How To Use A Helmet Lock On A Motorcycle

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How To Use A Helmet Lock On A Motorcycle – Best Motorcycle Helmet Lock to Secure Your Bike to Your Helmet (or Helmets) – Durable Black All-In-One Combination Pin Lock Carabiner Device and Cable with Lifetime Warranty! (Amazon 98% Positive Rating)

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How To Use A Helmet Lock On A Motorcycle

How To Use A Helmet Lock On A Motorcycle

The new motorcycle helmet lock allows you to securely attach your bike helmet to your motorcycle whenever you park your bike and head out around town.

How To Set Up Your Helmet — 10 Easy Steps To A Perfect Fit

The proven helmet lock consists of a carabiner-style D-lock (with 3-digit pin cord) and a 1.8m self-coiling steel cable (3mm thick). This motorcycle helmet lock allows you to secure one or two helmets or a helmet and jacket to your bike if desired.

And every part of the lock is overlaid with a protective coating so it won’t damage your bike’s chrome or helmet.

2. Using only the D-Lock, insert the open D-Lock into the helmet buckle and attach it to the motorcycle’s handlebar or mirror. safe. It’s very fast.

Check it out below, and if you’re interested, you can use this Amazon coupon code (M3L2CN2X) to get a 15% discount.

Can Am® Ryker Helmet Lock Kit By Lidlox®

The D-lock is rubberized and the 3mm thick cable is coated with a plastic sleeve. This protects your helmet or bike from friction damage and makes the entire unit waterproof and rust free.

There are a total of 999 combinations of pin number 3. Use your personal PIN to close or open the lock.

When the lock is open, it can be used to release the cable and attach the helmet to the bike.

How To Use A Helmet Lock On A Motorcycle

The cable is first coiled through the helmet and works with all types of helmets, including full-face helmets such as:

Lidlox, The World’s Slickest Helmet Lock

Or in a half-face helmet like this one where you run a cable between the visor and the helmet…

Attach the open D-Lock to your helmet buckle using the D-Lock and attach it to your motorcycle’s handlebar or mirror.

– Cable length is 1800mm, so it’s safe for bikes or more helmets (helmet and jacket if you prefer).

– Additionally, the cables are sealed using durable PVC plastic for maximum protection and to prevent damage from friction. Lidlox 1032 C

“Great lock. The company also emailed me tips on how to use it and how to set up a password. great product. good company. I recommend it. “

“First of all, thank you very much for your follow up with this company. It is rare to see people who care that much about customer satisfaction these days. I applaud your tremendous effort and always keep it up.

Second, in terms of locking, the quality is very strong and easy to use. Before I received the lock, they sent me an instruction manual, and after receiving it, I was able to set it up in less than a minute without reading the manual. I now use it to protect helmets from motorcycles discounted from bikes.

How To Use A Helmet Lock On A Motorcycle

“No installation! Great. Clip as much as possible. The rubber surface seems to hold so no scratches.

Universal Helmet Lock For Harley Davidson Helmet Lock

I try not to rely too much on cables. I’ve seen large gauge cables cut. But to be honest, locks are meant to keep honest people honest. The cable provides flexibility and coils to keep it out of the way if the bike is locked while riding.

“I got the lock very quickly and I really like it. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket and easily locks your helmet and jacket to your bike. It’s compact, well made, and I had no problems setting the combination lock. The numbers on the lock are clearly visible even in dim light. Thank you for the great service.”

“I didn’t read the instructions before putting it in my saddle bag and working on it. Then I realized I needed to set up a combination and I didn’t know how to do it. After 10 seconds I figured it out. Very easy to use and set up combo.

In terms of durability, I’d say this is more of a polite request to “don’t steal my helmet” than any kind of actual protection. The bike won’t stand up to most locks you actually carry around as would-be thieves anyway. It is compact, portable and easy to use, and provides a solid combination of moderate security. I’m pretty sure I can break it in seconds with a pair of channel locks, but I’m equally convinced I can’t do it with my bare hands. “

Helmet Lock Option

“It works great! Now I no longer have to worry about dropping and carrying my helmet around. The bungee is long enough to fit 2 helmets (Shuei) and it sits well on my bike without worrying about scratches.”

“It’s a good product. But it’s worth it. Great upgrades to personal belongings security. Protects my helmet and medical bag. I have a disability and it’s a necessary extra for my safety.”

“Bought the throttle/brake lock (red) on sale and then at a discount. Great for securing your helmet behind your bike. I haven’t put together the cable cords yet, but I know I’ll be using them for jackets and helmets later when I need them. Great product, look forward to more.

How To Use A Helmet Lock On A Motorcycle

“Intelligent! Coiled cables allow you to secure the jacket and helmet to the bike for easy portability.” Two S

“Exactly what my bike needs!! Thanks to the lock’s length and versatility, it can lock helmets and jackets. Locks are meant to keep honest people honest. If someone wants to get your stuff, they will. This lock serves its purpose, keeps your stuff safe and gives you peace of mind!! Easy to use and great accessory for all motorcyclists!!! “About: Someone who doesn’t know when to quit and is constantly looking for solutions to problems that don’t yet exist. Learn more about the MillennialDIYer »

Oh, the beauty of riding motorcycles and bikes. Riding on two wheels is one of life’s greatest joys, but arriving at your destination with a few pounds of gear to store is definitely not.

This guide explains the best way to safely attach a helmet, jacket or other gear to your bike or motorcycle. First of all, it’s quick and cheap to make, and it can be tailored to fit any rig, lock, bike, or occasion. You can also use this same technique to make security lanyards for Go Pro action cameras, high-amp battery lug cable terminals, stainless steel rope balcony barriers, or heavy-duty load-bearing slings. It’s a really cool and versatile item to craft and craft, so we’re sure you’ll find plenty of uses for it in the future. Additionally, this guide may be updated over time. Click here for the latest version.

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Most motorcycles these days come with an under-seat type of metal hook to hang a helmet D-ring on. While this worked I didn’t like it. Sometimes D-ring straps aren’t long enough to reach the hook attached to the seat, they’re also called anti-theft because the straps break so easily. You might say, “Sure, the helmet is useless if you cut the straps.” Then you will be absolutely right. The problem is that most thieves discover this after cutting the belt. do!

In the search for a better solution, I couldn’t find anything reasonably priced or versatile enough to be worth it. There is, of course, a retractable cable lock, but the cable is so short and thin that it can be cut with a pocket multi-tool and a little patience. I wasn’t prepared to believe in a $400 helmet. I finally resigned myself to making it myself, and I’m totally glad I did.

The nice thing about this is that you can make it as short as possible for compactness, or long enough to fasten two helmets or loop through a jacket sleeve. You can also make it extra by making it out of fine wire or reinforced wire.

How To Use A Helmet Lock On A Motorcycle

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