Is Having Sex In Your Car Bad Luck

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Is Having Sex In Your Car Bad Luck – Having sex in the car is a common fantasy. Your cash register represents a bubble of intimacy, a hiding place of love. while away from home.

Have sex in the car? Ideal for an exotic sexual experience at a lower cost. However, there are a few things you should know before you start.

Is Having Sex In Your Car Bad Luck

Is Having Sex In Your Car Bad Luck

So, to keep this part of the leg in the air comfortable and avoid bumps, follow the owner’s manual below.

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For starters, one of the great things about having sex in a car is that it’s a place where a lot of logistical issues can be resolved. You can have sex almost anywhere.

All you need is a car. Almost everyone does. except me. Fortunately, girls also have cars.

Some examples. Maybe you still live with your parents and you can’t bring girls over to your house all you want.

Maybe you just met a girl at a club and you need to find a place to have sex immediately before the temperature drops again.

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Maybe you’re in a relationship and want an unusual escape, like getting out of bed or getting out of the house.

In short, whether it’s forced, by chance or willingly, there will always be a moment when you have the opportunity to have sex in the car.

It goes without saying, but you never know: Avoid sex while riding. Just because it’s dangerous. We are more reasonable. We also forget about oral sex and even masturbation.

Is Having Sex In Your Car Bad Luck

Then find a quiet corner and turn off the ignition: a deserted road, a parking lot, a corner of the countryside or by a lake, as in his American series, right before the serial killer arrives.

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The ideal is to have a fairly roomy car. The Smart is useful for city parking, but not so much for sex.

On the other hand, if you have a 4×4, it’s quite a luxury. Every once in a while, why not try spending a weekend or vacation in a camper. A change of scenery guaranteed.

Or better yet, the old VW mix. It’s beautiful, retro, and sexy! In short, this is the classroom!

That’s okay, you don’t have much space. So avoid zippers, buttons and belts.

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Still be careful. There is always a risk of getting caught. I also had a friend who got checked out and nearly gave up his license to be there.

He was on all fours, with his hands on the car. Or as a missionary when she’s on her back.

An anecdote about a friend who was insane: he deliriously took the girls’ dog to the backseat with its head sticking out the window. Until one day, a man surprised them: it turned out to be the girl’s younger brother!

Is Having Sex In Your Car Bad Luck

As you can see, having sex in the car is easy enough to account for your everyday life; so why not give it a try.

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Articles on relationships, lifestyle, and personal development: Tips, tricks, and advice for being a gentleman. For more information visit They came to the middle of nowhere and started. The knock on the window told him it wasn’t that rare after all.

Intimacy inside the car is an undeniable reality of our time. No country, culture or car brand is immune. Every day there are couples who overestimate the “hiddenness” of a place and pay the price for their misjudgment.

In India, a man in khakis sometimes interrupts steam meetings. Anyone involved in such acts can technically be arrested under Section 294 of the Indian Penal Code. It’s a broad law against “obscenity in any public place”. The focus is not on the behavior, but on where the behavior occurs and whether the behavior is likely to offend others. Anyone found guilty of “obscene conduct” could face “up to three months in prison, a fine or both” – and this includes car sex.

Men in uniform don’t always rain on a parade of a couple embracing in a car. Occasionally, opportunists deliver a crushing blow to the rolled-up window. Since these couples always choose to park their cars in the middle of nowhere, they are likely to gain “knowledge” from others who seek out these places for other clandestine activities. In-car flirting has made many people victims of extortion. Sometimes it’s not just about the money – there have been cases of disturbers resorting to theft and assaulting couples. For obvious reasons, most of these cases are not reported by the newspapers or the news hour because they are rarely reported.

Young People Are Having Less Sex

After all, it seems to me that parents and other authorities should be discussing this issue with young people. Because, it is said, this group is one of the most susceptible to the attraction of such intimacy. Especially since they’ve been exposed to conflicting information suggesting intimacy in the car is cool. The message was not explicitly explained, but passed subconsciously. Just google this topic and you’ll see what I mean.

In any country, however, a sexual display in a car parked in a public place invites some form of criminality. I think it’s important to highlight this fact and the other risks of acting indiscreetly in a car. Dramatic footage has captured the moment a half-naked woman jumped from a balcony during sex and landed on the curved car roof below her.

The hapless lover was sharing an intimate moment with her partner when she slipped from the ledge of her apartment and fell into a parked car in Taiwan’s capital Taipei.

Is Having Sex In Your Car Bad Luck

Her embarrassing fall was caught on CCTV, showing the embarrassing moment the woman slumped onto the black sedan parked outside the flat.

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The impact was so hard that the poor woman left a huge hole in the roof and metal buckle.

She came down wearing only a pair of shorts and shorts, with her shorts dangling over one leg.

Shortly after the collision, the woman rolled over in pain and began rubbing her back in what appeared to be severe pain.

Finally, he collected himself and shuffled to the side of the car, where his shirtless partner frantically ran up to his assistant and gave him a kiss and a hug.

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“I didn’t see him go down but we heard a loud bang and he was on the roof.

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Is Having Sex In Your Car Bad Luck

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The woman was eventually pulled from the car and taken to hospital where she was diagnosed with minor back injuries.

The couple must also pay damages for the car, which belonged to a neighbor who lived in the apartment.

Email or call 0207 782 4104. You can contact us on 07423 720 250. We also pay for video. Click here to upload yours Car sex always looks hot in the movies. Jack and Rose have that hot, passionate, hand-thrown car window sex

But to what extent do these movie scenes mimic real life? We’ve talked to people who’ve had sex in cars, and it’s clear that the movie took us out. While car sex can be hot, passionate, and fun, it can also be downright awkward. Most people have trouble finding a good spot when the back seat (or front) of a car is cramped. Plus, there’s always the fear that someone will catch you acting out (FYI, public sex is illegal in most states).

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However, there are some tips and tricks people learn along the way that can make car sex less awkward and reduce the risk of getting caught.

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Is Having Sex In Your Car Bad Luck

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