To Be Sick In Spanish

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To Be Sick In Spanish – Stay Home Safety Signs and Pandemic Lockdowns and Social Distancing Signs COVID-19 Safety Stay Home When Sick Poster – Span – PST142CSP


To Be Sick In Spanish

To Be Sick In Spanish


Stay Home When You Are Sick Poster




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To Be Sick In Spanish

STOP THE SPREAD OF BRIDES – SPANISH/SPANISH – 18X12 VINYL POSTER – PST140C 18″ x 12″ Laminated Paper Unit of Measurement: Each Piece #: PST140C UPC:88748115541 The common cold, also known as the flu, is an infection. Millions of Americans get the flu every year. Sometimes it causes severe pain. However, it can be serious or fatal, especially for people over 65, newborns, and people with certain chronic conditions.

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The flu is caused by the influenza virus that is transmitted from person to person. When a person with the flu coughs, sneezes, or talks, droplets are released. These droplets can enter the mouth or nose of those nearby. Touching a face or object that has the flu virus on it and touching your mouth, nose, or eyes can make you less likely to get the flu.

Sometimes people have a hard time not knowing if they have the flu or the flu. There are differences between them:

Sometimes people say they have “the flu” when it’s really something else. For example, the “stomach flu” is not the flu; this is gastroenteritis.

Some people who get the flu develop complications. Some of these complications can be serious or life-threatening. They include:

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The flu can also worsen chronic health problems. For example, people with asthma may have an asthma attack when they have the flu.

To diagnose the flu, healthcare providers will first take a medical history and ask about your symptoms. There are several flu tests available. For the tests, your provider will swab the inside of your nose or behind your tampon. The swab is then tested for the flu virus.

Some tests are quick and give results in 15-20 minutes. But these tests are not as accurate as other flu tests. These other tests can provide results in an hour or several hours.

To Be Sick In Spanish

Most people with the flu get better on their own without medical help. People with a mild form of the flu should stay home and avoid contact with others, except to seek medical care.

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However, if you have flu-like symptoms and are in a high-risk group, or if you are very sick or worried about your illness, see your doctor. You may need an antiviral medication to treat the flu. Antiviral drugs can relieve the pain and shorten the duration of the disease. They also prevent severe colds. They usually work best when taken within 2 days of getting sick.

The best way to prevent the flu is to get a flu shot every year. But it’s also important to practice good health habits, such as covering your cough and washing your hands often. This can help prevent the spread of germs and prevent the flu.

Links to health information from the National Institutes of Health and other federal government agencies. as well as links to health information on non-governmental websites. See our Disclaimer for external links and quality guidelines.

Information on this site should not be used as a substitute for professional medical care or advice. If you have any questions about your health, ask your health care provider. Confession: Some days I just don’t want to teach. I know I know. We have to give ourselves 100%, 100% of the time, but some days are easier than others. I remember when I was pregnant with my first child, I crawled under my desk to sleep, and about 10 months later, he held me all night with his teeth. On days when I’m really sick, I don’t go to school because I don’t have sick days.

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If this sounds at all familiar, here are 9 ideas for those days when you just happen to be. not possible make it is it. Using them does not make you a bad teacher. It makes you human. 💟All student-centered, teacher-friendly, and meaningful activities to help your students learn Spanish! (PSSST: These ideas also double as easy Spanish sub plans!)

Give your students a comprehensive overview of the topic while giving yourself a break with a Walk & Write or Scoot* worksheet. I did a little bit as hit print to prepare for this event. My TA and a few other students cut cards for me while I ran to the bathroom (yes, in the morning, or in my case, pain!). They hung the cards on the walls in my room and even hid some of them to make it a little more interesting.

With Walk & Write, students can walk for 45 minutes, find maps, and write answers on an answer sheet. Some work alone, while others collaborate with each other. Either way, they covered the topic well and I took a deep breath. I will throw out the answer key at the end of the period and have them check their answers and write the correct number on top of their paper. A quick roll of hands later (10 or less, 5 or less, 3 or less, raise your hand if you missed anyone) and I know exactly where my students are with the material. I can adjust my lesson plan accordingly the next day.

To Be Sick In Spanish

I like to play music in Spanish while the kids do their homework. (You can read about my favorite Pandora stations for Spanish classes HERE)

Return To School Planning

If you teach different levels of Spanish, you can do what I did before and get the worksheets at the end of the class and post/hide the cards for the next class. Students still think it’s great fun. 😊

* Not sure what Walk & Write or Scoot is? You can find complete instructions on my blog for using flashcards in the Spanish classroom HERE.

Listen to me until you close your eyes. IF done right, movies can be a valuable tool in the world language classroom. Not only to introduce another language, but also to expose students to culture. The trick is to make the movie worth watching by giving the action along with it. Mis Clases Locas has film guides like Ferdinand that can be differentiated for different levels of students, interesting for children up to a full grade or two, and easy to use.

Miss Senorita has a Spanish board game project that is always a hit with my students. It’s $1.50 and will buy you at least 5 days of awesome, student-centered participation. Just print out the included rubric, checklist, and instructions and let the kids loose. The students LOVE making board games and I love that I can make them whatever theme they want, so it makes a great activity to use in a pinch. Their creativity always excites me! I have the students spend a few days making the game, then a day or two playing each other’s games. very interesting!

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Spanish and Sra. Shaw has an amazing vocabulary pack that can be modified to any vocabulary you want. Make a list of vocabulary words you want the students to practice, distribute the packet, and watch the students do six different fun activities.

Reading is a powerful learning tool for language learners AND a great way to keep the classroom calm and productive when you’re nursing a migraine or feeling down. Spanish Mom has amazing graphic organizers that are editable and customizable

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