What Happens If You Hit A Cop Car Drunk

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What Happens If You Hit A Cop Car Drunk – ‘Just because you said you got it on camera doesn’t mean it drove away’: Driver says he almost hit cops – then accused them of not stopping, ‘He lied and made excuses for his actions instead of taking responsibility.’

A viral TikTok video has sparked controversy after an altercation between a driver and a police officer.

What Happens If You Hit A Cop Car Drunk

What Happens If You Hit A Cop Car Drunk

A dash cam posted by user @Vnmsuz310 shows them driving to a stop as a police car pulls up ahead of them. The policeman then gets out of the car and harasses the user for not stopping.

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“Stop ‘what are you talking about, I stopped at a stop sign, I’m on camera,'” the TikToker can be heard yelling. The cops then walk back to their cars. The clip is accompanied by on-screen text that reads: “A cop almost hits me, then accuses me of not stopping.”

@idunno…..1 love the police but not a fan of this guy. cheated and excused his actions instead of taking responsibility. no lights, sirens and speeding tickets. His Sargent has these images. I hope they will be reprimanded for putting us in danger. ♬ original sound by @vnmsuz310

As of press time, the video has been viewed 600,000 times. Several commentators expressed skepticism about the situation, accusing the creator of making an illegal right turn on camera. “So if you stop… so you made a safe right turn earlier and didn’t yield to oncoming traffic?” asked one commenter.

However, the TikToker defended himself against the accusations in the comments: “If I go back to the agent, do you really think I’m going to post this? He flew after me without lights and sirens and then almost took me away.

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Many commenters supported the TikToker and were shocked by the behavior shown in the dashcam videos. “I’m starting to wonder if we should all be buying cameras for our cars now,” said one user. “You never know when you meet a cop like this…”

In a TikTok post, the user gave more details about what happened after the incident seen in the videos. “Love the cops, but not a fan of this guy,” he wrote. “He lied and made excuses for his actions instead of taking responsibility. No traffic lights, no sirens and no speeding tickets. He has those images on his Sargent. I hope he is reprimanded for endangering us.”

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What Happens If You Hit A Cop Car Drunk

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A car crashed into a large group of Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department recruits during a training session in South Witter.

Five Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies were seriously injured Wednesday morning when a man driving a Honda CRV crashed into a large group of people, authorities said.

Cops Rescue Driver From Vehicle That Caught On Fire After Hit And Run

Sheriff’s Deputy David Yeo said the crash happened near the sheriff’s STARS Center Training Academy, near Mills Avenue and Trumbull Street. Dispatchers received a call about a pedestrian accident at 6:26 a.m., sheriff’s Deputy Brenda Serna said.

Sheriff Alex Villanueva said at a news conference in Orange County, where most of the wounded were wounded, that 25 young recruits were wounded. They were members of the 464th Class Academy. He said injuries included head trauma and broken bones, and “we’ve lost limbs,” adding that one of the five critically ill patients “is currently on a ventilator.”

A source familiar with the massacre said at least one of the recruits was bleeding from the skull and in critical condition.

What Happens If You Hit A Cop Car Drunk

“It’s like a plane crash,” Villanueva said. “There were so many bodies strewn all over the place with various injuries, it was very traumatic for those involved.”

Alternative Policing Models Emerge In U.s. Cities

Cell phone video shows the scene after a large group of Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department recruits crashed during a training session in South Witter.

The injuries are all “survivable,” the sheriff said, and he expects the recruits to recover, but he and other recruits in the department have not seen the incident.

“Our hearts go out to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department with the young men who were injured this morning to serve their community,” Governor Gavin Newsom said in a statement. “Jennifer and I send our best wishes for a speedy recovery and support to her loved ones and colleagues at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.”

Los Angeles County Fire Chief Sheila Kelliher said the group ran along Mills Road.

Thank You Police Officer Who Hit My Parked Car… And Totaled It…

Charlie Sampson, assistant chief of the California Highway Patrol, said about 75 army vehicles formed as they approached his group. The group ran with drill instructors, a security vehicle with two black-and-white radios and eight patrol cars wearing reflective vests, he said.

According to Villanueva, the troopers were running on four lanes and the car was going 30-40 mph. Those in front of the motorcycle were able to get out of the way before the car crashed into others and a light pole.

Captain Art Jimenez said two members of the Bell Police Department were among the injured. They have since been released from the hospital, and one of them was brought back to the academy for a formal interview.

What Happens If You Hit A Cop Car Drunk

“It’s troubling and completely unexpected. Situations like this don’t happen very often with your recruits,” Jimenez said.

Colorado Police Release Bodycam Video Of Cruiser With Suspect Inside Hit By A Train

According to authorities, on Wednesday in L.A. A driver who was hired by the county sheriff’s trooper was seriously injured when he crashed into a large group of people.

Law enforcement cadets participate in a 22-week training program and currently have two classes at the STARS Academy. They receive extensive training in firearms, law, police procedures, self-defense, law enforcement driving, physical fitness, and violence enhancement. Villanueva said it was the eighth week of the Academy’s Class of 464, which was recruited from the Glendale and Pasadena police departments.

The 22-year-old driver was arrested at the scene by troopers, authorities said. Kelliher said the car was going the wrong way.

The TEP has taken over the investigation into the cause of the accident. The agency’s multidisciplinary accident investigation team begins with a forensic examination of the crime scene.

Update: Atlanta Police Identify Suv In Hit And Run That Critically Injured Teen

“It doesn’t look like the car was slowing down,” bystander Janice Hahn told KABC-TV. “It made me sick when I heard about it.” Superintendent Catherine Barger called the crash “senseless and tragic.”

Sheriff’s Academy Supervisor L.A. County Sheriff’s Department Training Office Capt. Pat McDonald said, “Thank God for that light pole” or more recruits would have been injured.

An investigation is underway after 25 Los Angeles County sheriff’s cadets were hit by a hit-and-run driver in Whittier on Wednesday morning.

What Happens If You Hit A Cop Car Drunk

Olga D’Ambrosio of Santa Clarita placed some flowers outside the STARS Academy parking lot Wednesday afternoon. His 22-year-old son, Alex, was one of the deputies who fled the scene. He was uninjured and provided first aid to classmates, D’Ambrosio said, his voice breaking as he recounted the call.

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He said he usually runs outside the formation, but on Wednesday he ran closer to the center of the group. He doesn’t know how he played a role in the accident, but he can’t help but think that he would have been injured if he had been somewhere else.

Pastor David Trujillo prayed and met with the grieving families of some of the cadets who were taken to St. Francis Medical Center in Lynnwood.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Chaplain Trujillo said he was accompanied by three priests and a Roman Catholic priest who spoke to about 30 family members in a waiting room outside the intensive care unit.

“In the immediate aftermath of the crash, the mood was one of sadness and fear because no one knew what had happened or what had happened,” said Trujillo, pastor of Calvary Chapel in South Los Angeles. “As the day went on the mood got a little better and you saw some hope in the families.”

Pea Ridge Police Officer Killed After Being Hit By Car, Community Mourns Loss

The driver, who was not identified and was taken to the hospital for his injuries, passed out, law enforcement sources said. Authorities did not detect the odor of alcohol, but they are working to determine if he was under the influence of other controlled substances at the time of the crash. Villanueva said he “exploded 0.0” during a breathalyzer test taken at the scene.

Police investigate the scene of 25 Los Angeles County sheriff’s cadets injured in a car crash.

Sampson said the driver was from there

What Happens If You Hit A Cop Car Drunk

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