Should I Go To Urgent Care For A Cold

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Should I Go To Urgent Care For A Cold – When you or someone in your family is injured or ill with symptoms of COVID-19 or another illness, deciding what medical treatment to seek is a decision you want to make as soon as possible.

Urgent care options, such as OSF PromptCare and OSF OnCall Urgent Care, which include walk-in clinics and virtual visits, may be better options for care. This treatment option is most appropriate if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 and need testing.

Should I Go To Urgent Care For A Cold

Should I Go To Urgent Care For A Cold

OSF also offers a direct link through Clare, our digital assistant who can be found at Clare can assist in guiding you to the level of care you need.

When Should You Go In For Urgent Care Instead Of The Emergency Room

“If you believe you have a life-threatening injury or illness, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room,” said Brandi Clark, vice president of Claims Services at OSF HealthCare. “If you don’t believe your concern is life-threatening, then one of the emergency care options may be the best option. The emergency room tests patients based on the severity of their illness or injury and it should not be used for non-life threatening problems. The emergency room should be reserved for the worst case scenario.”

Megan Brennan, director of Hospital, Emergency and Acute Medicine at OSF HealthCare agrees, and says people should use their best judgment.

“If you experience symptoms that are mild, or late, consider an urgent hospital. If you can threaten life or limb, go to the emergency room,” he said. if you can, and if you have a complicated medical history, you should go to the emergency room.”

Brandi explained that OSF HealthCare has created care options – such as OSF PromptCare and OSF OnCall Care – in-clinic and virtual visits – to meet people’s needs today.

Telemedicine Vs. Urgent Care: Everything You Need To Know To Make An Informed Choice

“OSF has responded to changes in patient preferences to have more treatment options and locations for convenience and speed,” he said. ‚ÄúThis is a low-cost option to serve people with minor maintenance issues.

“We know the wants and needs of patients as they relate to changing health care. The development of our new emergency care model – OSF OnCall Care Monitoring – is a response to the ever-changing health care environment,” he said. of The offer demonstrates OSF HealthCare’s commitment to meeting individuals where they are in their health journey.”

“First, the patient’s out-of-pocket costs are very low,” he said. “Secondly, you can expect to experience a shorter wait time. It is not unusual for patients with non-emergency problems to experience a wait in the Emergency Department as the care team is there to respond to life threatening situations. of other emergency patients. , while they can expect to complete a quick treatment visit at OSF OnCall Urgent. Treatment, for example, in about 30 minutes.”

Should I Go To Urgent Care For A Cold

Megan agrees that cost and wait times are major advantages of seeking treatment at an urgent care clinic.

Urgent Care Near Me, Winona Health Urgent Care Clinic

In addition, he said, seeking care outside of the Emergency Department reduces the patient’s exposure to sick people and urgent care clinics provide a more convenient setting.

Urgent care clinics – such as OSF PromptCare and OSF OnCall Urgent Care offer extended hours for walk-in and virtual visits. It can be used if your condition is not life threatening but you need to act quickly. Conditions that can be treated include:

Brandi and Megan point out that OSF HealthCare has other ways to help patients determine the level of care they need.

OSF OnCall Annual Virtual Urgent Care provides 24/7 health care through your computer, tablet or smartphone. Board-certified providers can diagnose and recommend treatments for many ailments and minor injuries.

Know Where To Go: Helping Patients Make The Right Choice For Their Care

“Clare, our digital assistant, is well-designed to ensure patients are directed to the most appropriate treatment plan,” said Brandi. “Patients just click on Clare in the lower right corner and she will guide them through a series of questions to decide where to direct them for treatment.”

To find an urgent care clinic near you, click here. And always, if it’s an emergency, call 911. It’s seven o’clock on a Thursday night, and you’re not excited. If your doctor’s office isn’t open, where do you go? In the past, the emergency room (ER) was the logical choice. Now I tell my patients that an urgent care clinic can always be the answer to an after-hours need.

