How To Take Care Of Sunglasses

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How To Take Care Of Sunglasses

How To Take Care Of Sunglasses

It’s a lifestyle, or even a movement, to cement glasses as an invaluable, highly revealing and undeniably stylish accessory to wear everyday with everything!

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You invest a lot of time in finding the right sunglasses. It is important to choose the right frame shape, pattern or color that perfectly describes you.

And we know that when you find a pair of sunglasses that look and feel great, you can become obsessed with them. There’s nothing worse than damaging your favorite pair of sunglasses, right?

Sunglasses are essential all year round, and the reality is that most sunglasses are a big part of your active and sometimes outdoor lifestyle, so they can often wear out.

Don’t you want to do everything you can to make these glasses last as long as possible? Here are 10 tips to help keep your sunnies safe and in good condition.

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You should handle sunglasses with care. This means putting your sunglasses on and off and making sure you don’t stretch or bend their temples.

The inside of the bag is often filled with keys and other loose items – the ones that cause damage when it comes to sunglasses. So yes, you can keep your sunglasses in your purse as long as you put them in a protective case first. If you’re wearing a tiny cross body or a small body on a hard case, do the bare minimum and wrap your sunnies in a microfiber cleaning cloth before putting them on.

It is best to use a mild lens solution to clean the lenses. Put it on a microfiber cloth, not on the lenses themselves. Lenses in rimless frames have drilled holes, while lenses in standard frames have screw holes. If liquids continue to seep into these holes, it can have a long-term adverse effect. Warm water and a drop of PH-neutral liquid soap provide the best cleaning results. Try holding the glasses on the side of the frames you are cleaning. This helps prevent the frames from warping or, even worse, breaking.

How To Take Care Of Sunglasses

For hygienic reasons, it is recommended to clean the sides of the frames and the nose rests from time to time. This action also improves the fit of the glasses, as contact with oily substances helps prevent slipping.

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Do not wipe the lens when it is dry – dust or particles may be on it – and do not use paper towels or other abrasive materials. No matter how soft they are on your skin, they have a textured surface and you can easily scratch your lenses.

Take care of your sunglasses at the beach. Keep your sunglasses in your beach bag when not on, as sand and seawater can cause serious damage. Salt water is the worst enemy of metal and anti-reflective coating, and sand can scratch the lenses or get stuck between the frame and is very difficult to clean.

Never place them face down on a surface. Scratches can be very annoying and can damage your lenses.

Never leave sunglasses in the car during the day. Do not expose the sunglasses to excessive heat, as this may deform the frame.

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A chain for sunglasses is an essential accessory for summer. Instead of leaving them on the counter or shoving them in your purse, you’ll always know where your photos are and you’ll be sure not to sit on your favorite pair. And when they are removed, they will hang proudly only on your neck. If you want to combine practicality with high-octane glamour, check out the LA LOOP.

Often referred to as “clearly perfect” or “the best way to keep your glasses on your eyes”, LA LOOP is definitely different from other eyeglass accessories. The loop is found at the bottom of stunning and stylish necklaces made from premium materials including Italian leather, sterling silver, coral, turquoise and gemstones.

Wearing designer sunglasses can make you look really cool, but it can completely damage them and distort their shape, or it can stretch the temples of your sunglasses, causing them to be too loose. When you bend or look down, they slide out, causing a broken or scratched pair.

How To Take Care Of Sunglasses

In addition, if you have any doubts about the care of your sunglasses, visit our showroom in Bucharest and we will be happy to help you.

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If you stop and think about it, sunglasses make you look great, protect your eyes from the sun, and hide your monkey. Be more beautiful with our sunglasses! In this article, we will look at taking care of your eyes. We’ll go over everything you need to know about taking care of your glasses. We’ll cover do’s and don’ts as well as daily best practices.

Prescription glasses can be expensive. Caring for your glasses, protecting your investment and protecting your eye health is essential. Dirt, grime and bacteria can build up on frames and lenses, causing irritation or illness around the eyes, nose and ears.

Although it is very easy to clean your glasses with your shirt, this is not the best way to clean your lenses. Here are some tips to help you care for your glasses so they last:

When you put on your glasses and use both hands. Keep your glasses on your nose, never on your head. This can cause the frames to be misaligned, causing them to not sit properly on your face.

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If you bump frames or lose a screw, a simple adjustment can often mean better vision. If you break your frames, you may need to replace your glasses for a better fit.

We are here to help you care for your glasses. Talk to us about options that are durable and can withstand the stress of your daily activities. Taking proper care of your glasses is something you should not underestimate. Finding the right pair – a shape, color or pattern that perfectly suits your style and preferences – takes a lot of time. So when you finally get ‘them’, don’t you want them to last as long as possible? Smudges, fingerprints, scratches, fog… Good habits can help you fight against it all and keep your specs in great condition for a very long time.

Count me in – how many times have you taken your glasses off with both hands? Well, this habit can be difficult, but using both hands keeps the temples firm and properly aligned. Once you get used to it, you can save the optician time adjusting loose frames.

How To Take Care Of Sunglasses

When you want to put the glasses on your nose, do not press on the nose part with one finger. It puts pressure on the nose rests and weakens the entire frame. Instead, use both hands again and slide your specs back into position.

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‘ – Have you ever gone out like this and then realized you were wearing glasses? Well, you shouldn’t. Not only can they easily fall off your head and get damaged, but the frame can also lose its shape and strength.

Always keep your holster at your elbow. When you take off your glasses, put them in the case – this way you will not only protect them from dust or dirt, but also protect them from scratches or even breakage.

Almost all brands have original packaging in the package. Whether it’s big and sturdy or a microfiber pouch (typical of Oakley sports glasses), they can all help keep your glasses safe. Any dust particles, small scratches or smudges can cause problems with perfect vision. So try to protect your specs as much as possible.

When buying new glasses, a cleaning cloth is usually included in the package. Today, all official manufacturers use high-quality microfiber materials, but you can also find solid cleaning cloths in opticians or pharmacies.

How To Look After Sunglasses

Do not overestimate the choice of cleaning products. Never use a piece of cloth, tissue or paper to clean the lenses – all these fibers have a textured surface and can easily scratch the lens.

To clean your glasses, take them in your hand and rinse them with water before cleaning – if you don’t wash off any dust or dirt particles and wipe them when the lens is dry, you’ll easily scratch them. If you prefer to use chemicals over water, always use sprays made specifically for this purpose.

Then drop your glasses

How To Take Care Of Sunglasses

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