Should I Buy A Motorcycle

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Should I Buy A Motorcycle – There are several types of motorcycles to choose from in the Indian market. What bike should I buy? Depending on your needs, there are motors that can do one job perfectly, and there are motors that can do it all.

I broadly categorize types of motorcycles and their primary functions or uses, so you can get the answer to “Which motorcycle should I buy?” to the question.

Should I Buy A Motorcycle

Should I Buy A Motorcycle

City commuters are usually 100-150cc scooters and bikes that are just powerful and comfortable enough for city tours. They are generally light, have an upright seating position, and are easy to maneuver in city traffic. For example Activa, Splendor.

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Bicycles with freewheels are common on our roads, and the environment is rather sporty and aggressive. They are good for city trips as well as highway trips. They have larger capacity engines, from 150 to 1000 cc. Duke, pulsar.

Motorcycles and cruisers with the straightest seat ergonomics are for long road trips. Wide, tall handlebars, a padded seat and a forward-positioned footrest make highway travel easier. Due to their heavy weight, they can be a bit cumbersome on city roads, but still manageable. For example, Classic, Meteor, Avenger.

They have the most aggressive seat ergonomics of the group, similar to sports bikes. Thanks to its aerodynamic design, it moves quickly on the highway. Commuting in the city is difficult due to the wider turning radius and less range of sports bikes. for example. R15, RC, Gixer SF

Although not very common on Indian roads, dirt bikes are the best. Long-travel suspension, larger diameter tires and better low-end torque give it a big advantage on rough terrain. New models appear on the market as these bikes become more popular over the years. for example. With the Xpulse, Impulse rally kit.

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ADV bikes offer the best of both worlds – cruisers and dirt bikes. Upright seat ergonomics and long-travel suspension offer good road touring and moderate off-road capability. Due to its versatility, its popularity has skyrocketed in the Indian market over the past decade. for example. Himalayan, KTM ADVs

There are more motorcycles on our roads. Some examples are scramblers, roadsters, retro bikes, bobbers and more. This is not very common and the function can be attributed to one of the above.

When deciding which motorcycle to buy, ask yourself what features I use the most in my daily life. Is it city commuting, long-distance hiking or even dirt racing? Find the type of motorcycle that suits your general needs. This can help you narrow down your options and make decisions faster.Buy a motorcycle – don’t die, you’ll live If you buy a motorcycle – don’t die, live I recently read an article in A “If you buy. a…

Should I Buy A Motorcycle

I recently read an article on Gawker that really shocked me, titled “If You Buy a Motorcycle, You’ll Die.” Aside from the sarcastic notion, the article, along with the Wall Street Journal article it is linked to, suffers from an inflammatory case of click bait, where the reporter twists the facts to draw absolute and specific conclusions about motorcycles that are not true.

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When you can try to change the facts to make a point – and believe me, men on both sides of the Washington aisle have been doing it forever – when it comes to riding where life and death really mean life or death, mistakes have been made. it has no place on the internet… except in the comments, of course.

The play puts a super-negative paradigm on motorcycle ownership. As a new rider who for the past three years has committed to riding every day, rain or shine, hot or cold, sick or healthy, I can say that buying a bike is life. Not only alive, but heck, thriving. Don’t believe all the negativity about motorcycles. Much of what they say is out of ignorance and fear, not experience.

My advice to new or returning riders is easy as pie: as long as you learn to ride correctly, follow ATGATT – in all equipment, all the time – and ride with a little discipline, you can enjoy the world of good. riding a motorcycle does not die.

The bikes are all fantastic; Dirt, color, even side-by-side are all fantastic and I like to go on anything on two or even three wheels. It is an indisputable fact that riding a motorcycle is a fantastic experience – liberating, pure and totally addictive. Cheap pleasure and therapy soaked in metal and rubber, which is a slice of heaven in everyday life.

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So how do I get to this slice of heaven, you may ask. The hardest step is pulling the trigger.

My foray into the wonderful world of motorcycling was met with negative reactions from friends and family, except my father. My father emphasized the risk, but pointed out the beauty and wonder of riding and cycling. He not only encouraged, but directly said:

“Always make sure you’re fully insured, wear good safety gear and don’t ride your bike unless you’re ready to ride it… You have more responsibilities than driving a car.”

Should I Buy A Motorcycle

I hear my father’s voice in my head every day; usually precedes my personal soundtrack before I leave the house. I would go further to tell anyone who wants to get into motorcycling – please take more courses to expand your skills.

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While some will take this advice as proof of the difficulty and lack of safety of motorcycles, in fact, everyone on the road should follow the same advice, even the person in the SUV next to you on the highway texting at 70 mph. the driver is very cruel on the road … but I am comforted.

Continue to learn new skills that are invaluable to improve safety, which really adds to the enjoyment of motorcycling. Many riders believe that just because they have M1 motorcycle approval on the MSF course, they are competent enough and ready to test the best of the GSX-R 1000, BMW GS, Yamaha R6 or Triumph Bonneville. of your ability. Guess what? He didn’t.

This means you know how to handle it at the most basic level. You need to learn to ride, but you also need to GO BACK to school to get your master’s and doctorate in motorcycle shenanigans.

To further your education and build confidence, check out the schools below. Prices may vary, but in the end it’s worth it and increases rider growth:

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If you are eager to learn to ride, all the benefits of owning and riding a motorcycle will be immediately apparent. The public’s fear of motorcycles is nothing more than an irrational argument.

Since I bought a bike and actively participated in learning how to be a proper and better rider – I still learn something new every day – new and good friendships have been made. I learned how to work on a bike and became a good mechanic. Parking in and around the city is practically free, wherever you go.

But most of all, the long journey after work is something I enjoy and enjoy, not a journey to be taken lightly. Traffic is not a source of stress, and oddly enough, learning to ride a motorcycle has made me a more knowledgeable and better driver.

Should I Buy A Motorcycle

I can’t imagine my life without a motorcycle, and not a day goes by that I don’t think about the next twisty ride, the next trip, or the next friendship I’ll make with this riding resident.

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Don’t let people who don’t know anything about motorcycles scare you away from enjoying one of life’s greatest adventures. Talk to people who actually ride and we’ll be honest​​​​​​​​​​​​ and upfront. We all die eventually, but if you buy a motorcycle, you will live.

Motorcycle sales continue to reach new heights every year across America and are expected to continue to grow

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