When Do 2023 Indian Motorcycles Come Out

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When Do 2023 Indian Motorcycles Come Out – In 2023, the American marque added a new Indian Challenger Elite and FTR Sport to its lineup. A few other models from the 2022 Indian Motorcycle range have also received minor updates till 2023.

The most notable changes are the FTR models, all of which now feature a new sports exhaust muffler, revised front brakes, a repositioned speedo and a new clutch. Indian Motorcycle has also launched new FTR-specific accessories, some of which are made from carbon fiber.

When Do 2023 Indian Motorcycles Come Out

When Do 2023 Indian Motorcycles Come Out

The entry-level model in the larger Indian Scout lineup enters 2023 with minimal additions from last year. Apart from the new Striker Red Metallic color scheme, the rest of the bike remains unchanged.

New Indian Cruisers

The Indian Scout Rogue Sixty remains unchanged till 2023. The Scout Rogue Sixty sports the same styling as the Scout Rogue, but with a smaller and more accessible engine. Standard equipment includes sports-style seats, mini-app handlebars, ABS and a host of optional accessories.

No change in 2023. The Indian Scout moniker has been around for over a century and is one of the most popular models in the manufacturer’s lineup. If you’re looking for your first motorcycle in the big V-twin cruiser space, the Indian Scout Sixty is one of the best and most versatile motorcycles you can choose from.

The Indian Scout Bobber shares most of its styling and design cues with the Scout Bobber Sixty, but adds chrome accents on the engine and headlight covers to give it a more streamlined bobber look.

It has a big engine with a 1,133 cc liquid-cooled V-twin unit mated to a 6-speed transmission and sending power to the rear wheels via a belt drive.

Indian Chieftain Guide • Total Motorcycle

Available Colors: Black Metallic, Ruby Smoke, Black Smoke, Springfield Blue Metallic, Silver Quartz Smoke, Sage Brush Smoke, Stealth Gray Azure Crystal, Copper Smoke, Indie Red

The Indian Scout Rogue is a big engine iteration of the Scout Rogue Sixty. Although it won’t get any updates for 2023, it remains an attractive option in the Scout lineup. Like the Scout Rogue Sixty, it features a mini-ape hanger handlebar, quarter fairing and distinctive lines and styling.

Indian offers over a hundred aftermarket accessories and parts for its motorcycles, and the Scout Rogue is exclusive to them. From purely visual components to more functional parts like seats and wheels, you can choose from a wide range of options.

When Do 2023 Indian Motorcycles Come Out

With a century-long tradition, it is the name of the entire Scout lineup. The Indian Scout looks like a proper classic V-twin cruiser with long sweeping lines, a low-slung seat and lots of chrome. Although it will remain unchanged until 2023, it’s still a head-turning motorcycle with a strong stance.

Indian Motorcycles Ftr Sport Photo Gallery

The Indian Scout is powered by a 1,133 cc liquid-cooled 60-degree V-twin that produces 100 hp and 72 lb-ft of torque. So, whether you’re cruising around town or hitting the highway, you can do it in comfort and style.

Available Colors: Black Metallic, Maroon Metallic, Silver Quartz Metallic, Soul Blue Metallic / Black Metallic, Black Metallic / Silver Quartz Metallic, Riot Orange Metallic / Black Metallic

The Indian Scout Bobber Twenty takes the Scout Bobber and adds some retro elements, making it a much cooler motorcycle than the standard model. If you are looking for a heavy-duty Indian motorcycle with low suspension and wire-spoke wheels, this is the ideal option in the Scout lineup.

Compared to the standard model, the Scout Bobber Twenty also features raised handlebars, resulting in a completely different riding profile.

Indian Motorcycle Announces 2023 Model Year Lineup

The Indian flagship received some notable updates for 2022, so it’s no surprise that the manufacturer hasn’t introduced any changes to the next year’s version. The 2022 Indian Chief celebrates the 100th anniversary of the first Chief model and brings a revised design and a reworked engine, all of which have been carried over to 2023.

Indian Motorcycle has introduced a new bag option for the bike that is attached to the front of the handlebar. Other new accessories include an upgraded Comfort + Solo seat, a two-up syndicate seat and a low-profile passenger backrest.

The Indian Chief Dark Horse gets a new Sage Brush Smoke color scheme for 2023, with no changes. In appearance, the Indian Chief Dark Horse resembles the common Indian Chief. However, the difference between the two is the black elements that give the dark horse its name.

When Do 2023 Indian Motorcycles Come Out

In 2023, you can spec your Indian Chief Bobber in the new Striker Red Metallic colour. The Chief bobber is similar in parts and some design cues to the standard Chief, but with more bobber-style elements such as 16-inch wire-spoke wheels, forward-set footpegs, a taller handlebar, and shrouded front forks.