Urgent care clinics are ideal for common ailments such as colds, flu and strains. One study found that nearly half of ER patients who were not admitted to the hospital visited the ER only because their primary care physician’s office was closed. These patients will find an urgent care clinic to be the best option. Urgent care is sometimes expensive if there are out-of-pocket costs. It is always a good idea to choose an urgent care location that is in your health insurance network to reduce the cost even more.

Should I Go To Urgent Care For A Cold

Emergency room for life-threatening events. Reasons to go to the emergency room include symptoms of a seizure, high fever, heavy bleeding or pain. Another thing to consider is your waiting time. Emergency rooms often see patients in an order of severity of illness, so you may end up staying longer than expected. An urgent care clinic typically sees patients on a first-come, first-served basis.

Know When To Go

Call 911 if you find yourself in a dangerous situation. Driving to the emergency room can waste valuable time needed for treatment. Paramedics can assess the situation and begin treatment immediately.

Use the infographic below to help you choose. The Medical Center offers a variety of specialty care locations and excellent hours. No appointment is necessary, but we recommend calling ahead to ensure timely service.

Remember, when in doubt, trust your instincts. Anyone who is seriously ill or injured should go to the emergency room.

Dr. John Franklin is a board-certified family medicine physician at Methodist Medical Clinic. He is a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians. He is active in Boy Scouts as a Scoutmaster and Girl Scouts as a parent volunteer. Have you cut your hand while cooking and wonder if you should go to the nearest emergency room or urgent care? You have many options when it comes to urgent health care, and choosing the right one can help you get treatment quickly.

Urgent Care Vs. Er: What’s The Difference?

“You should go to your primary care physician’s office for routine physical exams, preventive health care, and follow-up of chronic medical problems,” says Dr. Michael Directo, an internal medicine physician at Urgent Care. dangerous, you should go to the emergency department immediately.”

What if you have a normal illness like a cold or urinary tract infection (UTI) but can’t get to your primary care doctor right away? Or maybe it’s after-hours in your normal culture and you need help today? That’s where emergency care comes in.

Emergency care facilities are available for anyone who needs immediate care for a non-life threatening condition. An emergency room is available for anyone with a serious or dangerous condition.

Should I Go To Urgent Care For A Cold

Remember that the same injury or illness may be more serious for some people than others. “Age is an important indicator. If you are dealing with a child or an elderly person, the problems are a little worse,” said Dr. Sam Torbati, co-chairman of Emergency Medicine. “Also consider the individual’s medical history and the acuity of the condition.”

Muscle Strains And Sprains: When To Go To Urgent Care For Treatment

If you’re not sure, call your primary care physician or one of the urgent care offices (310-248-7000 or 310-423-3333) to make sure you get treatment in the most appropriate setting. When an unexpected medical problem arises. , think immediately you can go to the emergency room. While this may be the best solution for a broken bone or other serious injury or illness, there are additional options when seeking medical care in Jacksonville, Florida.

Most illnesses can be diagnosed in a primary care office because your primary care physician knows you and has a comprehensive record of your medical history. If you do not have severe symptoms and can wait until your appointment, this is a good place to start because these visits are often the least expensive on most insurance plans.

When visiting the emergency room, patients should ask “Are my symptoms serious or life-threatening?” If you are concerned that your symptoms are serious, you should consider going to the ER. Also, if you feel like you have a broken bone or need stitches, you may want to consider urgent care. with imaging capabilities or ER.

The primary care office usually knows you and your history well. A primary care physician sees you from a comprehensive perspective and not just treats serious problems. They often have relationships with local specialists and hospitals if you need more advanced care.

Emergency Room Or Pvhc Urgent Care: Which One Should You Go To?

Urgent care centers are often open after hours and on weekends. They often offer walk-in services if you feel you need to be seen quickly. They are usually less expensive than an emergency room checkup. A drawback is that they

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