A Race Car Has A Mass Of 710 Kg

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A Race Car Has A Mass Of 710 Kg – The digital speedometer scrolls through the numbers like a gas pump reading – 170, 171, 172, 173. At 174 mph, I’ve just engaged the last of the seven gears. Other cars drive past in a blur outside the window. There’s clear road ahead and a good top speed of 37 mph before the Pista tops out at 211 mph. But I’m knocking – guilt has overtaken me.

As if to emphasize my regret, after leaving the Autobahn at a service station to freshen up and refuel, I return from the kiosk to see the unwelcome sight of a pale blue and white Škoda station wagon that blocks the exit of Pista. it

A Race Car Has A Mass Of 710 Kg

A Race Car Has A Mass Of 710 Kg

, the traffic police, and it makes no sense to claim that they impounded the wrong car, that it should be

The 2019 Ferrari 488 Pista Is Lighter, Louder, Spinnier, Slidier

This isn’t Beverly Hills or Miami Beach, where every street has a 458 or 488. This is Italy, the home of the supercar, but ironically, it has fewer of them than most other developed countries. Italy gave up its monarchy more than 70 years ago, but this blue-and-white Škoda says we’re desperate.

Ferrari sold more than 8,000 cars last year, most of which went to the United States, with Britain, Germany and Japan among the best. Incredibly, only a few hundred found homes in Italy. Despite its reputation as a world leader in style and design, when it comes to transportation, thrifty Italians prefer function over form. Performance minivans are the norm, and even those with money don’t seem to aspire to anything more exotic than an Audi A6 or BMW 5 Series.

But Italy is still the best place to experience a Ferrari. Think of it like drinking cola from a traditional glass bottle or listening to a beloved album on vinyl, knowing that the first few tracks won’t sound the same without a little crunch. The product may be the same, but the context completes the experience.

Ferrari, of course, is aware of all this. That’s why a plane trip to Italy is a common first trip for any new Ferrari. While other manufacturers fly from continent to continent, trying to impress journalists in ever wilder directions, Ferrari is standing its ground.

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It’s been coming here since the 1950s, 20 years before the land opposite the factory was converted from farmland to Pisto di Fiorano, a 1.9-mile private testing facility whose name is spelled out in giant two-metre-high letters. sign above the mighty sliding steel gates guarding the entrance. “Track”. In case you haven’t guessed, it translates to “hippodrome” in Italian. It seems a fitting name for the 488’s most popular car.

But Ferrari says it’s not just that, claiming the car’s name refers not only to the 488 Pista’s track prowess, but also to the transfer of technology from racing that gives it that ability.

For example, the strange-looking hole in the hood is a downforce generator called the S-duct, an idea that comes from Formula 1. The rear diffuser is taken from the 488 GTE endurance racer. The brake booster works on cars that compete in the 488 Challenge series.

A Race Car Has A Mass Of 710 Kg

Ferrari shaved 40 kilograms off the GTB’s 3.9-liter V-8, effectively building it to Challenge spec with a lighter connecting rod and flywheel and an Inconel alloy exhaust pipe. It also has titanium fasteners. The bumpers and hood are made of carbon fiber to further reduce weight. Moving the air intakes from the sides on the hood, near the spoiler, allows for larger intercoolers.

Vintage Racing Car Ferrari 250 Gt Lwb Tdf 1956 In Rally Mille Miglia 2013, The Famous Italian Historical Race 1927 1957 On May 18, 2013 In Passo Della Futa Fi Italy Stock Photo,

The technical presentation the night before our trip felt like a three-year engineering degree crammed into 60 minutes. Elaborate PowerPoint slides show airflows flowing from here to there, graphics amplify turbo feedback that beats unnamed competitors. But the takeover stats are: 711 hp, 3,054 pounds – up 50 hp. more and 198 pounds lighter than the 488 GTB. And it’s hammered into the ground with 529 pounds of downforce at 124 mph. It’s also 1.5 seconds quicker around Fiorano than the standard GTB, and two seconds quicker than Ferrari’s last attempt at this, the sorely lacking atmospheric 458 Speciale.

