When Being Passed By A Motorcycle

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When Being Passed By A Motorcycle – As a driver, you should try to resist the temptation to overtake other vehicles, as this puts you at risk of an accident. However, you will have to overtake other vehicles from time to time, and then it is better to know the overtaking rules and how to perform the maneuver safely.

Overtaking can be very dangerous if done wrong – here are 11 safety tips and/or rules to remember:

When Being Passed By A Motorcycle

When Being Passed By A Motorcycle

You must constantly watch out for passing vehicles. Check your mirrors often and if you see someone behind you trying to overtake it’s a good idea to pull over to the right lane.

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Be very careful while crossing multiple vehicles as you will need more time and distance to complete the maneuver

Don’t underestimate the space and time it takes to make a safe overtake. The distance between you and an oncoming vehicle quickly disappears when you both drive towards each other. If you are not sure, don’t try to pass.

When driving at highway speeds, you need at least 10 to 12 seconds (about ⅓ mile) of oncoming traffic to safely overtake. It is very difficult to judge the speed of an approaching vehicle from this distance, making overtaking on the freeway especially dangerous.

There are situations where overtaking is unsafe or prohibited due to safety concerns, emergency vehicles, traffic conditions and weather conditions.

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In general, do not attempt to overtake in the following situations (see our driving school course for state-specific rules):

Overtaking on the right side of a vehicle is illegal in most circumstances. However, there are cases where you are allowed to overtake on the right. These are the exceptions for California:

Be careful when passing a stationary vehicle on a left turn as other drivers may not see you and assume it is safe to cross your path.

When Being Passed By A Motorcycle

If another vehicle is overtaking you or signaling to overtake you, stay to the right and hold or slow down. Do not make sudden turns or lane changes, and be prepared to let the passing vehicle back into your lane.

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How to Become a Driving Instructor: A Complete Guide The profession of a driving instructor is very important. Driving instructors are the people who educate and test new drivers, ensuring that future generations of road users know what they are doing and can drive safely. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, instructors must go through a training process that qualifies them to help new riders learn […] Some of those accidents are single-car accidents, involving multiple cars. As drivers of cars, trucks, vans and SUVs, we have a responsibility not only to share the road, but also to take proactive steps to increase the safety of the motorcyclists we meet.

The number of motorcycles on the road has increased significantly in recent years, partly due to rising petrol prices. Many drivers have swapped their cars for super-efficient motorcycles to reduce their fuel consumption. This movement has resulted in a large number of inexperienced motorcyclists, many of whom are involved in accidents involving vehicles. Motorcyclists should be aware that motorcycles can be found on all types of road surfaces.

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Many accidents involving both motorcycles and cars are the fault of the motorist. In addition to being constantly aware that a motorcyclist may be near your vehicle, here are ten things you can do to protect the motorcyclist and yourself:

Remember that there is no such thing as a fender bender for motorcyclists. You are completely exposed. Most multi-vehicle crashes involving motorcycles result in serious injury or death to the rider. It is your responsibility as a driver of a vehicle to be alert and do everything in your power to avoid a motorcycle accident. In all my years as a driver, cyclist and transportation planner, I have never seen or heard driving instructions on how to overtake a bicycle. So here is mine. If you think they could be improved, please leave your suggestions in the comments below or email me at Transportationjusticeblog@gmail.com. Also, save, share and distribute the illustration or full description image if you find it helpful. I imagine only good things can come from this. – Buff Brown

Ever since I was a child, I had instructions on how to cross the road firmly stuck in my head. Look both ways. Don’t Run contains a sweet limerick:

When Being Passed By A Motorcycle

Riding a bike alone is somewhat dangerous, even before riding on the road. We’ve all had bad bike accidents that didn’t involve cars; However, most bicycle accidents involve motor vehicles. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, 66% of “avoidable” deaths caused by bicycling in 2017 were motor vehicle-related. A study found that 50% of these car-bike accidents are attributed to the driver.

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As a bicyclist, I was fully motivated about the importance of helmets and riding as far to the right as possible, riding smoothly, assuming riders couldn’t see me and paying attention to the right hook. I know many people in the bike advocacy world who are certified bike safety instructors; My local expert on this subject tells me that his curriculum does not include how to overtake a cyclist in a car. An internet search turned up some general directions from bike advocacy groups and bike magazines, but little else. I’m glad the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) has an 18 page flyer and an excellent pamphlet called The Bike Driver’s Guide with good advice. ODOT has also partnered with Street Trust and Lane County to create the Oregon Friendly Driver Program, but it seems you’ll need to take the course to get the full instructions. I have seen the PowerPoint slides and they are impressive.

According to a July 2018 National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) article, 32 states (and counting) have bicycle overtaking laws; The article does a good job of summarizing each state’s bicycle overtaking laws. I hear these commonly referred to as the “3-foot law”. It’s a step in the right direction – it’s educational – but is three feet really a good distance? I’m not sure I’ve ever passed a cyclist so closely. If so, I’m sorry; I’m sure I scared you. And what about vehicle speed and oncoming traffic? Is overtaking distance a sufficient guide for a driver? Granted, some state laws regulate more than just passing distance, and in some states it’s not always three feet. Look around.

According to that NCLS article, “skeptics question whether such laws can be enforced and whether 3 feet is sufficient space for bicyclists.” Define Safe Cycling”. It is scheduled for release in early 2020, so expect more later.

My point here is that the instructions I can find refer to the vulnerable victim, not the driver. If riders were to learn a set of best practices for overtaking bikes, it could be more effective in saving lives and improving the convenience of cycling as a mode of transportation. Better to turn these “best practices” into law. Our cultural norm of focusing on the behavior of the victim rather than the perpetrator has been applied to people riding bicycles. Let’s fix that. Bike people seem to be victims of biased reporting language too Let’s fix that too.

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Three weeks ago my wife and I were driving with a group on a country road called Clackamas River Road just outside of Oregon City. On those 16 miles of narrow road without shoulders, there were four separate incidents of truck drivers passing us at full speed while the vehicles in front were parked in the front lane. These four riders seriously broke the 3-foot rule. These were hostile passes to intimidate, and they did. Being yelled at by someone involved

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