heat for 10-15 minutes. This is a great feature if you want to use the car seat soon after cleaning.

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One thing we found was that the seat had to be facing backwards in order for the seat to rotate 360 ​​degrees. If the seat is not in the rear-facing position, it will not lock in the forward-facing position.

Before installing the stand, the seat frame must be removed from the base. If so, rotate the cover the remaining foot to reveal the red arrow.

Lift one of the white handles on top of the seat frame to turn the seat. Align the red arrow on the lid and the white arrow on the base. Once the bells are aligned, the seat frame will be easier to remove from the base.

Installing this car seat with seat belt is an installation procedure. In this review, we will cover installation over the seat belt and lower anchors.

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To install the Revolve360, first remove the seat frame from the base, then remove the top anchor from the storage area. Extend the length of the upper anchor and attach the upper anchor to a specific place in the vehicle.

Place the base on the car seat and open the LockStrong arm. Thread the vehicle’s seat belt through the belt guide, under the LockStrong arm and tighten the seat belt. Place the seat belt portion under the blue seat belt guides on the base and remove the slack from the vehicle seat belt.

Now place the shoulder belt section under the blue belt guides. Keep the seat belt parallel to the belt webbing while closing the LockStrong arm. Push the LockStrong lever down until the padlock icon appears green. It was easy for me to press the LockStrong hand on either side of the belt buckle icon so that the icon turns green. When the indicator is green, tighten the seat belt in the car using the retractor. Finally, tighten the top anchor.

Are Rotating Car Seats Safe

Check your work by making sure that the base does not move more than one inch from the belt webbing when tested with a firm grip.

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The way the waistband was open allowed me to slide my arm all the way through

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