Tiene La Cara Tiene La Cara Letra

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Tiene La Cara Tiene La Cara Letra – The relationship between a teenager and a mature man who meet in a park. A great novel about taboos and fear.

“The first time he catches her so guarded that she lights up when she sees him.” The meeting takes place in a park. She is Casi, an “almost” fourteen-year-old teenager; he, the old man, has a lot more.

Tiene La Cara Tiene La Cara Letra

Tiene La Cara Tiene La Cara Letra

The first bond is loose, but they see each other again several times. She escapes the demands of school and has relationship problems. He likes to watch birds and listen to Nina Simone, she doesn’t work and has a beautiful history with him.

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These two vulnerable and hurtful characters develop an inappropriate, intolerable, suspicious relationship that encourages misunderstanding and rejection, and where what happens, what is supposed to happen, and what is not explained as happening at the same time.

An obsessive, disturbing, disturbing and even uncomfortable story, but at the same time very attractive, where taboos collide, the fear of jumping into the void of adult life and the difficulty as it changes according to social norms… Sara Mesa’s ambitious role Literature takes a new step forward with this novel about two spooky creatures who are destined to blend into a park, protection against imbalance and difference.

“A very strong writer…Sara Mesa records this area of ​​darkness admirably with writing that is both calm and dynamic, and often with listless strokes that create a sense of menacing vision” (Francisco Solano ,

“Sara Mesa loves shadowy places, the unrest caused by the unsaid, and the long-term power relations between people” (Elena Hevia,

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“Mesa’s writing, so plastically detailed and so psychological, confirms its literary rigor in every line” (Manuel Hidalgo,

“I am fascinated by his ability to show the human condition through the losers, the abuse of power, the oppressive and isolated places, the slow and continuous degradation. That is why I am interested in his novels: because they are always rough, bitter, sincere, dark, not at all smug, and slow like the collapse of Malaysia” (Angeles López,

“Our readers feel that we are captivated by this interesting writing, which is both dark and light at the same time” (J. A. Masoliver Ródenas,

Tiene La Cara Tiene La Cara Letra

Sara Mesa (Madrid, 1976) has lived in Seville since she was a child. Since 2012, Anagrama has published the novels Cuatro por cuatro (finalist for the Herralde novel award): “A bare and cold writing, full of powerful images that disturb as much as they draw” (Marta Sanz,

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; «Sara Mesa builds high-tension literature worked with the precision of a goldsmith» (Rafael Chirbes); the rediscovery of the invisible Fire: «She proves to be a very demanding creator. A novel that works like good stories because there is much more to it than it says” (J.M. Pozuelo Yvancos,

; and Un amor: “Its edge is presented under prose that is very clean, concise, quick: it is read with the speed we associate with pleasure, but when we close it we are helpless . A great novel” (Nadal Suau,

); and the short essay Administrative Silence: «A reflection on the brutal effects of poverty on the people who suffer from it and on the common attitudes towards them in our society. Especially suitable for those who think they have no prejudice” (Edurne Portela,

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