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Who Cares Rex Orange County Lyrics – Rex Orange County is an independent alternative artist whose lyrics, vocal range, and musical style stand out. His songs continue to delve deeper into emotion and raw emotion that we, as listeners, can appreciate. At just 23 years old, the artist is already a huge success and we expect him to grow from here.

Ahead of today’s release, the singer premiered three songs from the album. The first movie, “KEEP IT”, was released at the end of January. It’s different from the Rex Orange we’re used to because it’s more natural, but it’s still a good way to get it back.

Who Cares Rex Orange County Lyrics

Who Cares Rex Orange County Lyrics

. Just two days ago, he released “The Open Window (feat. Tyler, The Creator)”. In 2017, Rex Orange County joined forces with Tyler, Creator on two tracks from his album Flower Boy, one of which – “Boredom” – is one of his best songs ever.

Watch Rex Orange County Debut Two New Tracks From ‘who Cares?’

We already said that this album will be well received. This is what we’ve needed from the artist since he’s been gone for the past few years and we’re excited to get something new to hear from him. “HUB ME” and “7AM” are our favourites

After graduating in fall 2021 with BTS, Brooke Madigan is now a contributing writer who loves all things music. She is currently completing her undergraduate studies at Syracuse University, where she studied public and social relations. When she’s not curating a new playlist, Brooke can be found shopping for sneakers or doing something in the kitchen. His strength as a singer-songwriter was shown again and again in his previous albums

. The album, released on October 25, is consistent in its usual approach to song structure: an emphasis on songs and the many instruments that speak to the high level of his musical skill.

As a deeply personal work intended to capture his growth as an artist and person since the release of his debut album in 2016. Since 2016, Rex has appeared in Orange County on Tyler the Creator

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In “Word” and “Love” that became the inspiration for his name recognition. In a personal sense, his relationship with singer Thea Morgan Morell has evolved over the past three years to become an inspiration for his songs. Love grew to dominate his songs, and now remains a hallmark of O’Connor’s work.

It is a snapshot of O’Connor’s life at this point in time. It weaves through the struggle of self-examination, learning to love, and realizing the reality of what you once dreamed of. Instrumentally speaking, the songs appear to be detected rather than being strung together. It combines the sound of Showtime’s piano with the smooth sound of saxophone, string orchestra and high frequency of flute.

The mood of the music is hard to pin down, a trend that matches the mood of his previous albums.

Who Cares Rex Orange County Lyrics

The album’s first track “10/10” greets the listener with a fast-paced retro sound with lyrics that test the past few years of their life. His tentative connection to his growing popularity is central to his lyrics and promises to shape the rest of the album.

Rex Orange County Invokes The Message Of His New Album “who Cares?” At The Santa Barbara Bowl

In an attempt to understand the quality of his thoughts, “Always” is an emotional ballad that reflects on the relationship between O’Connor and Morgan-Murell. He explained how his character broke things off by being committed to their relationship, and that opening the door was part of dealing with internal fights. He realized that he was not alone, and he liked it that way.

The album moves on to self-study for the next three songs. “Laser Lights” serves as a melodic reference to Rex’s Orange County sound. O’Connor describes, succinctly but with profound significance, his own exposure to criticism and detachment from the people with whom he has temporary relationships. And he talks about how you can get into an unwanted situation and it’s hard to trust people in a “face-to-face”: “You’re busy, I’m in the shower / You don’t know, I’m full of clothes.”

“Concerned” and “Never Got the Balls” continue throughout the album. Their blend is a testament to the wide spectrum of tastes and sounds that the Orange County Rex addresses. Both songs express the struggle of coming to terms with the harsh reality of something you love and how its success doesn’t necessarily equate to happiness.

Frank Ocean-esque sound plays in “Pluto Projector”. Its lyrics read like poetry, and it expresses gratitude for his relationship with Morgan Morrell. He said that she understood him better than he did himself and that she had the power to expose him in any way, “but there certainly was no need”. The sound echoes Frank Ocean’s “Nike” lyrics, but was made personally for O’Connor by his own personal thoughts.

Who Cares? By Rex Orange County (cd, 2022) For Sale Online

“Either Way” is a love song that offers a break from the self-analysis of previous songs. It is a short poem that makes every word great. The subtle tone of the song reflects O’Connor’s introspection and reluctance to connect with others on a deeper level. Meanwhile, the orchestra’s strings keep pace with the synthesizer beat on “It Gets Better”. O’Connor continued to express his gratitude to his girlfriend, saying she changed the world for the better.

The album ends with a stunning six-minute exploration of his current situation as an artist on “It’s Not That Way Anymore”. Stripped down to his lyrics and guitar riff at first, the song builds in instrumentals as O’Connor argues that his happiness does not depend on his fame. He feels suffocated and tired of pretending to care. He was hungry for fame, but now he is satisfied.

It is a show of soul, love and unhappiness. Rex Orange County’s sound is in line with his previous albums, but his new work adds new meaning to listeners through the powerful interplay of his songs.

Who Cares Rex Orange County Lyrics

It’s a beautiful addition to his artistry and aligns his trademark with the unique introspection that separates Rex Orange County, man and singer, from his contemporaries.

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We’re addicted to WordPress development and offer easy-to-use, beautiful themes for sale on ThemeForest. A few weeks ago, I saw Alexander James O’Connor, better known as Rex Orange County, tweet that his new album was coming out on March 11th. I gave it a thumbs up, and the following week my Twitter feed was filled with comments from Rex Orange County fans about everything from his songs to his outfits. I took this as a cue to check out the new album once it drops.

In my experience, Rex makes both sweet and sad songs. One of his earlier works, “Apricot Princess,” is full of bittersweet songs, like “Apricot Princess” and “Happiness.” “Who should?” , while still bittersweet, is much more of a fun and enjoyable material.

For example, the album’s opening track, “Get It Free,” begins with a sweet string section. Once the drums start, you’ll pick up the song. As the verses express Rex’s doubts and anxieties, the chorus is encouraging; What you do to get ahead is enough, so keep going.

One of my favorite songs is “OPEN WINDOW” because it features Tyler, The Creator. His low voice is almost soothing, matching Rex’s musical instruments. The song sounded like something out of Tyler’s “Flower Boy.”

Album Review: Rex Orange County Has Highs And Lows On ‘who Cares?’

Most of the songs on the album are simple, consisting of percussion, vocals, and some sort of instrumental riff, like the string part mentioned on “You’re Free” or the canonical part on “If You Want Him”.

While one could argue these songs don’t have much to offer, I think the album’s simplicity is great. Rex Orange is made up of one person, so the live sound of the music is more authentic.

Of course, the album’s scope sometimes leaves something to be desired. While all of these songs are good, none of them are amazing. Music hasn’t pulled me in like some of my favorite albums do. But that doesn’t mean the song isn’t good in any way.

Who Cares Rex Orange County Lyrics

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