Why Wont My Motorcycle Start

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Why Wont My Motorcycle Start – Why doesn’t my motorcycle start even though the kick is good? Sometimes a motorcycle won’t start, even with the best battery. This is because the engine needs a spark, air, and fuel to start. The combustion that occurs in the engine will not occur if one of these elements is missing.

In this article, we will talk about motorcycles that won’t start but the battery is still good, and what is the solution, we have to fix it ourselves. Live to the end to find out what you’ve been looking for. Welcome to My Bike.

Why Wont My Motorcycle Start

Why Wont My Motorcycle Start

There are many reasons why a motorcycle won’t start, and the reasons vary from time to time and from bike to bike.

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So it is important to find the real cause of the problem and fix it as soon as possible. Well, here are the main reasons for a motorcycle not starting.


If the battery is good and the engine starts fine (see point 3), but the engine does not start, the fuse may be blown, burned, misplaced, or damaged.

Make sure that the ignition is turned off and look clearly (the fuse box is usually under the seat). Again, for instructions, see your owner’s manual.

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Gas gauges are often inaccurate and show a falsely full tank. Hold your motorcycle if it won’t start and listen for any movement (mass) from the oil. If you don’t feel anything, you may need to refill the gas because the gas has run out.

Electrical issues often go unnoticed by motorists because they are not always known, but a manual inspection of the wiring can help you identify problems that are often not visible.

Although not all drivers use it regularly, if you do it recently, it is possible that the killer engine is still working.

Why Wont My Motorcycle Start

It’s a good idea to check quickly to avoid something, like pressing a button or an accident on your end. If the switch is still in the position, the motorcycle will not start.

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Your motorcycle will not start if your engine is not running properly. Many problems, such as stress or anger, can be the cause.

Quick repair: You should take your bike to a mechanic for repair if the engine has a problem.

Your motorcycle will not start if the ignition is not working. Unusual age or wear and tear can cause the ignition switch to malfunction.

You can test this by trying to drop the bike in different gears if you think this might be a problem with your bike. It is a bad ignition if it starts in some gears but not others.

What’s That Noise? Motorbike Troubleshooting By Sound

Undoubtedly, even if the motorcycle is in neutral, pains must be taken to start the engine.

If you find that the shifter on your clutch is faulty, you can try pumping it repeatedly if it is stuck. However, a damaged clutch should be replaced as soon as possible.

A blocked starter is one problem that can prevent your motorcycle from starting. The engine oil control valve is a petcock.

Why Wont My Motorcycle Start

Between turning off, turning on, and saving space, change the flow of gas. Riders often complain about rabbits stuck on the tracks.

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The most likely cause of a motorcycle not starting is a dead battery, which is an easy symptom to spot.

Depending on how low your battery is you can turn the key and turn on the blinker if there is power but do so slowly. If you try to start the motorcycle with a completely dead battery, nothing will happen.

Your motorcycle will not start if the starter is not working properly. Abnormal age or wear and tear can cause failure.

You can test this by trying to drop the bike in different gears if you think this might be a problem with your bike. A starter is bad if it starts in some gears but not others.

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Most motorcycle fuel filters are located near the fuel valve at the bottom of the tank.

Fill your tank and remove the fuel valve to access the fuel filter if your bike won’t start and a fuel problem is the cause.

Contaminated or poor quality oil can clog filters over time. If so, clean it thoroughly or consider replacing it.

Why Wont My Motorcycle Start

If you try to start it many times, it still refuses, then you need to check the above items one by one to find out what is wrong.

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So when you find a problem, you need to take steps to fix it. But if you can’t find the cause and fix it, you should hire a mechanic, and they will fix it for you soon.

Direct starting a motorcycle with a dead battery using another battery or battery starter pack is the most reliable method.

If your motorcycle has a carburetor, you can start it, but fuel injection bikes can be difficult to start because the electric fuel pump requires power.

Sometimes, it doesn’t cost a single dollar, but sometimes, you can spend up to $300 depending on the root. But things are very different when the car stayed for a long time, and now it does not start.

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The following things can happen if the motorcycle is not used for a long time: The tank paint is peeling. Gaskets and seals swell and break. Tires wear down and turn into flat spots. Car or bike batteries can die if they are not used for several weeks.

Even when parked, many cars still use electricity to run the safety or central locking. If you know that the car will not be used, you can remove the battery to prevent this.

Some FAQs related to non-starting motorcycles but a good battery. Can you start a motorcycle with a dead battery?

Why Wont My Motorcycle Start

The battery still has life in it. The start will only work if you have light from the headlights and all the warning lights are on. It probably won’t if the battery is completely dead.

Replaced Engine No Crank, Won’t Turn Over

Make sure the motorcycle is still in second gear before engaging the clutch and driving. Ask your partner to start pushing you on the bike when you start from the top of the hill. Make sure your partner continues to push until the engine starts.

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Why Wont My Motorcycle Start

Here’s how to check your motorcycle’s oil in simple steps. How long will a motorcycle run on low fuel? Not many. When the motorcycle engine is at low speed, it can run for about 40 minutes

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