A Nurse Is Planning Care For A Client From Indonesia

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A Nurse Is Planning Care For A Client From Indonesia – A nurse is planning care for a client newly diagnosed with HIV. I can’t gain weight

The Newborn Nursery carries out assessments on four newborn babies who are all less than 24 hours old from pinna under the outer canthus of the eye

A Nurse Is Planning Care For A Client From Indonesia

A Nurse Is Planning Care For A Client From Indonesia

Several measurements were taken of a client with morning vital signs A 4-year-old child with a closed head injury and a heart rate of 60

Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs In Nursing

Involuntary admission to a psychiatric unit after a failed suicide attempt Experimental treatment Witness consent before medication

Education for the mother of a small child who has the whooping cough.. who is missing….. that? Offer small amounts of liquid, often; monitor airway obstruction

Does exit mastitis mean I have to stop breastfeeding No, you can continue to breastfeed with both breasts

The orthopedic floor is completing morning assessments for a number of 24-year-old male clients who have broken a bone in his femur.

Planning Patient Care

A charge nurse creates assignments for the next shift for several nurses and one of the nurses is 60 years old pregnant and recovering from shingles

A nurse teaches a client with left leg weakness how to use a standard walker Move the left leg and walker forward together

A home care nurse discusses treatment goals with a client with diabetes mellitus assessing laboratory tests to determine effective long-term control of HbA1c blood sugar levels

A Nurse Is Planning Care For A Client From Indonesia

A nurse plans to provide community education on viral hepatitis Clients with a history of viral hepatitis cannot donate blood

Qualities Of An Effective Nurse Leader

The AP reports to the nurse that another AP has been on the phone all morning and has not completed the morning’s assignment. Redirect the AP to discuss the issue with the other AP.

The client recovering from a closed head injury adopts a depressed posture in response to stimuli D lies flat, not bent back little bastard

Wound irrigation of a client with an open secondary wound while creating a sterile field Place a bottle cap of sterile solution in the sterile field

Alanine aminotransferase ALT Nulliparous and in the first stage of labor, last internal assessment revealed 100% cervical effusion with 5 cm dilation. at the end of the last contraction, the nurse observes a large jet of fluid coming out of the client’s perineal region. Check the FHR

Ati Comprehensive Final Predictor Form A

A health nurse is carrying out a vision screening on a 4-month-old baby. When you project a light source into the infant’s visual field. IDK – Pupil constriction – Staring and following a bright light or toy

Provide discharge education to a postpartum client who intends to breastfeed. Which of the following should the nurse advise the client to increase her diet while breastfeeding Iron

Nurses volunteer to help after witnessing a mass casualty incident during a train derailment. Which of the following clients should the nurse immediately and completely immobilize A client reporting subacute chest pain

A Nurse Is Planning Care For A Client From Indonesia

A nurse is writing a care plan for a housebound client with stage 2 Alzheimer’s disease. Which of the following should the nurse include in the care plan? Help with money management

Nursing Care Plans With Our Nursing Care Plan Template

The nurse is caring for a client who has fractured a bone, has developed thrombophlebitis and is being treated with a heparin infusion. Client develops hematuria and has an activated PLT TCA of 100 seconds Turn off the heparin drip

A nurse is teaching a client who has a new prescription for digoxin. Which of the following should the nurse include in teaching? Tell your provider if you experience muscle weakness

A nurse is planning the care of a newborn with hyperbilirubinemia requiring phototherapy Place the newborn 45 cm or 18 in from the light source

A nurse is teaching a client who has a new prescription for lithium carbonate You must take this medication on an empty stomach

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A nurse is assessing a client with a gravity of 125 ml/h IV infusion Blood is flowing back into the IV line

Nurse manager introduces service for newly registered nurses on advance directives Advance directives must be notarized to be legally executed

A nurse at the family planning clinic triages a number of clients over the telephone A client who uses the diaphragm for contraception and has lost 30 pounds in the last 6 months on a diet

A Nurse Is Planning Care For A Client From Indonesia

A nurse teaches a family about palliative care at home Palliative care improves quality of life through palliative care

