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W Rent A Car Hermosillo – WEST COAST EDITOR MARK VAUGHN: The MKZ is the first car in Lincoln’s latest redesign.

Indeed, it shares a platform with the less attractive Ford Fusion. But it is beautiful on the inside and shaped on the outside. There’s a good chance some people won’t look at it and say, “Nice fusion.”

W Rent A Car Hermosillo

W Rent A Car Hermosillo

The car did not appear in showrooms without silence. Earlier this year, the launch of the MKZ was delayed when Ford shipped some vehicles from its Hermosillo, Mexico plant, where it shares assembly with the Fusion, to Flat Rock, Michigan. Better to fix it and be late than throw it against the wall and hope no one notices. Due to the delay in bringing the MKZ to Lincoln dealerships, Ford even paid Lincoln dealers to compensate customers who had extended leases or had to lease cars while waiting for the MKZ to go on sale. It seems character was important. No one will remember if it was late, but they would remember if it was bad.

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Inside, I liked the seating position, the seat, the wheel (which was just the right diameter and thickness) and the overall look of the cabin. There were even a few pieces of wood.

The test car had a large moonroof, or whatever the marketing term is for a fixed glass ceiling that can be covered with mesh. I don’t like the ones in the best conditions, not because they take the head, especially the rear. But the rear seats on this model have heated seats and there was a 115v power outlet which is nice. Aside from the headroom, the rear seats are quite large. And they roll forward and fold flat to enlarge the already cavernous trunk.

There are things inside that I would do differently. Flat touch HVAC and radio controls that I never fully got used to in the five days I had the car. I always accidentally turned on the front and rear defrosters because they are located in the lower left corner of the control panel. Likewise, the touch and slide controls for volume and fan speed, also flat, weren’t intuitive over the weekend. But plain old fenders don’t mean luxury the way the new Lincoln wants to say luxury.

I played around with MyLincoln Touch and some of them worked but mostly they were stubborn. Some lawyer-sponsored messages kept ringing when I started the car saying the phone was working but “…911 Assist is starting”. I could only find one reference in the 911 Assist manual, and it didn’t say how to get the damn thing to stop reminding me it was off. The idea of ​​a hands-free with connectivity package is a good one, and one day we’ll get one that works, maybe even called MyLincoln Touch, but there’s still a lot of work to be done to make it seamless and not drive drivers crazy. . But I think Ford knows about it, so they don’t want me to mention it again.

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On the MKZ road it was fine. The Lincoln Drive Control System absorbed bumps without causing the car to constantly spin. Speed ​​increase. I got a 6.6 second 0-60 time just by lifting the brake and giving it gas. The 3.7-liter V6 was responsive, there wasn’t much smoothness in the torque version or the six-speed automatic. I never stopped getting annoyed with the original Dodge Dart gearbox, no matter how much I tried to like it. It frees up the comfort zone for two cups, so it’s not bad.

The MKZ never achieved the feel of a sports sedan, but it felt capable in all conditions. Because it had all-wheel drive, I would take it out onto the freeway and toss it around a bit, because there is very little snow in Los Angeles in the summer. But I didn’t. My driving was limited to city streets and the subway returned 15.0 mpg after 273 miles of travel.

This particular MKZ AWD started at $38,850 but was loaded with $12,485 of options, many of which I would do without and wouldn’t miss, such as the $3,000 moonroof and the $5,330 transmission and many more. electronics, other irritants. For the destination it is priced at $51,250, which would be a bonus for a Ford Fusion with a wooden trim.

W Rent A Car Hermosillo

Will this car save Lincoln? In my opinion, most people buy luxury cars for superficial reasons, to impress friends, neighbors and strangers. Will they enjoy it as much as Brand X Luxotunaboat? Lincoln will do its best to remind people of its rich heritage as a manufacturer of luxury cars by hosting several well-established and well-placed heritage events. One was planned for Pebble Beach, the other, a beautiful display of vintage Lincolns, was shown on the first press day of the Los Angeles Auto Show. I hope there are more. If Lincoln can remind customers where it’s been, it can inspire them where it’s going. Hope works.

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WEST COAST BLAKE ASSOCIATE EDITOR Z. RONG: We spilled a lot of ink when considering the future of the Lincoln brand, given the Olympus-like speculation that the MKZ is a case of reopening in the early stages of the brand’s decline. It can be both, it can be neither. But now we know that the end of the Lincoln doesn’t matter, it’s an important car – and here’s the car in front of us: the Lincoln MKZ 3.7, the “sports” model in the line that translates at our price. up to $51,205 worth of disability.

Nice to see push button controls back, the idea of ​​freeing up space makes sense now that no graduating class of 2014 will need to know how to drive a stick. But the MKZ’s navigation buttons are fuzzy, uncomfortable, pressed to the side against the screen’s heat, like the glow of Van Gogh’s Potato Growers; we still find hands reaching for the phantom lever because the buttons are so bland in a sea of ​​black plastic. The engine start button is so close to the dashboard that it requires the kind of woodpecker that drove typists crazy when typists enjoyed lucrative career opportunities. Note to carmakers: The start button is the first act of driving. You would do well to light up this sucker like Las Vegas and also hang a neon sign over it with a big foam finger pointing down and saying “LIGHT UP HERE GOOD LORD”.

In this version, opening the center console should give more space. Behind the dashboard are two open bins, hard to reach but taking up half the length of the console, leading to large removable, washable rubber floor mats. (One is as big as a Slip N’ Slide.) Optional Panoramic Roof, optional for $2,995 – Jeezy Pete’s, it’s like opening Wembley Stadium here. I’m still convinced that the only reason you need a sunroof that big is to fire a rocket launcher out of it.

Random car chase sequences from late ’90s midnight action movies inevitably lead us to the driving part of the Lincoln MKZ – and the idea that the 300hp should be fast to any degree of imagination. But the steering rules like a rubber band, the engine revs higher than the input signals but is still loud (despite many rumors of Lincoln’s Active Noise Control), and the plastic blocks – in an obnoxious nod to sportiness – are slowly arriving. react. Indeed, Lincoln should be applauded for drawing a line in the sand and clearly predicting the BMW/Audi/Cadillac feud with the sports sedan. But this way of driving is – and let’s be nice here because the people of Lincoln are good, hardworking and have families – they have no dignity.

S Silver Ave, Deming, Nm 88030

I don’t see many people paying real money for this car. Even the base price of $37,815 for this big-engined model seems far-fetched compared to the Acura TL and Lexus ES. Because what I love about the MKZ is what everyone loves about the MKZ: bold styling, brilliant rear effect, and the car itself is so different from the Ford Fusion that people forget about it – and rightly so. But unfortunately, I don’t like everything else about the MKZ.

Options: Trim Group 103A includes Reversing Video Camera, Reversing Detection System, Single CD Tuner/HD, Navigation System, BLIS with Cross Traffic Alert, Heated Rear Seats, THX Premium Audio System, Floor Mats, Trunk Mat (5330 USD); panoramic roof ($2,995); the technological package includes active parking assistant, adaptive cruise control, lane keeping

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