A Car Averages 27 Miles

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A Car Averages 27 Miles – 1. A car travels an average of 27 miles per gallon. If gas is $4.04 per gallon, which of the following statements most closely represents the cost of gas this car would cost for a typical 2,727 mile trip? A. $ B. $109.08 C. $118.80 d. $408.04E.$444.40

3 2. x = 3 and y = 5, how much is the value of 3×2 – 2y greater than 2×2 – 3y?

A Car Averages 27 Miles

A Car Averages 27 Miles

6 5. One company’s sales in the second year were $3 million more than in the first, and sales in the third year were twice as high as sales in the second year. If year three sales were $38 million, what were year one sales in millions of dollars? A. 16 B 17.5g. 20.5d. 22E. 35

Survey: Average Length Of Car Ownership In America

6. In the figure below, ray EF is formed from rays ED and EG. Using a compass, D and G are marked equidistant from E on beam and beam. Then a compass is used to find a point F different from E such that F equals D and G. C. Cumulative up to 30° D. Total up to 45° E. Total up to 60°

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