Should You Fix Your Car Before Trading It In

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Should You Fix Your Car Before Trading It In – You are ready to buy a new car. Let’s say you already own a car. You may be wondering if a car swap is a viable option. Even if you own an old car, you can also get a used car benefit against the cost of a new car. As a result, car loans or down payments are reduced and tax savings are possible.

The better your old car, the better. The higher the private car sales and trade-in value, the better. We all can easily imagine that a car that looks brand new and has no engine problems will cost more than an old one. A non-working car or a damaged car It’s not clear how much you should be willing to spend on your old car before taking it to the dealer for a trade-in valuation. Major repairs are best left to the pros. Because they can do this work for less money. And they don’t add the repair costs you paid to the trade-in value. However, any small fixes are worth the effort.

Should You Fix Your Car Before Trading It In

Should You Fix Your Car Before Trading It In

As a general rule of thumb, making a good first impression at a car dealership means cleaning your car thoroughly. Inside and out of course, many aesthetic improvements can’t hide the burnt engine. But buyers want to know that your car has been properly maintained. Convincing distributors is difficult. It looks like a junk car but it is worth the money.

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First, wash your hands and wax the outside. You can pay a professional or do it yourself. Be sure to use genuine car wash products if you are going to wash your clothes with your own hands. Not dish soap, laundry soap or other household cleaners. Also, use a car wash sponge. Be sure to regularly re-moisten the suds bucket with a microfiber cloth or especially sheepskin gloves and a sponge, towel or gloves as you clean the parts. Sponges for washing cars, vehicles.

Waxing your car after a car wash gives it an attractive shine. Newer synthetic polymer waxes are easier to use than carnauba waxes. But both work as long as the foam applicator is applied using a brush in tight zones. Once you’ve covered the entire car, wipe off any excess wax with a clean microfiber cloth.

Climb inside and dispose of empty fast food bags and discarded chewing gum wrappers. Then clear out any personal items or paper that have accumulated over the years. The only record you should have in your car is a stack of maintenance records neatly stored in the glove box.

Finally, take your car to a professional detailing mechanic. Or if you want to save a few bucks you can detail the interior of the car yourself like cleaning the carpet, cleaning the glass inside and out. Use ionizers and neutralizers to remove bad odors and penetrate door frames. Use a toothbrush to remove stubborn debris. And use a screwdriver to access hard-to-reach nooks and crannies.

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Check all your lights inside and out. And replacement bulbs for blown out bulbs are inexpensive and readily available at any auto parts store.

Fog lights are also easy to fix. And clean lenses give your car a fresh look. You can pay to have your headlights polished. But you can do this by using toothpaste (yes, the toothpaste-whitening kind works especially well) on the lens hood and a little elbow grease to help. Then rinse with water and let dry

Check (and refill, if necessary) your engine oil, radiator, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and windshield washer fluid reservoir. But what if you’re running low on gas or your windshield washer fluid runs out? The dealer may wonder if you have properly maintained your vehicle. This can lead to lower fuel consumption. transaction

Should You Fix Your Car Before Trading It In

Along with adding dishwashing liquid you should make sure your wiper blades are in good condition. If not—if dry or cracked—buy a new pair of cheap wipers. You can install it yourself. But what if you’re not sure what to do? The auto parts store where you purchased your wipers will usually install them for you at no cost.

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If your windshield is cracked, don’t ignore it. Your insurance company may replace the windshield for free. But even if it is not covered by insurance. Replacing a windshield shouldn’t be too expensive, and besides, it gives your car a well-maintained impression when you roll into it.

Fill in those scratches and buy matching colors if your paint job has faded. You will find a small bottle of filler paint. Get it at a dealership or online for less than $20 – well worth it to improve the value of your car. We have more information on repairing paint scratches and dirt. In this guide to easy DIY car maintenance tasks that anyone can tackle.

Don’t waste money on major repairs before trading in your car. The dealer you will be negotiating with is in the business of repairing cars for resale. So let them bear the heavy burden. Bigger items like mechanical problems with the air conditioner or trouble with new tires are often not worth the hassle or expense of repairing. But cleaning inside and outside takes time. Changing a few bulbs and adding some fluid can help you get a very competitive offer when you’re trading in cars.

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The above content is for informational purposes only. And should be independently audited. Please see our Terms of Use for more details. I had about a year before trading in my 2014 Mazda3 and had a few repairs. There is some makeup. And should the brake pads need to be replaced prematurely should these be fixed before trying to sell? Or should I just trade it in as is? — Gen, Halifax

Fixing your car before taking it to the dealer seems like a trade-in strategy. But in the end, you may spend more money than you save.

“I don’t recommend spending a lot of money fixing your business,” Canadian Black Book (CBB) editorial and research vice-president Brian Murphy said in an email. Yours for less than yours.”

Should You Fix Your Car Before Trading It In

When the dealer calculates the trade-in value of your car. They will deduct what they think is the cost of improving the condition of your car.

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“Reconditioning is fixing something wrong with your car that makes it hard to sell,” Murphy said. “It’s about fixing anything that’s mechanically or cosmetically wrong.”

Said Automobile Protection Association (APA) President George Ini.

“Sometimes [its cost] is even cheaper. If there is a solution,” Iny said in an email, “for example: they can put two used tires that fit the inner tube instead of four new tires.

Usually the issuer does not conduct a full audit of the exchange. Instead, go to your car and ask a few questions, says Ini.

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“There are often safety issues like tires, brakes and missing lights,” Iny said. “These are addressed during reoccurrence – the dealer makes allowances for it in the trade-in assessment.”

So even if you spend some money on scuff and paint repair, dealers will always charge for reconditioning anyway. So they are ready for a surprise

“What surprised the dealers was that the air conditioner was not working. The owner did not report and investigate because it was out of season,” Ini said.

Should You Fix Your Car Before Trading It In

Minor repairs like buying paint pens to fix chips and scratches. It seems like a way to save money. But what if DIY repairs aren’t done right? This can lower your car’s trade-in value, Iny said.

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“They draw a professional’s attention to that part of the vehicle,” says Iny. “Undoing what you do has a cost.”

So instead of spending money to make your car look brand new, there are simple things that can help you get a better deal on a trade-in, Iny said.

First, if you have maintenance records keep them in chronological order and carry them with you to show that you take good care of your car.

“Recent management records give confidence to dealers while evaluating. So they can offer a bit more,” he said.

Should I Fix My Car Before Trading In?

And you don’t have to spring for expensive professional detailing when you wash your car.

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