A Police Officer Recorded The Speeds Of 100 Cars

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A Police Officer Recorded The Speeds Of 100 Cars – It’s no closely guarded secret in trucking that speeding on Indiana highways puts you at risk of being pulled over by a state trooper. It’s been that way for a long time, according to Steve Bryan, president of data collection firm Vigilo.

“I remember a few years ago an Indiana State Patrol commander was speaking at a trucking conference and asked the question, ‘Why are you so hard on speeding?'” Brian said. “His response: ‘Because speed kills people, and you should slow down.’ I have no intention of changing this. You have to change your behavior.’

A Police Officer Recorded The Speeds Of 100 Cars

A Police Officer Recorded The Speeds Of 100 Cars

That was a pretty good response, he added. “It’s a very deliberate decision by law enforcement that they’re going to slow people down.”

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But in Indiana over the past two years, more than 46,000 speeding tickets have been issued to speeding truck drivers, mostly on interstate and rural highways. That figure represents 15 percent of all violations and more than double the number of violations recorded by any other state in the country, according to speeding violation data for all U.S. counties and states provided by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Administration and analyzed by Portland. . Ore-based Vigillo.

The data shows that many of the speeding violations involved truck drivers entering northwest Indiana from Illinois and driving on the interstate in Indianapolis.

Gary Langston, president of the Indiana Motor Truck Association, said his members have long known about state troopers’ reputation for catching speeders.

“Honestly, I think it’s interesting that enforcement is about behavior change, everybody needs to know, they need to be on their best behavior when they get to Indiana,” Langston said. “In many states, the focus of law enforcement is on equipment. Indiana, unlike many other states, focuses almost entirely on moving violations that cause accidents.

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That’s how I would describe Capt. Chris Barr, assistant commander of the Indiana State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement.

Barr said Indiana troopers who patrol highways focus on crashes that cause accidents, mostly the result of speeding, following too close and unsafe lane movements.

“If I had to guess, I think the total number of violations would probably be a fair reflection of the fact that we have quite a few officers targeting speeders,” Barr said. “It is the driver’s behavior that causes the majority of traffic accidents on the roads.

A Police Officer Recorded The Speeds Of 100 Cars

Barr added: “We’re not comparing ourselves to other countries and we’re not saying we’re going to be the toughest. That’s how we worked for a very, very long time.”

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Langston said the reason for the high number of speeding violations could be as simple as so many trucks traveling through Indiana. The Indiana Department of Revenue reports that one million trucks cross the state each day, Langston said.

“We are a crossroads; we cross more interstates here than any other state. There are large freight corridors here. We don’t have oceans and mountains, we have interstates and intersections.

State Police Sgt. John Perrin said Hoosier state troopers are serious, outnumbered on the highways and have several strategies for outrunning truck and car drivers sitting in the middle of the road.

“We use helicopters and airplanes, laser technology and the old VASCAR or Visual Average Speed ​​Computer and Recorder, which only uses time,” he said. “So when you go out and spend a lot of money on radar detectors, they might not be as useful as you think they are coming from Indiana.” “If the conditions are right, we can cover almost a kilometer.” Former police Capt. Kathy Belcastro-Gonzalez won against the city and Police Chief Todd Schmaderer.

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A former police captain rose to the top after Police Chief Todd Schmaderer retaliated against him to prevent him from being promoted to deputy chief.

A former police captain is on top after Police Chief Todd Schmaderer retaliated by denying him a promotion to deputy mayor for filing a discrimination complaint with the mayor’s office.

After deliberating for five hours, the eight-person jury — five women and three men — unanimously agreed that former captain Cathy Belcastro-Gonzalez’s complaint played a role in Schmaderer’s decision not to be promoted to deputy chief. Belcastro-Gonzalez claimed he was wrongly passed over for promotion in 2018, despite being ranked No. 1 in the city’s third-party testing process.

A Police Officer Recorded The Speeds Of 100 Cars

A jury awarded Belcastro-Gonzalez $680,000 in back wages and $20,000 in other damages after hearing evidence during a four-day trial.

