Should I Buy A Motorcycle Before I Get My License

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Should I Buy A Motorcycle Before I Get My License – It’s winter, and that means one thing: bikers buy and sell used motorcycles. With that in mind, how do you know what to look for when hunting for your next horse?

Buying a pre-owned motorcycle is one of the most rewarding things out there, but with so much money changing hands it can also be stressful. Buying lemons can be expensive, inconvenient or even dangerous due to the negative effects.

Should I Buy A Motorcycle Before I Get My License

Should I Buy A Motorcycle Before I Get My License

When you’ve spent weeks, months or years reading reviews and looking at pictures of bikes to decide which brand to use, and searching MCN for the best bikes on sale while saving the last few pounds, it’s very easy to be very happy. when you finally find something you want in metal.

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When this happens, you can ignore questions and problems, forget to ask the question or ignore the obvious problem of getting your hands on your new bike as soon as possible.

To try to help, MCN combined our knowledge of our past experiences. Here is MCN’s way to buy a motorcycle:

Before visiting a dealer or selling it yourself, you can do some useful research online. Check out our reviews and owner reviews of the bike in question, get your insurance so you don’t waste your money, and be sure to check the bike’s history here for any hidden issues. time

No matter how prepared you are, there’s nothing like having a mechanic and a dealer. The following points should be considered on the day you go to check out your new ride.

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V5 is God – it records the registration number, date of registration, color, engine number, chassis number and the name and address of the registered keeper. If something goes wrong, be very careful. If the engine or chassis number is not listed as V5, continue.

Be careful if the bike is hot when you come to look at it. It can take up to 15 minutes and the jump team leads the way. Arriving half an hour early is the best way to prevent this.

Always check the frame and engine number for any signs of damage. Check the VIN plate to see if it may have been removed and replaced.

Should I Buy A Motorcycle Before I Get My License

Check the locks for signs of damage. These are very difficult to repair or replace, and provide a strong shunt, although all the bodywork is nice and shiny and the spines are straight.

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Look under the bike. Of course. This is where the fatigue comes in, or the oil comes out. Are there any signs of oil wear? It will be because some idiots have removed the thread and replaced the metal with a piece of PTFE tape.

Electricity – take a multimeter and check the voltage. A new battery will start the bike fine, but if it still registers 12.7 volts or more at the terminal when you put it back in, it means the replacement or the regulator/rectifier is fried. Or both.

Run your fingers over all the rods behind the body springs. If you hear a noise under the board, that would be bad damage. Also, look at the gap between the different parts – a bent part in an accident will throw it away, and new heads are not cheap.

Never think that something is an ‘easy fix’. If so, why wasn’t it done? Or the seller is not observant enough to know there is a problem. And remember that for every mistake you see, there will be another one you don’t.

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Before handing over money for those beautiful keys, there are some important questions you should ask, in front of a witness.

That’s because the law doesn’t require sellers to disclose sensitive information about anything they sell without the buyer asking questions.

That’s when they have to give a real answer, if they’re lying, it’s a “perjury” offense that will get them to court for good.

Should I Buy A Motorcycle Before I Get My License

You should ask this even if you buy a new bike that looks flawless, accidents will happen, even in training, and a used bike can hide all the flaws under a new coat of paint and new wood. .

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If it is a loan agreement then the finance house can file a claim against the owner of the bike.

A good review of MCN Bike will show this. Click Cart to reduce the sale price.

If you are looking at a bike to buy and give it a good look, ask for a ride to make sure there is nothing wrong with it.

This can’t be easier if you’re shopping alone and can leave the price you want in cash, or for your family, or both while you’re on board. At the very least, you should carry the pills.

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Look for good acceleration, good handling (relative to the bike you’re on), and no surprises there.

Make sure that the bike does not pull to one side or the other (hold light bars in your hands on a smooth road and check), and that you are moving smoothly. Hear unusual noises or vibrations.

Everything should work immediately – check the gear, clutch and brake functions as well as the speedometer, rev-counter and digital display. Test each tool and function to make sure it works, including all modes and settings if they work.

Should I Buy A Motorcycle Before I Get My License

If you feel overwhelmed by the potential pitfalls of buying a used motorcycle, it can be tempting to go for a cheaper, newer bike from one of the newer or lesser-known manufacturers.

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When buying a bike from an established company, you have to consider some extras that you can’t with Honda or Yamaha.

The most obvious is the tracking of suppliers and product availability. If a dealer goes out of business for any reason, there is a chance that the dealer will stop stocking the bike.

If the bike is a copy of an existing Japanese model, then many parts will have to be changed, but if it is an original design you can stick. So, be sure to ask research questions about the setup and make sure the dealer will be around to help you through the bike’s life.

MCN Cycling Expert, Neil Murray offers the following advice on buying for older traders who have lost interest in riding or are no longer able to do so.

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“According to the statistics, there are many machines that come up for sale, and the ads say that the owner is too old or disabled to continue with the bike. Or the bike is gone. It is buried as an unfinished project, for all the usual reasons (I have two of this type of bike).

“The problem is that most people seem to be rosy. They remember the bike in its prime, before it was buried, and somehow they just forget or ignore the bad things.

Not too long ago, I bought an old model, blind, and it gave me away. And the engine had broken bolts, not visible in the photos and (obviously) not mentioned on the eBay auction page. When I took this to the dealer he replied that he had not had the bike for a long time and had never seen it. And he got lazy when I left a neutral comment.

Should I Buy A Motorcycle Before I Get My License

“Today, I came back from a shopping trip on purpose because the trunk had been removed in the wrong shade, painted stick panels, missing kickstarter, ignition switch, damaged fusebox. The front mudguard was stuck and it was sitting on dust. on the other hand, the seat was broken and the seat was bent.

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“This wasn’t a trick test – the shadow sod saw the bike as it was before. First get a good explanation on the phone.”

So, you’ve done all the necessary checks, paid your fees, got a good insurance deal with MCN Compare and now you have a new (for you) second hand bike. Thank you!

But before you take it out for a spin, take a few minutes to give it a quick inspection in your garage. The bike may look nice and shiny, but do you know anything about its service history?

The most important parts to check are the brakes. Find the hands and knees and with the help of the lights make sure that the parts have some life in them. You won’t be surprised at the number of people who only get their papers when they get a bike service.

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Then look at the brake pads, that’s it

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