The 2023/2024 Indian Scout: What Needs To Change?

The Indian Chief Bobber is powered by a Thunderstroke 111 engine that produces 108 lb-ft of torque – more than enough for the applications the average rider gets.

Apart from the new color scheme, Indian has also made available a new waterproof saddlebag exclusively for the 2023 Indian Chief Bobber.

No change in 2023. Like the Chief and Chief Dark Horse, the Chief Bobber and its related Dark Horse models differed in different engines and the use of blackout bits instead of chrome.

At the heart of the Chief Bobber dark horse is the company’s Thunderstroke 116 engine. The Chief Bobber Dark Horse also features technology like the Indian Red Command infotainment system with a 4-inch circular display, stability control and traction control.

Indian Motorcycles: Meet The Challenger Elite

Indian Super Chief is part of the Chief lineup. However, unlike other models that are classified as cruisers, the Super Chief and Super Chief Limited fall under the manufacturer’s bagger category. As you’d expect from a bagger, the 2023 Indian Super Chief comes with features like a windscreen, touring bars, a wider and more plush two-up seat and saddlebags.

It also has forward-mounted footboards, which translates into comfortable ergonomics perfect for every day commuting. No significant changes have been made in 2023.

Indian Super Chief Limited is not updated till 2023. While the lower-spec Super Chief is powered by a Thunderstroke 111 engine, the bike gets a larger and more powerful Thunderstroke 116 unit. The rest of the bike, from the chassis to the hardware components, is almost identical to the standard Super Chief.

When Do 2023 Indian Motorcycles Come Out

It has some additional features, one of which is the Indian Ride Command System that runs on a 4-inch circular display. So if you like what the Super Chief has to offer but want more performance and technology, the Super Chief Limited is the bike for you.

Indian Springfield Guide • Total Motorcycle

Part of the manufacturer’s ‘Bagger’ range of models, the Indian Springfield is one of the more retro-looking models in this historic company’s 2023 lineup. If you’re looking for a motorcycle that combines old-school styling beautifully with modern-day reliability and features, look no further than the 2023 Indian Motorcycle Springfield.

Its most notable design cues include a valanced front fender, triple headlight setup, tons of chrome, and long, low, ’40s and ’50s-esque lines. The Indian Springfield is powered by an air-cooled Thunderstroke 111 engine that produces 119 lb-ft of torque.

Like the standard Indian Springfield, the Indian Springfield Dark Horse also gets improved LED headlights for 2023. Compared to the retro-styled Springfield, this Dark Horse iteration has more contemporary styling, rather than a blacked-out look. The Mini-Ape hangers are replaced by more touring-oriented handlebars and a more capable Thunderstorke 116 engine with 126 lb-ft of torque.

You will get a lot of attention on an Indian Springfield dark horse. It’s not like you can’t hear it, a reverb-chamber crossover and blacked-out split exhaust give you the most delicate and sinister exhaust note a bagger can think of.

Indian Chief Dark Horse Guide • Total Motorcycle

If you want to ride something that looks factory correct and is ready to rock, welcome to your new bike.

All Indian motorcycles powered by Thunderstroke or Power Plus engines have been updated with a new clutch for 2023. This includes the 2023 Indian Chieftain powered by an air-cooled Thunderstroke 111 engine that produces 119 lb-ft of torque.

The Chief offers three riding modes – Tour, Standard and Sport – to let you change how the throttle responds to your inputs. Although classified under the manufacturer’s ‘Bagger’ model line-up, it’s very much a long-distance cruiser. Some creature comforts include a 100-watt speaker system that connects to your phone via Bluetooth, letting you blast your music loud as you rack up those miles.

When Do 2023 Indian Motorcycles Come Out

Apart from an updated clutch and headlights, the Chieftain Dark Horse doesn’t get any notable updates for 2023. Like other ‘Dark Horse’ iterations in the Indian Motorcycle portfolio, the Chieftain Dark Horse also gets a bigger, more powerful engine, additional features and technology. , and a blackout finish in addition to what the standard Chieftain offers.

Go Takamine’s Indian Chief

Available Colors: Black Smoke, Quartz Green, Ruby Smoke, Sage Brush Smoke, Spirit Blue Smoke, Stealth Gray with Azure Graphics, Copper Smoke

Chief Tein Limited is very similar to the Chief Tein Dark Horse except for two key differences. First, it’s powered by the same Thunderstroke 116 unit, with the engine and exhaust pipes getting a full-chrome treatment, not a blacked-out look. Second, the ride

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