What Does A Stator Do On A Motorcycle

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What Does A Stator Do On A Motorcycle – Wheel parts pay off! Donor 2004-2002… I went ahead and replaced the rectifier as well, it starts like never before and holds a load of 12.31v on the batten posts. Is it a bit low? Greetings!

What do you mean by withholding? Idling? Maybe the Sprints have a lower idle voltage than the other models, but it’s low in my opinion and should be well over 13v to 14v at 4-5K rpm.

What Does A Stator Do On A Motorcycle

What Does A Stator Do On A Motorcycle

12.3 is a bit low. It should be 13.3-13.7 at 3000rpm and 12.7 at idle. Set the multimeter to 200Vdc so you can see if your DVOM is rounding down like some are when you are on the 20Vdc scale. It is also important that you start all charging system tests with a fully charged battery.

Why Would This Happen? Burnt Stator Coils

Finally, double check the integrity and cleanliness of all battery wiring connections from the stator to the reg/rec wiring and don’t forget to check the battery ground connection.

Without a “smell test” to aid diagnosis, an old stator just looks old. The coils look normal – they are brown or black from a long oil bath. If one or more are “crunchy”, this usually indicates something is wrong.

Update: Who else wanted to tell me to check the charging system fuses but didn’t want to look like an idiot? I don’t think that was the original problem and I’m glad I got the newer stator/rectifier anyway…but the 30A fuse has blown and I’m charging properly now. What is the procedure for checking the old stator and rectifier? Durability in the meter?

For a stator that puts up resistance, and check one or three pins of the stator connector for ground (battery ground). There should be no continuity to ground, an open circuit should be indicated. Infinite resistance on the meter. I think the R/R should be checked during installation and while the engine is running. You can test the diodes and see if the rectifier circuit is OK, but don’t think you can check the regulator on the bench of most DIY testers.

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I just want to point out that the entire charging circuit on the post 2002 Triumph triple is showing around 14.0V or a bit more at idle. Contrary to what was said earlier in this thread, it is normal for it to drop a bit when revving the engine.

This is an old thread, you may not get a reply and I may revive the old thread. Please consider starting a new thread. This is a quick (but thorough) guide to testing a motorcycle charging system on any motorcycle, whether you buy it or own it.

The charging system for a motorcycle is actually quite simple. If you know how a motorcycle’s charging system works and what can go wrong, it’s easy to diagnose malfunctions.

What Does A Stator Do On A Motorcycle

And since breakdowns are not uncommon, knowing how to fix your charging system can mean the difference between driving 200km home or being empty.

How Does An Atv Charge Its Battery?

It could also mean avoiding buying junk or knocking $500 off the sale price of a motorcycle.

Well, I am. That’s why I created this site as an outlet. I love to learn and share what others may find useful. If you like what you read here and are as obsessed as I am, you might want to know when I’ve posted the most. (Watch the last one to get an idea of ​​what you’re seeing).

In short, there are only five main electrical components (that regularly fail) in a motorcycle’s charging system.

If something goes wrong with your motorcycle’s charging system, it is one of the parts that has failed. The important part is to find out which one failed.

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When you ask about a motorcycle charging system on forums, they often say “battery dead” and give examples of when they bought a battery and it was dead at the store. I’m sure it happens, and sometimes they might be right. But don’t buy a battery unless you’re sure it’s the culprit. Better that he is dead, know that he killed him. Better not to just “throw the spaghetti at the wall”. It’s a waste of spaghetti.

The main thing I’ve seen on today’s motorcycles is that sometimes the stator coil is not driven directly from the engine, but on another belt driven unit (alternator) like in a car. I have seen this most recently on BMW R1200 engines* and I also wrote an alternator belt replacement guide here.

There are several main symptoms of a bad motorcycle charging system. All of these could mean that something is broken in your charging system.

What Does A Stator Do On A Motorcycle

Basically, if your motorcycle won’t charge (or shuts down), it means one of the above components is failing.

Classic Motorcycle Alternator Issues

Component failure in a motorcycle’s charging system occurs in a number of different ways, all of which are fairly common:

Plus, you only need common tools like those in your tool kit. You need to find the battery and remove some things. I’d just say you have to

Before testing the motorcycle charging system, you must use a charger purchased from Amazon or eBay. Leave it overnight.

You must charge the battery before performing other tests or your results may not be meaningful.

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To charge the battery, you will usually need to remove the seat and covers, if present. Sometimes you have to take the tank off – I’m praying it’s not you!

Mental note: I am very grateful to have a motorcycle that has a fairing (to keep me warm) but a bikini cover so I can access everything.

Once the battery is charged, you are ready to begin testing your motorcycle’s charging system. Test the battery voltage with your multimeter.

What Does A Stator Do On A Motorcycle

Before buying a new battery, if your motorcycle has been running normally and you suddenly need a new battery… you need to ask yourself, “Why is my battery dead?”

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If it’s just old, like the battery has literally never been changed, or it’s over 5 years old, then you can feel comfortable changing the battery.

But if a bad regulator/rectifier fried it, you just fry a new one, wasting time and money. Try reg/rec – we’ll do that next.

Now start the motorcycle, let it warm up a bit and check the battery voltage again.

Is the voltage below 12 V at idle? Then nothing produces enough current. You may have a short somewhere in the system with too much current, a bad alternator/stator coil, or your reg/rec has completely failed.

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Is the voltage greater than 15V at 3000rpm? If so, your regulator/rectifier may be partially fried. You can do some more tests (that’s a story for another day). But you can take it or take a can and buy and replace. At worst, you’ll need that spare later (everyone dies eventually).

To find out which part of your motorcycle’s charging system isn’t working, see if the alternator/stator coil is working or if your reg/rec is working as intended.

The stator coil was removed from my old Ducati Monster 900. I was pretty sure this was the problem before I got to this length.

What Does A Stator Do On A Motorcycle

You need to find out if your alternator/stator winding is producing enough power. You can usually tell if it is by testing the output voltage.

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A stator winding is a coil (or series of coils) placed around the rotor. A rotor is simply a magnet attached to the crankshaft of a motorcycle.

When the motorcycle engine rotates, i.e. when it is turned on (or when you push it to start!), the magnets in the rotor rotate. Magnets rotate inside the stator coils. The changing magnetic field caused by the rotating magnets induces a current in the coils. It works opposite to an electric motor.

To test the stator winding, you need to check that it is producing enough voltage. If so, it’s usually a sign that you can carry the load. (Not necessarily, but almost always).

First, find the output of the stator coil. There is usually a plug that goes out across the area.

Motorcycle Charging System

Not sure where the stator coil output is? On longitudinally mounted engines, such as V-twins, you can usually find the clutch on one side and the stator on the other. You know the clutch side because the clutch cable and drive go to it. You know the stator side because it’s the other side! On this side you will find the plug.

On transverse mounted engines, like my BMW or many inline fours, it’s not as obvious. It is easier to find the regulator/rectifier there (under the seat, quite often) and check the voltage there.

If you haven’t had any problems yet, then

What Does A Stator Do On A Motorcycle

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