The next morning we arrived at Fiorano to test the PowerPoint promises. If Italy is the best place to test a Ferrari, what track could be better (or more flattering, the cynics might say) than Ferrari’s? Two Tracks sat waiting, sitting idly in the pit. Technicians hustled around them, checking tire pressures, while film crews busied themselves setting up cameras in various locations, preparing to document our every mistake and quirk for posterity.

The cars came in the lightest configurations with all the options needed to achieve a claimed curb weight of 3,054 pounds, including the first carbon fiber wheels fitted to a Ferrari road car. The kit shaves 22 pounds off the GTB’s stock rims, and they’re at least 300 percent cooler. It’s a roughly $13,000 option that promises tangible dynamic gains through reduced unsprung mass and rotational inertia. But even Ferrari’s test driver admits that people mostly buy them because they look business-like. Carbon wheels, signature stripes and (at least in Europe) racing stripes are all optional and featured on our track cars. But helmets seem to be mandatory at Fiorano these days. Even when I tested the 949 horsepower LaFerrari hypercar there. in 2014, they were not required. “It’s a road car,” he shrugged when we asked about the hoods. Or maybe it was “growing up a little”; it can be hard to hear the pit noise.

For the past few years, Ferrari has been helping nerds and novices step up by pairing its electronic differential with magnetorheological dampers and stability control to create a Marvel Avengers-style super team that instills confidence beyond the tires. borders, but beyond them. With the 488 Pista, Ferrari went one step further by using the brakes to help adjust the car’s lean angle to reduce steering correction and give drivers “extra confidence to handle even prolonged oversteer situations”. , says Ferrari. Called the Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer (FDE), it sounds like something that might come in a little blue pill. The effect on self-esteem is similar.

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It’s absurd to talk about democratization and $350,000 supercars in the same sentence, but Ferrari has come up with something that’s faster than any road car it’s produced since the LaFerrari, yet as flattering and forgiving as the power of the Porsche 718 Cayman S half size. The Pista’s aero systems provide great stability at high speeds and the FDE helps in its mess.

The liberties you can take with this car, throwing it into a corner on the back of the throttle to turn it for an exit, will make you laugh out loud. But it’s the brakes that really stopped me dead in my tracks (no pun intended). They look like a race car, require a lot of pedal effort, but allow you to measure braking force with an accuracy impossible with a standard 488. Anyone who buys a Pista should definitely take it to the track. Not doing so would be like spending 10 euros on the mother of all gaming PCs, water cooling, triple monitors, the whole lot, and only using it to play a 1970s tennis card.

However, Ferrari admits that four out of 10 Pista owners will get closer to the track if they park before approaching the VIP section during an F1 race. And of the 60 percent who will track their car, some will only do so once. That means that for all its downforce, understeer control and strong brakes, it’s how this car performs on the road that matters. Specifically, how it works at speeds where you’re not really making the most of the technology.

A Race Car Has A Mass Of 710 Kg

At twice the national limit, that sexy S channel in the nose can create a series of vibrations, but at 0 mph, the only hard hit was the hard hit needed to get our bags into the trunk, in which the presence of the channel The S has been reduced from more than eight cubic meters to just six.

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Inside, there is a shelf behind the seats and space in the console for phones and wallets. But the door pockets are flimsy meshes mounted on gorgeous carbon panels, and there are no glove boxes. No carpets or leather door trims – just checkerboard and carbon fiber to enhance the feel of the car.

As we left Fiorano and headed north, the feeling became real. Created for the Pista, the latest version of the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires have a stiffer sidewall that adds a touch of weight to the steering and improves response compared to the GTB. But it also makes the journey busier.

Ferrari’s press conference protocol usually involves testing in the mountains south of the Maranello factory. But we argued to head in the opposite direction, towards Lake Garda and the hills beyond. Roads, and

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