A Tow Truck Pulls A Car 5.00 Km

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If cars, boats, campers or other vehicles are left on the side of the road and no one picks them up, who will pay to pick them up? If no one claims it, can the road management agency sell it to use the money to improve the roads? Where are these forgotten cars going?

A Tow Truck Pulls A Car 5.00 Km

A Tow Truck Pulls A Car 5.00 Km

At first this seems to be just a series of questions, except that the roads and the things discovered along them are under different government agencies, and the work of the bureau is nothing. Who is responsible and where the money goes depends on the state.

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If cars, boats, campers or other vehicles are left on the side of the road and no one picks them up, who will pay to pick them up?

Our first attempt to answer this question took us to the US Department of Transportation. According to them, the responsibility of cleaning the streets rests with the state and local government officials.

“Each state has different procedures, but typically things like the ones you described are collected and disposed of by the state highway patrol,” said Doug Hecox, a spokesman for the department. “This also applies to road accidents – animals that are hit and killed by vehicles. Protecting the highways and areas that are free from both sides from the obstacles that have gathered, is the responsibility of the patrol officers of the state.”

The responsibility for this rests with the state or local government, depending on the type of road. For example, highways will be under the control of state highway patrol officers, and local government roads like your city will be under the control of local governments.

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Let’s look at New York, where two city governments are responsible for cleaning the streets.

“Abandoned vehicles are being towed by the NYPD. Abandoned vehicles are towed by the Department of Sanitation,” said New York City Department of Transportation spokeswoman Alana Morales.

According to Belinda Mager, director of digital media and communications for the New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY), an abandoned vehicle is any vehicle that is missing, has exterior or interior damage, is burned out, or He is eight years old or older. . In addition, the car must be without license plates.

A Tow Truck Pulls A Car 5.00 Km

“DSNY has hired private trucks and warehouses to pick up cars. We collect commissions for every vehicle that is impounded,” said Mager.

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The proceeds from the disposal of the vehicle are used to pay the towing fee – towing any possible deposits.

In our other example, in California, things are no different, where we examined distance from highways instead of local roads.

“If a California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer finds an abandoned vehicle, a notice is placed on the vehicle. The driver or registered owner must remove the vehicle from the roadway within four hours. If the vehicle is not removed instead, the vehicle is being stored in a tow facility,” said Mike Martis Jr., CHP spokesman.

If the vehicle is registered, the CHP notifies the owner of the vehicle’s location and how to retrieve it. When the owner picks up the car, they will be asked to pay a towing and deposit fee. If the owner doesn’t show up within 30 days, “the car goes to auction,” Martis said. The money is then used to pay for car rental and storage.

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As mentioned above, they are usually pulled and stored for some time. After that, they are either sold on the scrap yard or sold at auction.

If no one claims it, can the road management agency sell it to use the money to improve the roads?

“Abandoned vehicles are not a reliable source of income,” said Marty Greenstein, public relations officer for the California DMV. “Selling them is unlikely to cover the cost of hauling, storing and cutting them, let alone the cost of selling them for reuse.”

A Tow Truck Pulls A Car 5.00 Km

In California, when abandoned cars – whether they’re found on the road, in a garage, or in someone else’s storage – are sold at a foreclosure sale, the proceeds are divided as so: part goes to any cost of goods, part goes to storage. costs, which may have been incurred, and then send the remainder to the California Department of Motor Vehicles instead of the local Highway Patrol.

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Here is the amount of money the Department received from such sales during the three fiscal years:

“The DMV does not use these funds because they are for the owners of the vehicles that have been sold and the vehicles that have been sold,” Greenstein said. As to the amount of money left unclaimed, he could not say. “We don’t have any historical information on the number of unpaid bills.”

In short: most of the cars found on the side of the highway are not worth much, and the proceeds from the sale of the cars are often kept aside when the owners come out.

We tried to find similar information in New York, but the New York State DMV told us that it “does not receive financial compensation from the sale of abandoned vehicles. Car sales go directly to local towns and other local governments.”

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If you know what is happening with abandoned cars in your city, please let us know in the comment section below.

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A Tow Truck Pulls A Car 5.00 Km

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