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A Place To Call Home Foster Care – Amanda Kreuter first thought about becoming an adoptive parent in her 20s, so after she and her husband struggled with infertility, they decided to look into their Minnesota foster care option, the MNAdopt.org website. “We had the heart to become parents, and we knew that many children did not have a place to call home,” recalls Amanda. They realized that Nexus-Kindred Family Healing was close to where they lived so in August 2016 Amanda and Dan decided to reach out and ask questions.

The Kreuters were in a unique situation – they were young without children of their own so they knew they wanted to follow the adoption of their permanent siblings and were open to 4-5 children at a time. “Our brothers were perfect for us. We knew we wanted the children to have someone to play with.”

A Place To Call Home Foster Care

A Place To Call Home Foster Care

After Nexus-Kindred sent the staff to Kreuter House, Amanda and Dan completed 20 hours of training and completed paperwork. She also left at this point because she knew she wanted to live somewhere before inviting the children to her home forever.

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The Kreuters were granted permission to become foster parents in January 2017 and received their first adoption on March 31, 2017. They opened their hearts and homes to her four siblings – an 8-month-old girl, 3-year-old twin girls and a 5-year-old boy. Amanda had always wanted to have a baby with twins, so the Kreuters were ready to make it permanent. Unfortunately, the foster care situation became emergency – meaning the children had to be placed in a safe and foster place immediately – and on December 23, 2017, the children returned home. “It was difficult. When these children were dropped off at our door, they forced us to survive. We had a lot of support from friends and family to get through that time. And although it was good to be reunited with the mother and children. , Christmas was very difficult for us in the past. We were not prepared. “

On April 3, 2018, the Kreuters welcomed their three sisters, ages 7, 9, and 11, into second place. These girls have been in and out of foster care for many years and have been in different hospitals with their mothers. A few weeks later, Amanda and her husband learned that the girls were home. Women social workers also saw the difference. They said that the girls were “very relaxed and calm,” and they knew that this was the right thing to do. On August 7, 2018, the Kreuters adopted all three girls. Their family is now complete.

Life is busy for the Kreuters. Their days are filled with lots of fun and games. Their daughters are very active in school activities, track and field, swimming and gymnastics. He continues to attend the clinic every week. After years of treatment, the Kreuters are still uncovering the girls’ history of neglect and abuse. Amanda said: “Most people don’t see pain, but we do it because we know what to do.”

As Amanda reflects on their foster care story, she credits her family’s success to the Nexus-Kindred staff. “Having a license through an organization like Nexus-Kindred makes all the difference. They provide so much support and patience that you will never go through this. I can’t stress that support enough.” it tells about his childhood, his mother’s mental illness and abuse, hunger and homelessness, and his deep love for his siblings.

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David Ambrose (right) and his nephews, Alberto (left) and Alex (center), at his home in Los Angeles earlier this month. Hide text describing David Ambrose

David Ambrose (right) and his nephews, Alberto (left) and Alex (center), at his home in Los Angeles earlier this month.

It’s one thing to be homeless, but quite another to be homeless as a child on the streets of New York with a mother suffering from severe mental illness.

A Place To Call Home Foster Care

This is what David Ambrose did most of his childhood – and now he describes the horrors and how he overcame them in his new book, “A Place Called Home.”

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One cold night in New York when he was four years old, Ambrose said he thought he might die.

He said: “My sister and brother stopped talking.”

Host Rachel Martin. “We sat on top of the cabin so that the underground air was warm until we could not. So there were times of neglect. It was certainly the time when I thought that my mother, because of her mental illness, could do, take. us to death.”

It was time to try it later that cold night. When Ambrose was about 12 years old, he and his older siblings, Alex (13) and Jessica (14), realized they had to leave their mother and go into foster care.

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He said: “I had a special time in my mind before I joined the group of foster children. My mother really lost control and became unstable, and she brutally beat me to death, and that’s when I ended up in our care.

“I stood up and realized my mother was going to kill me,” Ambrose said.

Foster care had its challenges for Ambrose and his siblings, but he had shelter, food, and some stability – and perhaps most importantly for the writer, he started going to school regularly.

A Place To Call Home Foster Care

“School was everything,” he said. “I think that school today, and even then, has become more than a place where we learn – it is a place where children are fed, where we get medical care and where we are cold or hot, we are.” re “safe.”

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“I loved school [and] I mean, I would have had a free lunch. The teachers saw what was happening and did a little bit to help my brothers and I passed the day or the minute,” Ambrose remembers.

He credits the kindness he received from parents and teachers that he was able to change his life and stay on the right path – and today, he has found happiness.

“I have the best life,” he said. “I’m so happy. I’m at home. I have a beautiful adopted son who’s in graduate school [at Cornell University]. My brother and sister are doing well. They have advanced degrees and beautiful, healthy families. I care about my mom. She’s not anymore. homeless, but, you know, fighting his demons…

In the mid-1990s, he became a leading child health care provider and remains one to this day. In 2016, he was recognized by then-President Obama as America’s Champion of Change, and Obama said of him: “You’ll fall in love with David Ambrose, his good, gut-wrenching stories and his big heart.”

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Ambrose now lives in Los Angeles, where he works for Amazon as the head of corporate affairs for the Western US.

“I’m guilty of doing good in the community… They want me to go out and do good in the community. And I think about it every day,” said Ambrose.

“How can this kid who lives in Grand Central go today with this company’s wealth and try to change lives? And really, my measure of success is the results. How can it be possible? That’s why I hope.”

A Place To Call Home Foster Care

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