How To Vinyl Wrap A Motorcycle

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How To Vinyl Wrap A Motorcycle – Because motorcycle vinyl wrap involves wrapping small surfaces, you might mistakenly assume that DIY is pretty easy. However, the fact is that because of the smaller surfaces, with lots of curves and grooves, wrapping a motorcycle with vinyl can be quite difficult and time consuming.

However, with the right guidance, tools, and a set of helping hands to make the process easier, you should be able to do just fine. Read on to find out exactly how to wrap a motorcycle with vinyl wrap.

How To Vinyl Wrap A Motorcycle

How To Vinyl Wrap A Motorcycle

But firstly, if you are still in doubt whether to pack your bike or not, we are here to dispel all your doubts. Here are 4 great benefits you can get from motorcycle wrapping.

Diy Color Change: Here Are Some Solid Tips To Help You Vinyl Wrap Your Bike

If you are in dire need of a change in the look of your bike, painting your bike will cost a lot more than packing it. Especially if we want to draw some kind of graphics on it, there is no easier and more economical method than vinyl packaging.

Your factory bike paint will get abused over time if you don’t protect it. Fading due to sunlight, chips, scratches and more.

Luckily, the vinyl film acts as a protective layer for the factory paint. In addition, the vinyl film will not damage or alter the base paint during removal.

And if the factory paint is preserved and like new, there is no problem with retaining its resale value over the years.

Wrapping Your Motorcycle In Vinyl: Should You Use A Wrapping Company Or Diy?

As already mentioned, vinyl films can be easily removed without damaging the motorcycle’s paintwork. So, even if you get bored with the packaging, you can give your motorcycle a completely new look at any time.

Vinyl wrap offers endless possibilities, especially with all the exciting graphics and designs you can use to decorate your bike and really stand out from the crowd at such an affordable price.

Now that you’ve decided to wrap your motorcycle in vinyl, let’s look at all the steps you need to carefully follow to complete your DIY job brilliantly. Let’s start!

How To Vinyl Wrap A Motorcycle

First, decide how much you can allocate to film, whether you want graphics, and find out about the different grades of vinyl available on the market.

Suzuki Motorcycle — Wrapdx: Vinyl Installation

A popular choice is 3M vinyl, which can stretch up to 40% when exposed to heat, making it easy to install around bends and crevices.

Cheaper alternatives cannot handle the heat required to easily process the wrap. So, for smooth installation and durability, invest in a good quality vinyl wrap.

Vinyl packaging doesn’t require fancy tools. Just make sure you have a rubber pad, a lint-free cloth, isopropyl alcohol, a hair dryer, a blade, knifeless tape, and of course, vinyl sheets.

Trying to install a fairing on your motorcycle will be a complete failure. Unlike cars, vinyl-wrapped bicycles must first be taken apart and then wrapped piece by piece.

Motorcycle Graphic Vinyl Wrap

Once you have removed all the parts, it’s time to clean up the workplace and the surface of the bike.

Start with a broom for coarse dirt and vacuum the area for smaller dust particles. Next, clean the surface of the bike with a mild detergent, then wipe with isopropyl alcohol and a lint-free cloth.

If everything is clean, do not touch the surface without gloves to avoid fingerprints and dust on the surface.

How To Vinyl Wrap A Motorcycle

Also, be sure to fix any imperfections such as dents or rust as vinyl can be unforgiving and drastically accentuate imperfections. And if you do not stick such defective areas, they can become inflamed.

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Now measure each section and estimate the area of ​​each sheet of vinyl you may need for each. Be sure to rate generously at least an inch or two on each side, especially if this is your first DIY vinyl as you can’t add to vinyl sheets you’ve already cut.

Since it’s best to get used to vinyl wrap, to understand how it works, start by installing the wrap on the part that’s easiest to use, i.e. the one that has the flattest space, with little or no indentation, and with curved surfaces.