Roles Of A Nurse

A client with a fractured left femur is in skeletal traction. Client reports pain due to muscle spasms in the affected leg Realignment of traction extremities

At the start of an evening shift on a cardiology unit, a licensed practical nurse brings a list of client reports to the Indigestion nurse

A nurse considers changing the dressings of a school-aged child who has suffered multiple burns Applying proximal to distal dressings The correct way is to wrap the distal to the proximal

A teenage client with no history of seizure disorder who is admitted after having a 3-minute tonic-clonic seizure 2 weeks after sustaining a mild concussion. EEG Explain that the client may not have coffee before the EEG

Greenlight Practice Only Questions

A nurse is assessing a client postoperatively after abdominal surgery. I feel like my incision has opened Place the client in a low position

A nurse is caring for a client after surgery. Which of the following interventions will reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis Use of venous plexus foot pumps

Prepare to give eye drops to a client Use aseptic technique and put the medicine in the combined bag

A Nurse Is Planning Care For A Client From Indonesia

A diagnosis of complete placenta previa is admitted to the labor and delivery room at 36 weeks’ gestation with contractions 5 minutes in frequency and 1 minute in duration Prepare a client for caesarean section

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A nurse who normally works in the postnatal unit is assigned to the new mother unit. The nurse is very concerned about floating and is uncomfortable with the assignment chosen by the head nurse. Ask the head nurse to assign an experienced nurse to act as a resource

A community health nurse plans to visit the homes of several clients who all live within a few miles of the office A shriveled baby who was discharged from a facility yesterday to a foster home with daily weights

Support for a client in a car accident. A client reports shortness of breath and chest pain and asks a nurse, “Am I dying? Administer pain medication

A nurse notices smoke coming from a client’s room and discovers a fire in the wastebasket. After moving the client to a safe place Inform the operator of the establishment

Nurses’ Perspectives Of Taking Care Of Patients With Coronavirus Disease 2019: A Phenomenological Study

Provide post-operative education to a client with a newly implanted pacemaker I will be using my mobile phone on the ear opposite my pacemaker

A review of data from four young children receiving treatment. Which of the following should alert the head nurse to the possibility of child abuse of a 3 month old Infant who has fractured his skull after apparently rolling off the changing table

Preparing to obtain informed consent for colonoscopy from a non-English speaking client. Provide a consent form in the client’s spoken language

A Nurse Is Planning Care For A Client From Indonesia

After discharge, teach disease prevention to client with active TB Teach client to cover nose and mouth with tissues when coughing

Preparing Nurses For End Of Life Care

Gravida 2, para 1. A client is 41 weeks pregnant and receiving oxytocin to augment labor Contractions are occurring every 90 seconds

The postnatal unit cares for a number of Client clients who are 4 days postpartum and have severe lochia

An infection control nurse reviews care procedures for four clients A client with varicella zoster is placed in a negative pressure room

Create an activity plan for an elderly housebound client. when planning, the nurse considers the physiological changes that may affect lung function associated with the normal aging process Decreased blood oxygenation

Financial Planning For Long Term Care

Immediately postoperatively following thoracic surgery, a nurse medicates a client for pain on a schedule Decreases respiratory rate

Give a client an injection when the client says, “I don’t want this injection.” Last time I had this I had pain for a week. Stack

A nurse suspects that another nurse has a chemical defect during her shift. Which of the following actions is an appropriate action for the nurse? Reporting to the nurse manager

A Nurse Is Planning Care For A Client From Indonesia

A nurse is teaching a client newly diagnosed with GERD gastroesophageal reflux disease Sleep with the head of the bed elevated

Tips To Engage And Motivate Nurses

A supervising nurse is informed of a disaster in the community and the possibility of multiple admissions to the facility A client with an abdominal wound is receiving negative pressure therapy

Preparing a client for surgery who has just had the pre-operative injection Raise the side rails on the bed

A home care nurse is admitting a client who has received prescription peritoneal dialysis. Clarify actual and perceived health needs of clients

A nurse gives a prenatal class on the evidence of effective breastfeeding to a group of parents Swallowing sounds are audible Stools are yellow and ridged after 7 days Mothers’ breasts become soft after feeding

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Caring for a client with a new prescription for chlorpromazine in

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