Who Bought Indian Larry’s Motorcycles

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Who Bought Indian Larry’s Motorcycles – On April 14, Indian Motorcycles made headlines by announcing that a series of customization projects are in the works – models based on the 2022 Indian Chief Dark Horse – to showcase the incredible versatility of – bike.

Three well-known V-twin manufacturers were selected and given free rein to create a completely customized representation and interpretation of the Cape.

Who Bought Indian Larry’s Motorcycles

Who Bought Indian Larry's Motorcycles

On the canvas was Indian Larry, motorcyclist, stuntman and artist, as well as custom building giants Paul Cox and Keino Sasaki, three talents working together to create a masterpiece.

The Ny Round Of The J&p Ultimate Builder Bike Show Features Indian Larry Motorcycles

The recipient of this magnificent beauty? None other than Nikko Hurtado is a tattoo artist known for his amazing work with hyperrealism and color.

The custom bike makes its debut in Michael Lichter’s custom bike gallery at the Buffalo Chip during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

If you’re already there, you can see the bike on August 8 from 12:00 to 16:30 Moscow time and August 9-11 from 14:00 to 22:00 Moscow time.

We’ll leave you with a list of tweaks that the triple power applied to this bike – they’re juicy as hell.

Indian Larry Block Party 2019

Finish off with an old-school headlight and custom risers, tuned engine, transmission and ignition switch, and the result is swoon worthy.

Of course, I had to get out the good old photo gallery. It cannot be that we are not for something like that. We recently had the opportunity to speak with Bobby Seeger Jr. while he was St. Louis when he brought two of our favorite Indian Larry bikes to the Cycle Showcase event. The quality of the Indian Larry is really something you have to see up close to appreciate and we were happy to take this moment to take some photos of the bikes to show that. While it’s easy to see a custom bike and think “well that’s a nice chopper” when you really start looking at the engineering behind the creation of Larry’s Indian motorcycle you realize that these bikes were actually made to be ridden and traveled daily. . . Everything about their build emphasizes performance and durability. What good is a custom bike if you can’t pass the local bar on it? Indian Larry bikes are built to ride around the country and hold up. Larry’s original intent was to build bikes that would stand the test of time, and along with a team of great people, Bobby makes sure that Larry’s legacy not only lives on, but lives on. ‘ he lives forever. Continuing to offer quality, low volume parts and high-end bulletproof designs, emphasizing quality over quantity, is something that is a lost art in custom motorcycle parts today. We sat down for a good strong coffee at the local shop with Bobby and his dogs and learned a little more about where Indian Larry motorcycles are today and what motivated Bobby to carry on his legacy over the years. as well as some other things that keep him going day by day.

Absolutely yes. Brooklyn New York and will always remain there. We’ll be in Brooklyn for over 20 years, so yes, that’s where it’s going to stay.

Who Bought Indian Larry's Motorcycles

How well do you think the current bikes you build match Larry’s original style?

Ewan Mcgregor’s Indian Larry Panhead Chopper

100% true to the style of what Larry built, just better quality. Things have changed and evolved since before his death in 2004. Much of what has changed, we believe, is only for the better, of course our main goal is to maintain the integrity of the brand. This is our take on what is better for quality over quantity.

Yes, and that makes sense, I mean every business I think needs to evolve in some way, so it seems like if Larry were to build a bike or part of it today, it would be almost hard to distinguish whether it was built. then or now, because, of course, it also evolved over time.

So like in the past when he was alive, he didn’t just do this, now we framed all our pictures, you know what I mean? So instead of modifying the old frames, we did all the necessary calculations to make them exactly the same as he would modify them, except that we make them 100% at home, which is nice because I have in mind that there are only a few people who do all by themselves. Something like that.

Well, to be honest, I don’t pay much attention to it. I don’t like a lot of people, and those who don’t like me know that I don’t like them, you know? I’m not making it up, I mean I like bikes that you can ride. You know, some people will laugh at the drawers and things like that, I love them. I think they are great, but I don’t ride anything but our bikes. Unless, like in the past, I broke a pair and had to borrow one while on the road to get things done, but hey, okay.

Ewan Mcgregor’s Classic Motorcycle Collection Is Extraordinary

I really believe that every bike is a tool and a lot of people maybe don’t see it that way, they get stuck in a niche and think “I only ride this or only this” so I think that’s cute. nice to see someone say very shamelessly that this is what I ride, I deal with it.

Well, it’s like we don’t have a season, you know what I mean for us, we ride all year round. Another thing, people are all about the season, or, you know, we don’t watch motor shows, we just do what we want, and people either like it, buy it, borrow it, steal it from you, you know what. We like to go out whether it’s one of us or 2 or 3 or even 20 and if someone goes out they don’t go out anymore, it was very dry.

Also, in regards to your team, can you name some of your current roster, and is this current roster part of the force that is helping to keep Indian Larry motorcycles at the forefront today?

Who Bought Indian Larry's Motorcycles

Ahhh, yes, like the last 10 years. This guy Sebastian, makes all our frames and then really John the artist (John Asarizi), his nickname has always been “John the artist” since he was a kid. He can make a photo of you on the wall with pencil, airbrush, oil paint, whatever. He is self taught in fusion 360 he designs all the parts he designs everything so let’s see we have Sebastian who makes the frames and we have another guy Oscar who makes a lot of 3d shapes and shapes the parts or a few. things we will achieve. These guys are ace as far as guys go. They are aces because they don’t give up. They don’t care about anything. They are just always there, ready to work. John works every day, every single day.

Indian Larry Remembered On 70th Birthday

Also, they are clearly driven and “seek to win” in relation to keeping it all. I mean the quality is clear in everything you do.

John is 50 years old and jumps like a 25 year old. During lunch, he is in the gym, lifts weights, eats and continues to work.

I don’t think they bring much to the table. I mean it just doesn’t look like it. It seems like a lot of people have lost interest or what the most important thing they bring to the game is their paint color, which is nice, but they don’t seem to really “get it”. There are a lot of horrible people who do things and want to do them overseas just for the money, and I’m all for that, I’m like, ‘Hey, that’s great, but we’d rather not do it. ‘

We know you have suffered many losses, your mother from a young age, Larry had a tragic accident, and your son has a rare disease. How do you cope with these tragedies and what is your driving force that helped you get through everything?

Indian Larry, Paul Cox And Keino Sasaki Take On Indian Motorcycle Build

Well, it’s not me who died, it’s all of them who died, so it’s not really a concern, you know? Every day I wake up, put on my pants and go forward. There’s no deep thinking here, no “oh, I need someone to hold my hand,” you know?

I just accept that it is. What else should I do? I can’t sit back and question everything and say, “Oh my God,” no, nothing. I wake up and say, “OK, I’m going to have a cheeseburger for breakfast today and see what happens after the cheeseburger.” Sometimes I am

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