A Person Travels By Car From One City

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Conventional wisdom suggests that you book your travel in advance to get the best deal. But when it comes to renting cars, this might surprise you: the best time to rent a car is the last minute, when they are cheaper.

A Person Travels By Car From One City

A Person Travels By Car From One City

That’s according to a March 2022 analysis of 360 rental prices from the eight largest car rental companies in the United States. The prices chosen for this analysis were the cheapest option (usually a small sedan), which allowed you to pay at the meter (not up front) and included taxes and fees. The analysis compared the cost of a reservation three months prior to the reservation date versus seven days prior.

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They found that customers would pay an average of $75 more to book a rental car three months in advance than they would have a week in advance. This means an additional cost of around 15% for early bookings.

The analysis, which took into account the time of booking across several destinations and car rental brands, found that renting a car three days before the booking start date resulted in significant savings.

Alamo, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Enterprise, Hertz, National and Thrifty car rental companies were included in the analysis.

The analysis revealed savings for each rental car company. The difference was greatest at Enterprise, where bookings three months in advance were almost 40% more expensive on average. Even with a small dollar difference, it was much more expensive to book three months ago.

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No matter how you slice it, you can’t save money by booking a rental car in advance. Why is deferral so much cheaper?

First, last year was brutal for motorists. Shortages in the supply chain have made cars more expensive overall. A newfound, pandemic-induced distaste for airplanes has inspired (some say) road trips as a vacation alternative, thus increasing demand for rental cars. And slowly, after 2020, the widespread recovery of all types of travel disrupted the understaffed travel industry. All this, and it’s no wonder some travelers find limousines cheaper than rental cars.

Michael Taylor, J.D. head of travel intelligence. Power, a data analytics firm, says it doesn’t think last-minute rental car prices are trending lower, especially these days.

A Person Travels By Car From One City

“Algorithms for car rental prices have gone through a period of unexpected changes,” he says. “Increased demand, combined with a system-wide lack of rental cars, seems to have caused pricing models to change more than before.”

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Taylor also cites the issue of fleet redeployment. For example, it is common for travelers to fly into one airport and depart from another. As a result, some travelers save one-way fares for trips like driving along the California coast or traveling cross-country.

Car rental companies usually keep detailed data and make plans to ensure that the space supply is not exhausted by rentals that have been checked out but returned elsewhere. They can even offer one-way rental deals in reverse.

But as the pandemic has dramatically changed travel habits, that data has become unpredictable. A cheap last-minute rental can simply be a request from a car rental company for drivers to return cars to their desired locations.

And in anticipation of significant demand next year, some rental car companies are setting high prices — and dropping them only at the last minute until they’re overcrowded. While some businesses and consumers view the current travel situation as dangerous, most expect a return to normal this summer. The data shows that car rental companies set prices to expect just that.

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Although last-minute rental cars are cheaper, it may not be a good idea to postpone booking intentionally or unintentionally.

“With the lack of vehicles, there is a real risk that last-minute requests will not be available,” says Taylor. “It seems like a risky gamble in this environment.”

Realizing that rental cars are sold out, you don’t want to be stuck in a city with no public transportation and limited availability of rideshare services. The bright side of booking now is that you can at least lock in a rate you like because it’s better than the cars sold.

A Person Travels By Car From One City

Although data shows that last minute rentals are usually cheaper, this is not always the case. Especially in popular vacation spots like Hawaii, there are horror stories of renters making last-minute reservations (or changing existing reservations) for over a thousand dollars in extra fees.

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You can book a car now and rebook the same car later at a discount

Here’s a strategy that gives you the best of both worlds: guaranteed bookings and cheaper bookings. Book your rental car as soon as possible and choose an option that allows you to lock in the rate but pay at the meter (most major rental companies allow you to do this).

Periodically check the price of the booked rental before the trip. If the price is lower than what you originally paid, cancel and rebook. Most car rental companies don’t charge you a cancellation fee if you haven’t paid for your reservation in advance.

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A Person Travels By Car From One City

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A Person Travels By Car From One City

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