A Man And His Son Are In Car Accident

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A Man And His Son Are In Car Accident – Ashok was not sure if his son had an accident. Police said his son had nothing to do with it, though he denied it.

Two people were killed and three others injured when a Mercedes-Benz crashed into a tea stall near a petrol pump in Karnataka’s Hampi on Monday. Pictures of the covered red Mercedes went viral on Thursday after the media reported that the car was being driven by Sharat, son of Karnataka Revenue Minister R Ashoka.

A Man And His Son Are In Car Accident

A Man And His Son Are In Car Accident

According to Kannada daily Prajavani, the local police did not mention that he was driving the car, though the police apparently did so to protect Sharad’s name in the FIR. According to reports, Sharath fled in another vehicle shortly after the incident.

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The car, registration number KA05MW0357, was speeding on the national highway at around 2.45pm on Monday. Ravi Nayaka went to a hole-in-the-wall shop near the Durga petrol pump in Mariammanahalli village. Ravi and Lakman Nayak are waiting for their two broken wheels to be fixed, Tippa Nayak is drinking tea in a cafe when a speeding car hits Ravi.

Ballari police denied the allegation, but eyewitnesses told news channels that Sharad was in the car. Two eyewitnesses to the collision told public television: “The car tried to swerve around a truck parked on the side of the road, but the driver lost control and hit Ravi. He was dragged a short distance. Later, an ambulance arrives to take away Ravi’s body. The passenger’s body was taken away by an SUV that arrived at the scene.

The reporter showed the men a photo of Sharat, and both recognized him as one of the men in the car.

The FIR, with a copy of the TNM, states that 29-year-old Rahul, a resident of Jalakhalli, Bengaluru, was behind the wheel. Passengers Shivakumar Rakesh and Varun were seriously injured in the accident. Another front-seat passenger, Sachin, died on the way to the hospital around 3:30 p.m.

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Soon after the allegation, the Karnataka Assembly demanded action against the treaty. “This 18-year-old Dalit boy, Ravi Naik, who was being delayed by the Karnataka party to protect the minister’s son, died in the accident,” said Congress national election in-charge Srivatsa. Why is the VIP’s son protected?”

Ballar police also denied that the car was in the car. Ballari Superintendent of Police (SP) CK Babu said investigators visited the spot and found that Sharath was not involved in the crime. “There were only four people in the car. Not including the minister’s son. “There was a preliminary investigation when the allegations were made, but it was not true,” he said.

The vehicle is registered to a national public school in Bengal. However, TNM could not get a response from the school.

A Man And His Son Are In Car Accident

Speaking to the media after photos of the car went viral, R Ashoka said he was not sure of his son’s role in the accident. It cannot be denied. “No one is above the law, so let’s continue our investigation. Who’s wrong, take action here.”

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On the allegations that the police were protecting Sharad, Ashoka said, “As I am a minister, I have nothing to do with it. The law is the same for everyone. As a minister, during the investigation, he should not have reacted to the incident. Action will be taken against those who do not respect the law. “The innocent people who died in the accident died between 3.30 and 4 in the afternoon.”

R Ashoka did not get a clear answer when asked why his son’s name was associated with the incident. “I don’t want to interfere with the investigation. It has nothing to do with the car and me. There is no connection between that organization and me. The survey is open and cannot be said to be “for” or “against”. “If my son is injured, we will conduct an investigation.”

Reporters asked R Ashok if his son was present during the incident. When asked repeatedly where he was now, he refused to reveal his whereabouts and declined to comment on whether his son was involved in the accident.

“I repeat, we will know when the investigation report comes out. The media said my son would participate. Do not comment. An investigation is underway. An FIR has been registered against the deceased’s family. But not my son’s name. There was no media coverage of my son’s involvement. That’s not true,” he said.

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A video of Ravi Nayak’s grandmother has been shared on social media. In the video, she says, “Ravi, where have you gone? He heard her cry. when will you be back he asked.

She is the grandmother of Ravi Nayak, who died in a car accident on Monday. Revenue Min R Ashoka refuses to confirm or deny whether his son was present at the time of the accident pic.twitter.com/2kDjIdhSZ3 — Pooja Prasanna (@PoojaPrasanna4) February 13, 2020

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