A New Car Is Purchased For 17900 Dollars

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A New Car Is Purchased For 17900 Dollars

A New Car Is Purchased For 17900 Dollars

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Solved: A Vehicle Purchased For S22400 Depreciates (its Value Decreases) At A Rate Of 5 % Per Year Determine The Approximate Value Of The Vehicle 1l Years After Purchase. Round To The

Note that this policy may change to ensure that the website operates efficiently and is accessible to all users. The lemon problem refers to problems that arise due to asymmetric information between buyers and sellers regarding the value of an investment or product. . The theory of the lemon problem was put forward in a 1970 research paper

George Akerlof, an economist and professor at the University of California, Berkeley, writes “The Market for Lemons: Quality Uncertainty and the Market Mechanism.

In his paper, Akerlof studied the used car market and showed how asymmetric information between sellers and buyers can cause the market to collapse, removing opportunities for profitable trade and leaving only “lemons” or bad products. Durability, which the buyer bought without sufficient information.

A New Car Is Purchased For 17900 Dollars

The problem of asymmetric information occurs because buyers and sellers do not have an equal amount of information needed to make an informed decision about a transaction. The seller or owner of a product or service usually knows its true value, or at least knows if it is of above average quality. However, potential buyers usually do not have this knowledge because they do not know all of the seller’s information.

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Akerlof’s original example of buying a used car points out that a potential used car buyer cannot easily ascertain the true value of the car. Therefore, they may be willing to pay no more than an average price that they see to be somewhere between the bargain price and the premium price.

Taking such a position may initially offer the buyer some financial protection against the risk of buying a lemon. However, Akerlof points out that this position actually favors the seller because the average price for a lemon would still be higher than the seller would get if the buyer knew the car was a lemon.

Ironically, the lemon problem puts the premium car seller at a disadvantage because a potential buyer’s asymmetric information and the resulting fear of being stuck with a lemon means they are reluctant to offer a premium price for a superior car. value.

The lemon problem exists in both consumer and business product markets, as well as in the investment arena, related to the difference in the perceived value of an investment between buyers and sellers. The problem of the lemon is also prevalent in the financial sector, including the insurance and credit markets. For example, in the field of corporate finance, the lender has asymmetric and less than ideal information about the actual creditworthiness of the borrower.

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Akerlof proposes strong guarantees as a way to overcome the lemon problem, as they can protect the buyer from the negative consequences of buying a lemon. Another solution, which Akerlof was not aware of when he wrote his paper in 1970, is the explosion of available, widely distributed information that spread through the Internet and also helped reduce the problem.

For example, information services such as Carfax and Angie’s List help buyers feel more confident about their purchases and also benefit sellers by allowing them to command premium prices for truly premium products.

The basic tenet of the Lemon Principle is that low value cars force high value cars out of the market due to asymmetric information available to the buyer and seller of used cars. This is mainly due to the fact that the seller does not know what the true value of the used car is and therefore he does not want to pay a premium because the car may be a lemon. Premium car sellers don’t want to sell below the premium price, so this results in selling only lemons.

A New Car Is Purchased For 17900 Dollars

It is estimated that approximately 150,000 vehicles (1%) are considered lemons each year; However, it is believed that this number is likely to be higher, due to people not reporting defective vehicles or not being aware of the extent of the defects.

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