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Me Quieres Ver La Cara De Estupida Gif – Ciro Gómez Leyva mistakenly announced the replacement of CDMX traffic lights and was criticized by social media users (Photo: Screenshot)

Social media was abuzz with comments and tweets with the hashtag #SemaforoVerde after news anchor Ciro Gómez Leva mistakenly reported that Mexico City’s epidemiology traffic light had changed from orange to green.

Me Quieres Ver La Cara De Estupida Gif

Me Quieres Ver La Cara De Estupida Gif

From the attack on Ciro Gómez Leyva to the easing of Mexico-Spain relations, this morning’s roundup of the Mexican president’s morning conference on Friday, December 16 is the most important.

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“The federal government has given the green light to Mexico City. This means that all activities will resume from Monday,” Gómez Leyva said in his Grupo Imagen program.

The head of the capital’s government, Claudia Scheinbaum, reacted, calling the news “false” and saying the CDMX would remain orange this week. He announced through his social media that “it is false that the city will go to #SemaforoVerde, as we do every day at 11:30 today we will report the situation of the city in relation to Covid-19.”

‘He has full support’: CDMX government vows to find people who shot Gómez Leyva The journalist was attacked Thursday night when motorcycle thugs shot him dead. Warning.

Ciro Gómez Leva had no shortage of misinformation and memes about the current state of the coronavirus in Mexico, particularly Mexico City.

El Buen Fin 2019 Llega Con Los Mejores Memes

The revelation sparked an outcry on social media, mostly against Ciro, who said: “Fake news broke on Friday. Thanks Chaiotero for your false information,” “We don’t deserve these irresponsible gentlemen who think they are great journalists and are real liars,” however, there were some who defended him.

As of the latest report from the Secretary of Health (SSA), 50,592 people have been infected with COVID-19 in Mexico City since the beginning of the epidemic, and 36,584 have been registered in the State of Mexico. 29,189 people have died due to this virus in the country.

Ken Salazar denied the attack on Ciro Gómez Leyva and asked to guarantee the safety of journalists.

Me Quieres Ver La Cara De Estupida Gif

Mexico’s Covid-19: 29,843 dead and 245,251 new infections more than a month after normalization

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MÁS LEIDAS AMERICATINKA RESULTS, SUNDAY, DECEMBER 18, 2022: Draw and Draw Tinka organizes two draws a week, every Sunday and Wednesday after 20:30, where Jefferson Farfan has the chance to win several million soles and his time. Schalke lost 150,000 euros in 04: he asked Manuel Neuer for help. La Focita shared an anecdote with his former coach Felix Magut and the German goalkeeper in the Bundesliga. It ended unexpectedly. Guillermo Bermejo told Dina Boluarte: “If he doesn’t get political asylum, he will go to prison.” Lawmakers from Peru Democratico said the president “must resign” and pointed to his death. Julian Zucchi celebrates at Obelisk after Argentina’s World Cup title Former reality TV star Julian Zucchi celebrated his team’s victory in style at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. PROTESTS LIVE IN PERU: They’re some way from pure Panamericana tunes, but strikes and demonstrations continue. President Dina Bolhuarte gave an interview to the media last Sunday and announced that military jurisdiction would investigate the deaths in the protests.

The creation of Genius was inspired by fashion journalist Jade Beer’s first novel, “Et Dresses of Dior”.

“Environmental Respect and Other Considerations”: Thirteen Stories of Daily Life on the Street. A couple fell asleep at a Grupo Firme concert and went viral Judith Venegas’ millionaire and “hidden” inheritance: 31.2 million pesos in houses and land Three subjects arrested for the murders of Jorge and Andres Tirado, Omar García Harfuch reports.

After winning the World Cup, Argentina have established themselves as the most successful team on earth: how many titles will Brazil take?

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The time he lost €150,000 to Jefferson Farfan and Schalke 04: he asked Manuel Neuer for help with eight Dior dresses inspired by the creation of genius fashion journalist Jade Beer’s debut novel Self-Respect and Other Thoughts: Thirteen Days of Life on the Street. A couple fell asleep at a Grupo Ferme concert and broke up online

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Me Quieres Ver La Cara De Estupida Gif

Activists and celebrities demand the release of Iranian actress imprisoned under the regime Tarane Alidusti Florinda Meza “Treasure” congratulates Messi with a picture dressed as Quico at the Qatar 2022 World Cup: Drake bets a million dollars for Argentina and at will. The pocket is almost triple

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Me Quieres Ver La Cara De Estupida Gif

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Because you live in my heart and I carry you with my every step, my love, you are art, you are love. SpottedNewsThe Good End 2019 brought the best memories on social networks, they did not wait for the day when companies offer their best discounts and purchases, loans and discounts have already started to spread.

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Good End 2019 is about to begin, with the cheapest weekend sales of the year 15-18 November.

On social networks, they did not wait for the day when companies offer their best discounts and purchases, loans and discounts have already started to spread.

The former president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, did not hesitate to participate in the memes of the ninth edition of El Buen Fin 2019.

Me Quieres Ver La Cara De Estupida Gif

Meanwhile, the Institute of National Consumer Fund (Infonacot) has announced that it will offer an additional 10% discount on all terms and discount levels of cash loan products processed between November 11 and 17.

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This happens because of concessions, he noted

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