You will need a helping hand or two for this step. For convenience, try holding the product on a stand a few inches above the table. This makes it easy to stretch and wrap the entire surface in one go.

Now, one last time to check the surface for dirt, remove the backing from the sheet and stretch it over the flattest part of the section, applying equal tension to the sheet.

Vehicle Wraps, Vehicle Graphics And Lettering

The helping party must not stop stretching and fastening the vinyl. Apply pressure with your hands and rubber pad to secure the vinyl in the flattest area first, and then work your way up to more difficult areas.

Curves and depressions are difficult to work with. So to improve these areas, you need to take advantage of the vinyl’s ability to soften when exposed to heat. However, make sure the heat is soft.

If the heat burns your finger, it will burn the vinyl records as well. And heating the area for a few seconds is enough to provide the desired stretch.

How To Vinyl Wrap A Motorcycle

Remember to apply plenty of heat to large areas to stretch the area evenly across the entire area. The concentration of heat in small areas can cause uneven stretching and deformation of the fabric.

Motorcycle Vinyl Wraps In The Real World

Heat up gradually, stretch gently, work with the rubber pad and move outward until you reach a seamless surface.

As long as the vinyl adhesive is not activated, you can easily peel off the film, heat it up and gently remove any wrinkles and bubbles.

Even after you put pressure on him, he may back off to fix gaps, but working with him can be difficult and risky. So don’t apply pressure if the boot is not tight on the bike part. If you notice any bubbles, gently poke them with a needle to get rid of any trapped air.

Now it’s time to work on the underside. Carefully and cleanly wrap the edges of the sheets at the bottom, use heating if necessary.

Camouflage Vinyl Wrap Sticker For Motorcycle Car Mirror Phone Laptop Camo Decal

About 15mm overlap on the underside will probably be enough. Cut off the excess with a sharp blade, being careful not to scratch the paint underneath. To be on the safe side, you can pre-line the bottom with a knifeless tape to get a clean cut.

Once you’ve covered the entire section and are happy with the results, it’s time to heat seal the vinyl wraps. Heating around 80-90ºC will be enough to erase the memory of the straight and 2D vinyl and make the adhesive adhere well to the surface of the bike.

Because both overheating and underheating can change the desired result, we recommend using an infrared thermometer to make sure the temperature is working perfectly.

How To Vinyl Wrap A Motorcycle

The service life of a vinyl film primarily depends on its quality and care of the bike. Generally, good quality vinyl will last about 4-5 years with proper storage and care.

Bike Vinyl Images, Stock Photos & Vectors

Removing the vinyl film does not require excessive force. If possible, use a scraper or fingernail to tighten the edges. If not, heat the edges slightly.

Once the edge seals are broken, heat the entire surface you want to remove the cover from. Now carefully remove the packaging; it should come out fairly easily. Adhesive residues may remain on the surface, which can be easily removed with a mild detergent or alcohol.

With this step-by-step guide, we are confident that you will be able to handle this task on your own. Finally, the last step is to take a step back and admire a whole new look for your bike. And, of course, praise your needlework skills; You deserve it one hundred percent! For detailed vinyl wrapping instructions, see my article Motorcycle Vinyl Wrapping. This article presents the pros, cons, and tips for vinyl wrapping motorcycle fuel tanks and fairings.

Vinyl wrapping started for me when we bought our first Mercedes-Benz Viano motorhome. I stepped back, looked at it and decided that dark gray was not the visual effect we wanted. So, I was looking for a sterilization job or professional wrap, but after falling off my chair at a shocking price… I decided to wrap in vinyl… well, it can’t be that hard… right?

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That’s when YouTube came into play, a few hours later I watched a bunch of videos and read countless articles and felt vaguely ready to go. I made a commitment, ordered the package and looked forward to its arrival.

Once I accepted the challenge, I couldn’t refuse it, and yes, vinyl packaging requires some experience, a lot of time and patience. However, it can easily be done as homework. i started it

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