How To Test A Motorcycle Starter

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How To Test A Motorcycle Starter – If the pandemic has taught you anything, it’s to stop putting off the adventures you’ve been putting off. Maybe one of them has ridden a motorcycle or cycled again if you ever drive. If the price tag is a concern, Royal Enfield – the oldest motorcycle brand still in production (since 1901) – has your affordable answer in the Classic 350. With a proud pedigree dating back 74 years, this machine is also very popular today. – ​​and our vote for the best “starter” bike for the money.

Newly revamped with a retro veneer, the Classic 350 now features an all-modern fuel-injected engine with ABS brakes and a smooth-shifting five-speed gearbox. It is one of the best bikes for the price you can find. Here are three reasons why we love it – especially for any new or returning rider.

How To Test A Motorcycle Starter

How To Test A Motorcycle Starter

While the Classic 350 is no light bike, at 430 pounds, the other numbers look light at a glance — 20.2 horsepower and 19.2 lb-ft of torque. But we’ve tested several other Royal Enfield single-cylinder motorcycles and the company knows what’s important: torque. The key to making a low-powered engine (or a car for that matter) feel lively is to give it a flexible grunt. So the Classic 350 doesn’t need to be wound up hard to break free from its own shadow. When you have to operate the gearbox, especially for overtaking, the operation feels fluid and low pressure. Allow the revs to build as you accelerate, feel when the torque peaks (about 4,000 rpm) and shift again. Now, you wouldn’t mistake the Classic 350 for a big multi-cylinder triple, but we managed to hit 70 mph on the bike without the front fairing – so it doesn’t get any aerodynamic benefits. And if you want to add a front fairing accessory, Royal Enfield can provide it.

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Do we want more power? Maybe – and if you’re only logging highway miles, you definitely want more muscle. But if you bought the 350 Classic as a city commuter, you’ll be happy. You will also be satisfied with the fuel economy. The Meteor we tested last summer shared the same powertrain and got 67 miles per gallon. We expect about the same frugality from the Classic 350, and it’s hard to beat.

Some brands take the retro style too far and force your hands and knees to be high and outstretched. You can’t ride in that position for too long before your shoulders and hips give out.

It’s also not safe, as the best riding position is one that allows you to balance the weight of the bike below you, or stand up and absorb the shock with your quad. Keep your limbs straight in front of you and that is very difficult to achieve.

The Classic 350 leans on its classic character by going in another direction: towards the perfect riding position. You’re blessed with a soft sweep and long rise to the bar, well-placed pegs for taller and shorter riders, and a low 31.7-inch seat height that makes it easy for most riders to stand flat-footed at a stoplight. Speaking of chairs, this one is comfortable all day. You get your Classic 350 with a rear passenger seat, or you can leave it out and replace it with a single seat and a longer rear fender.

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The stock functions and controls are simple and pure old school: There’s an oversized analog speedo; range-adjustable clutch and front brake; a meaty, oversized rear brake pedal – and speaking of which, the Bybre stops provide plenty of confidence and are very easy to modulate. For all the old style, nothing here translates as sloppy. For example, the round compartment in the front will not fit a dim light bulb. There are LEDs that illuminate the road ahead of you. And the suspension never felt overmatched during our test ride on some tough city roads in Savannah, GA. That’s thanks to a reasonable 5.1 inches of front travel and adjustable dual preload rear shocks.

About the only chin-scratcher on this experience is that the Classic 350’s engine is quite smooth in the revs – but then reminds you that it’s a ‘fat’ single cylinder at idle. It’s almost unpleasant, but you might tend to forget that fact until you get to a stoplight.

One of the smartest innovations you wouldn’t expect to find on the Classic 350 is where they put the battery, toolbox and air filter. You’ll see two locked compartments (use the ignition key to open them) on either side of the bike, with the battery and tools on the right and the air filter on the left. Most brands make you remove a bunch of panels, remove a handful of screws, and remove at least one knuckle to get to it. Royal Enfield’s approach is clearly driven by and for the rider (not the engineer), so they try to make regular maintenance easy, not difficult and as accessible as riding the bike itself.

How To Test A Motorcycle Starter

Then there is the overall aesthetic. Royal Enfield produces the Classic 350 in nine colors and various trims. In fact, there’s so much choice that this is more like what you’d see from a car manufacturer than a modern motorcycle brand – which, if you’re lucky, sells bikes in two to three colours.

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You can get your Classic 350 in two different military-style Signal models (a nod to the brand’s relationship as a supplier to the Indian armed forces), in Sand or Marsh Grey, with 1950s livery and ‘RE’ tank emblem emblazoned with the motto : ‘Built Like a Pistol.” The pair costs $4,599, as does the non-military paint bike, dressed in either Dark Stealth Black or Dark Gunmetal Grey. The only difference is that the latter gets alloy wheels and tubeless tires, while the former wears spoked wheels with tube.

The trifecta of “Halcyon” models arrived late this summer with a very cool feel: All three have saddle leather-look seats and come in 1950s-era Forest Green, Halcyon Black and Halcyon Blue. Despite the killer colors, they actually cost less at $4,499.

Bling-y-est outfit: Either Chrome Red or Chrome Brown. Both cost $4,699 and have silver tanks, engine housings, signal housings and front fenders reminiscent of 1950s Vespas.

With so many looks and so much to love, the Classic 350 is a tough bike to miss — whether you’re new to cycling or need to move other rides in your garage aside to fit into this Royal Enfield. To confirm that this part fits your vehicle, select a vehicle from the “My Workshop” list OR enter your vehicle details below.

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How To Test A Motorcycle Starter

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