Is Street Beast Kit Cars Still In Business

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Is Street Beast Kit Cars Still In Business – Street Beast, formerly known as Classic Motor Carriage, formerly known as the now-defunct FiberFab Corporation, was dismantled, sold and hit the scrap yard. It was the end of an era where these companies said anyone could build a kit car in your own garage, and within weeks your work would be a classic. What they don’t tell you is that you will need all the tools in your garage to complete the job, just like in your mechanic shop. The result is that there are literally thousands of these cars in the garage, unfinished!

For delivery, a complete FiberFab kit car in the shape of a 1933 Ford Vicky aka Victoria. It has no rust because there is nothing to rust on it, straight lines, good spacing, and all the lines needed to restore a ’33 Vicky, all in street rod form.

Is Street Beast Kit Cars Still In Business

Is Street Beast Kit Cars Still In Business

The curved fiberglass is designed all interlocked and washed in a warm rod red. Some chrome trim is also included for accents and all are in good condition. A shield-style vertical rib grill with vertical stainless bars surrounds the radiator/grill and is flanked by a round headlight with a chrome casing. A well-curved central bumper is up front and the open hood reveals the mill beneath. This roof is a 5-window version and sport tinted glass. Curved fenders melt seamlessly into a center running board and 15-inch Chrome Torque Thrust wheels at the front and 15-inch Black Chrome Torque Thrust wheels at the rear. At the rear, teardrop taillights sit in the rear fenders that flare out below them and connect to the scroll pan that matches the elegant curve of the fenders. Another curved central fender in good condition frames the lower part of the car.

Body Buyer’s Guide

Gray tweed mixes with solid gray custom designed panels to create the door entries. The ball handles now work, and the passenger side armrest is missing. The power window switch is also located here. Inside the well-preserved gray tweed seats feature drop-down buckets in the front and a single 2-plus-2 bench in the rear. The entire interior is covered in gray tweed, even the custom-designed headliner with raised panels throughout. Gold, (faded beige?), carpet on the floor, and there is a custom center console with shift knob and a JVC AM/FM/CD/Bluetooth stereo. Just above there is a padded tweed strap with handles and pulls in. The front and top of the gauges are washed in exterior red and surrounded by black-faced Autometer Sport Comp gauges with satin aluminum bezels. Vintage air is installed, and in front of this sporty dash is a lacquered Grant GT wood steering wheel. Details abound, right down to the shiny chrome and rubber pedals. Overall, the interior seats and doors need a good cleaning as they show some age and stains.

Like many hot rods it has a 350/350 setup with a 350cc V8 circa 1969-1979 according to the block casting number. Up top is a 4-barrel carb, and the other half of the 350/350 lineup is in the form of a TH350 3-speed automatic. A Ford 8.8 inch axle lifts the rear. This open air mill is peppered with headers and some chrome bling.

We’ll assume since the sender didn’t specifically tell us, that the frame is also courtesy of Fiber Fab. It has a square steel frame and is painted black. The above frame has a threaded independent coil spring front suspension with power disc brakes and rack steering, and the rear is a 4 link coil spring and power disc brake system. All look good and are structurally sound.

One turn of the key and this FiberFab creation comes to life. It performed well on the test track, and we encountered no problems.

W / 538 Hp Cobra Kit Engine / 5 Speed Transmission Pkg

A classic kit car from the company is no longer in business and the molds are broken. This means that there are only those sitting unfinished in garages in any condition, and those that are completed are available to drive and enjoy. Is a test drive in your future?

Classic Auto Mall is a 336,000 square foot classic and specialty vehicle showroom with more than 600 vehicles for sale and showroom space for 1,000 vehicles. In addition, a collection of barn finds of 400 vehicles is displayed.

This vehicle is located in our showroom in Morgantown, PA, conveniently located just one hour west of Philadelphia on Pennsylvania’s I-76. There is a website and our phone number is (888) 227-0914. Please contact us at any time for more information or to view the vehicle in person.

Is Street Beast Kit Cars Still In Business

1940 Ford Coupe Steel & Glass Body/Brown & AC/350ci V8/Dual Edelbrock Carbs/TH350 Auto Call Suggested Price 2015 Ford Mustang GT Fabled Coyote 5.0 Liter V8/Steeda Cold Air Induction/Leather Suggested $590, Owners Road $59 / 292ci V8/Old Restoration/Nice Flame Red Paint/Classic Interior Combination Offered at $27,500 What does a vintage roadster look like, tires roasted at will and no noise? Tesla P100D of course replaced the Shelby Cobra. This unique Autotopia LA Discovery combines nostalgia with cutting edge torque in a mass production ready package. Let’s take a closer look and take this monster for a test drive.

Original 427 Street Cobra Csx 3281 Offered For Sale

Except for the centrally located control panel, everything about this roadster screams that it’s just another successful Shelby Cobra. The shock comes when you open the hood and find nothing but a huge cell phone battery. Yes, the batteries in the front and the electric motor in the back. The weight is evenly distributed at 49/51 (front/rear).

The Tesla P100D engine is capable of delivering around 650whp and an incredible 1,500 lb-ft of torque. This is tipped at a potential 4,500 lb-ft. of torque. Even £2,500. of torque, the car was undriveable. With the current “tune”, this road rocket will fry the rear tires and go all over the deck if you’re not careful.

Surprisingly, the car weighs less in its current conversion than its factory 7.0-liter with an iron block and aluminum heads.

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Dodge Wd21 Sherwood, Oregon

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