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Belcastro-Gonzalez testified Thursday that while she considered reporting potential gender discrimination and harassment to Mayor Jean Stothert’s police department, she knew the move would hurt her career.

“It has taken a toll on my entire family over the last few years,” Belcastro-Gonzalez said after the verdict was announced. “I appreciate the jury coming back and doing the right thing. I feel vindicated. Because it’s been too long.”

A certified public accountant estimated Belcastro-Gonzalez would earn nearly $2 million in inflation-adjusted differences in compensation, pensions and retirement benefits if promoted to deputy chief.

Belcastro-Gonzalez said her lawsuit represents all women who are afraid to speak out against their employers when they see or experience wrongdoing.

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Schmaderer testified Friday that there are several reasons why Belcastro-Gonzalez could not be named as one of his five deputy chiefs and counselors.

But after Monday’s ruling, he said U.S. District Judge Joseph Battalion’s ruling prevented him from sharing more.

“I am disappointed that the court did not include the content of her termination in the proceeding, as it would have provided greater clarity and evidence as to why I was unable to promote Ms. Gonzalez over other, more qualified candidates,” Schmaderer said. statement

A Police Officer Recorded The Speeds Of 100 Cars

Tom White, Belcastro-Gonzalez’s attorney, said Deputy City Attorney Michelle Peters never offered information about Belcastro-Gonzalez’s termination into evidence at trial.

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“The city attorney agreed that it was irrelevant,” White said. “Look at the dates they went and ended four years later.

Schmaderer said the men and women who pushed against Belcastro-Gonzalez in 2018 served the police department as great leaders.

The chief declined to answer a reporter’s follow-up questions, asking about the timing and details of Belcastro-Gonzalez’s 2022 termination.

As in his testimony, Schmaderer adamantly denied that the possibility of Belcastro-Gonzalez filing a complaint with the Mayor’s Office was a factor in his promotion decision.

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But the jury found that despite Schmaderer’s arguments in court, complaints from Belcastro-Gonzalez outside his chain of command influenced his selection.

“This is an incredibly important day for all police officers, especially female police officers,” White said after the verdict was announced. “But it’s also an important day for women in the workplace across the city who have the courage to report being harassed or discriminated against.”

City Attorney Matt Kuhse reiterated the city’s position that Belcastro-Gonzalez was not promoted because of poor performance. He said in a prepared statement that the City Council will appeal the verdict.

A Police Officer Recorded The Speeds Of 100 Cars

Belcastro-Gonzalez and another female lieutenant then filed separate allegations against the captain. Carrie Neumann in 2010, claiming he created a hostile work environment because they were women. Seven years later, the officer in charge of internal affairs heard that the internal investigation was not properly conducted.

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Then several senior deputy positions opened up. In 2017, Neumann and Scott Gray finished 1st and 2nd in the event, while Belcastro-Gonzalez finished fifth. Schmaderer chose Neumann and Gray for promotion. Belcastro-Gonzalez testified that she did not feel she was mistreated in that case.

In 2018, two more seats for senior MPs were obtained. Belcastro-Gonzalez tested the no. 1 on the External Promotion Testing Service — and was at the top of the list when the city’s human resources director asked the company to retake the test using different measures — but Schmaderer chose the Nos. 2 and 5 on the promotion list.

Belcastro-Gonzalez appealed to the Nebraska Equal Opportunity Commission, which was dismissed. He then filed a federal lawsuit in December 2019 alleging retaliation.

He currently serves as the Associate Director of Security at Creighton University. He served 12 years as a captain in the Southeast Police District.

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In his testimony Friday, Schmaderer cited several reasons why Belcastro-Gonzalez was not promoted. He said he had a bad attitude, questionable management actions, minor overtime violations, missed meetings, no master’s degree or FBI academy training, and that his precinct saw the fewest traffic stops compared to other precincts.

White claimed his client was a popular captain, but after complaining to the mayor he was “difficult to work with”. White said there were disagreements about how he was treated, compared to other senior lawmakers. White said Schmaderer instructed his staff to be careful about “putting the file on paper” and causing trouble.

“At some point, you have to start

A Police Officer Recorded The Speeds Of 100 Cars

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