Pixel Car Racer Custom Decal

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Pixel Car Racer Custom Decal – Will Carter of this parish pointed this game out to me over the summer. Until I was in the hospital for a week, I was very addicted to it. It’s a retro-style left-to-right scrolling racing game that uses, as the name suggests, dot-car style graphics (1 inch to one pixel).

It has gone through a number of updates and modifications since then, but the basic premise of racing, earning money and then modifying the car has not changed.

Pixel Car Racer Custom Decal

Pixel Car Racer Custom Decal

At first I played this with the goal of getting the fastest 1/4 mile time possible, but when I got as fast as I felt I could, it started to get a little repetitive, so I sold them all modified cars and tried to build. some themed garages.

Mks S14 Works 9 Public Version

And the last update included a pounds editor, which I really liked. My first initial attempt was just a simple ‘Team Zero’ style line and some lettering and two tones on the R31.

Monte Mini and Herbie traded for Mustang and Camaro. I also modified the RX-3 to look like the Liberty Walk car that was in TAS.

I was never happy with the LB RX-3. I took some inspiration from the Black Emperor club and made a long tail R31 with Kaido Racer paint.

The garage then went from retro racers to a Japanese car show with another pair of R31s (one was dressed as a Shakotan Boogie Z20 Soarer as a companion to a Yanky Mate 240ZG).

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